A Fun Day Trip to KL For A RedBox Karaoke Session

February 22, 2012 at 1:30 PM

I went back to KL/PJ yesterday for a day trip. I went there to see my friends, one of them is about to leave to London again. I miss hanging out and just wasting time walking in shopping malls with that girl. <3

I had a lot of problems planning my trip. It’s because I thought my uncle has gone to KL already and I have no one to send and pick me up to the train station. Taking a cab is SO EXPENSIVE. RM15 for a trip to my house that’s just a few minutes away? No way. So it was a tough time planning until night-time when my uncle finally called and he said he didn’t go to KL. Yay. And he’s willing to help pick me up. So that’s settled when another problem appeared – train tickets. Luckily I went to buy the tickets at 7 am for the 8.30am train and it was available. I also booked a return trip ticket for 5.35 pm. So everything is settled. Off I went to KL!

Of course I went with the ETS train. I got a window seat on coach A.

OMG the ETS train finally stopped playing Tom & Jerry on repeat! They played one of my favorite childhood movies ever – Little Giants! Too bad I couldn’t see clearly from where I was and there was no sound.. the last time I was on ETS train was April 2011 I think.. it was almost a year ago.

My meal on the train πŸ˜€ I haven’t had their ‘nasi lemak’ in ages.. I loved it. Particularly because the chicken rendang is just meat, no bones.. and it was delicious. Expensive meal, but delicious. The meal cost me RM8 something. It’s okay. It’s been one year since I last had the ‘nasi lemak’ so what the hell.

I reached KL Sentral at 10.35am, straight away took the RapidKL LRT to Taman Bahagia, then took at cab to The Curve which cost me only RM8 πŸ˜€ I was supposed to meet my friends for a karaoke session at 11.30am but I reached there at 11.10 am which was surprisingly earlier than I expected! I went to Daiso for a bit, bought some stuff then rushed to RedBox.

They had the special lunch hour rate which includes set lunch for RM12++ per person so that was really affordable! We had this HUGE room for 3 people which was really nice. We had ample space for dancing haha

We had this creamy spaghetti (carbonara?) that came with a gigantic plate and lots of chicken, mushroom and prawns. It was really delicious. My friends ordered lychee drinks while I had the orange drink.

I didn’t take many pics because we dimmed the room dark, and my phone was on low battery so I had to leave it to charge. My friend started singing and it was quite awkward at first but once we got the groove on, oh man did we all go crazy. I think due to the song selections which we mixed with oldschool 90s and latest hits, and the room sounds like a club, we started dancing like crazy haha. It was so much fun! I haven’t had this much fun in ages! Also turns out we had the room from 12pm to 3 pm instead of 2 pm we thought at first, which gave us a lot of time to sing and dance and go crazy! I love these girls. It’s a fresh and nice change of atmosphere from my stuck up pretend goodie two shoes colleagues at work.

I was singing my lungs out until I got sore throat and almost lost my voice. Had to really release all the stress. Total bill came up to around RM41..so technically it was RM14 per person. Not bad at all for 3 hours of unlimited songs inclusive lunch! Alas, at 3 pm we had to leave. Said goobye to my friend Aznita and my friend Claudia and I just walked around in Cold Storage until we had to leave at 4.30 pm. Then I took the LRT from Kelana Jaya back to Sentral then back on the train to Ipoh.

That was the end of my trip. Overall I had a very fun day at karaoke that I very much needed. I’ve been in a lot of stress and tension lately with problems here and there so it felt really good to just let loose for a while, even though for only a short time.

Fraxel Treatment Day

August 30, 2008 at 2:06 AM

Ahh..when I’m on a break like this, it’ll be nice if I could go on a holiday…. I need one but I have no one to go with.Β  In 2005, when I won the all expense paid trip to Singapore to see Good Charlotte, I went through hell to renew my passport but after that one use, now it’s just collecting dust πŸ™ All the troubles I went through was so not worth it…oh wait, I get to hug Billy Martin…oh nvm, it was so damn worth it πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Earlier today, I had went to my skin clinic, Dermlaze that I’ve blogged about before to do my very first Fraxel laser treatment. As you know, I want to undo what my old dermatologist did to my face πŸ™ The hideous friggin surgery scar. First my mom was pissing me like hell, and the hot weather and major traffic jam wasn’t helping my mood either. I was supposed to go there at 2 pm but I finally got there at 3-ish pm instead.

First, I was sent to this small room with the laser machine. The girl prepped me up first. She cleaned my face cuz I had compact powder on, lol… then gave me painkillers. My old clinic never gave me painkillers… o.O; So I like this clinic way better. Then she put some cream which I’m assuming numbing cream. The cream didn’t smell like the numbing cream they put at Gleaneagles Hospital Skin Clinic (which I loved the smell and got me high lol). Then she put the some plastic on my face. When she’s done, she turned off the lights and put on night light so the room is dim lit. It felt so cozy lol. I was told to rest for half an hour for the numbing cream to take effect I guess. With the soothing music playing (they played slow love songs like Madonna, Savage Garden, R. Kelly, Boyz II Men etc) and with the dim light… I almost fell asleep lol.

After half an hour, the girl came back, cleaned the cream off my face…I didn’t feel the numbness like i did with the cream they used at Gleaneagles o.o So then they shut my eyes with cotton pad or something to protect my eyes from the lasers. I was kinda nervous … cuz you know, this laser might hurt more than pixel laser I did before. Finally Dr. Jeswender came XD Then the procedure start…Β  btw I’m only doing at the area of my cheeks, not the whole face.

When the laser first poked my skin, I was surprised as hell! lol. Okay, it’s like this. When i did the pixel laser, it felt like rubber band slapping your face one by one but with fraxel laser, it felt like hundred of needles are poking through your skin at the same time every second. I’m not sure which hurt more… pixel or fraxel. It was quite painful but tolerable…until it gets to the side…especially the temple area and jaw line. OMG it was painful. lol. I like pain though so I didn’t quite mind πŸ˜› After doing the first around of laser, my face is throbbing, and the doc stopped and the girl put two ice packs on my face to cool it down. Ohhhhhh I LOVED IT. When I did my pixel, they didn’t put any ice to cool it down so my face was burning hot! But at this place, because they put the ice packs to cool it down, my face was not burning hot or throbbing badly or in pain.

The the doc went for 2nd round. The cheek areas don’t feel as painful but the temple and jawline areas felt more pain than the first one. After he’s done, ice packs again on my face. I pressed the ice packs down to my face so my cheeks are more numb from the coldness. Then 3rd round, it wasn’t bad at all πŸ˜€Β  Then ice packs again then done! The girl then put some cream on my face and I’m done! Dr. Jeswender really do care about how the patience feel, unlike the other place *coughs*

Overall, it was not so bad! Because of the ice packs that they put in between treatment, my face wasn’t throbbing bad, or feel burning hot like when I did with pixel. You have no idea how I felt the minute after i was done with pixel laser before… I felt like my face was on fire and when i left the hospital, I was screaming in pain and had to put my face to the car’s aircond to try and cool it down πŸ™ πŸ™ My face was extremely red-ish and purple-ish too and it was embarrassing to walk where there’s people. Of course, how could I forget the smell of the burning flesh! There was even once when the burning hot sensation and throbbing was so extreme, I had to ask for the ice packs at the counter and some painkillers.. if I don’t ask, they won’t give it.

But with fraxel laser, my face wasn’t as bad.. no noticeable redness, or swelling.. smell of burning flesh wasn’t that noticeable… it was as if I didn’t do anything. So I could walk out without feeling embarrassed. After the girl gave me a cream to put on at home, I walked back to my car and then looked at my face in the mirror… nothing πŸ˜€ The only thing that’s very noticeable is the pores.. omg lol… the pores on my face are like SO FRIGGIN HUGE… I can see my cheeks’ pores opened up and I can compare my face to the surface of the moon, haha. Imagine two cheeks with hundreds of huge, opened pores… O.O;;;;; But luckily after half an hour, the pores are not noticeable anymore… and like I said, because the post-treatment is not that noticeable, I could even go to pump the fuel, buy stuff at the petrol station’s shop AND go eat at a mamak stall (Indian muslim restaurant) near my place… their mango milkshake/smoothie is so damn good <3 Review coming soon. Oh and the 7-Eleven there has officially opened :D!

So there’s my story on my first fraxel treatment. After I went back 6-ish pm, I fell asleep.. woke up at 1 am, and now my face is swollen a bit, and the area where I did treatment is dark a bit but unlike pixel which made my skin BLACK, like a completely burnt skin, lol. Now I have to go pack my stuff, so i can drive back to my hometown Ipoh at 5 am. Hopefully I have net in Ipoh.

Btw, on Sunday, we’re celebrating independence day..so Malaysians, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY/SELAMAT HARI MERDEKA!!!