Glee The Quarterback Episode: Goodbye Finn/Cory

October 11, 2013 at 7:36 PM

Glee The Quarterback Tribute to Finn Hudson Cory Monteith

I remember the first time I saw Glee back in 2009 like it was yesterday. It was on Star World Asia channel. I didn’t have much interest to keep watching, but I did force myself to be interested somehow, I don’t know why. Then I saw the bootlegged DVD and I thought it was a perfect way to catch up. It took me weeks to finally watch the first pilot episode due to lack of interest.

I was hooked instantly.

There was something about the show that made me happy, unlike other shows. The characters were quirky, fun, hilarious… the songs were catchy… and my love for Sue Sylvester’s hatred for Glee club and her clever insults.

I liked Finn. He came across as this soft, sweet, non-typical jock and naive looking. I was rooting for Rachel and Finn together. I was happy when they did, because it’s different. You don’t really see a jock or the school’s star quarterback who’s dating the captain of the cheerleader throwing away his popularity to be in a Glee club full of losers. That made me like the show.

Everything was about Glee back then.

‘Glee’ Star Cory Monteith Found Dead. RIP Cory!

July 14, 2013 at 7:36 PM

Cory Monteith Found Dead in Vancouver

What a shocking news.

As a huge Glee fan, this news saddens me deeply. Glee has been quite an addiction to me since 2010. The news of his passing is just shocking. He was only 31.

According to police in Vancouver the actor was found dead in his room at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel around noon today after staffers went to check on him when he didn’t check out on time.

Glee will never be the same again. You’re always gonna be thinking, “Finn is no longer alive…” when you watch Glee. I mean Finn Hudson was the main part of Glee and his relationship with Quinn at first, then with Rachel. I can’t imagine how Lea Michelle, who plays Rachel and also his real life gf, must be feeling and the rest of Glee cast. It’s never easy to handle the sudden death of someone you know, especially someone you’re very close with. My heart goes out to his family, friends, his gf Lea and the Glee cast and crew.

This has been a very depressing month.

Rest in Peace, Cory Monteith aka Finn Hudson.

Cory Monteith Found Dead in Vancouver