My Nintendo DS Game & Rinko Case From AmiAmi Has Arrived!

October 14, 2010 at 5:21 AM

My package from AmiAmi arrived on Tuesday! So I’m gonna blog about it. Before I ordered from AmiAmi, I was skeptical about the service, especially EMS shipping, and I tried googling but I could not find any blog posts that reviews the details of the package arrival from AmiAmi. I did find one but it was a bad blog post about the package being sent to a different person. -_____- So I hope this can be a guide or information to those first timers who are wondering about AmiAmi or EMS Japan Post.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I had a bad experience with EMS when my package arrived all torn, and squished. I was wrong. Turns out that was CHINA POST EMS and AmiAmi uses JAPAN POST EMS (duh, they’re in Japan). Clearly Japan post is much better. More details below.

After you order and pay up to AmiAmi and selected EMS shipping, you can track your parcel from Japan Post website. It was a bit confusing however on that inward and outward office of exchange thing. I’ve only used DHL for express shipping when I ordered stuff from Amazon and DHL tracking system is easier to understand (and much more detailed & instantly updated) as mentioned in my old posts from NOVEMBER 2006 and DECEMBER 2006.. while EMS updates a little bit while later. I didn’t even know that my package was out for delivery until a day later, lol.

But then again, this EMS was a lot cheaper than my previous DHL.

Above here is the tracker from Pos Laju Malaysia.

Once it reaches Malaysia, it’ll be handled by our local domestic express post, Pos Laju. So the difference is now you can track using Japan Post AND Pos Laju. Again, everything was updated a bit later… but it does mention the item is being delivered and who received it. The guy called my phone, so I told him my mom would go out to pick it up (since I just got up) so he didn’t need any signature from my mom. Hehe, they wrote my name as Liana 😛 For a minute I was like OMG WHO THE FUCK IS LIANA?! And then I realized that’s part of my middle name -____- Blonde moment. I’m just not used to it cuz in my whole life, that was the first time somebody used half of my middle name instead of my first name.

All photos were taken using my BB Storm 2 without sufficient lighting, hence why they’re blurry.

My package arrived in about 4 days. It was shipped on Friday evening (received the notice at about 6 pm-ish) and received it at 10.30 am on Tuesday so roughly 4 days. Not bad.

The plastic was a BITCH to tear! Seriously. Not even with knife! It was way too thick. And the glue was so strong that I had a hard time ripping it off to open the box. But I’m glad the box arrived perfectly. Well a bit dented at the corners but that’s normal. Glad they listened to me and taped the ‘FRAGILE‘ notice at the side.

And glad the customs didn’t try to open the box.

Of course, the first ‘person’ to be extremely hyper and excited would be my kitty, Jojo aka Nana. She can NEVER see a box/parcel. She always get to excited. If you look at my NOVEMBER 2006 & DECEMBER 2006 posts, you can also see how excited Jojo was. She’s my little helper.

After I managed to open the box, she quickly got inside the box trying to tear/take out the papers inside. She was really working as hard as she could to tear it.

And I mean REALLY trying hard to take the papers out. AmiAmi didn’t have any air bag thing on top of my stuff, they just have lots of layers of papers. I’m okay with that since the box is thick and sturdy enough.

Jojo didn’t manage to take out about 5-10 layers of papers, and she got exhausted. So she gave up and got frustrated. She’s now thinking what other ways could she do to rip it all out. So I took her out and took the papers out myself. So much for my little helper.

Tada! I’m happy to see my stuff in good condition. The DS game box is in those protective bubble that you can pop 😀 My Rinko case has no bubble protection but I’m surprised at how thick the box is.

And Jojo goes “My job here is done!“… yeah right, as if she was any help, hehe.

Anyways, jokes aside, here are my two stuff that I ordered from AmiAmi. My Nintendo DS Love Plus+ (LovePlusPLUS) and Rinko Kobayakawa protective case for DSi with 13 changeable images. Arrived in perfect condition, no damage or anything.

Ahh.. my own virtual girlfriend simulation 😀 I have just thrown myself to the loserville to join with those ‘ronery’ (lonely) otaku/old men/women with their virtual gf. Hehe. It’s SO MUCH better now because the game doesn’t keep refreshing itself, and I don’t keep getting the annoying ‘save your game‘ message everytime I do an activity. Being ‘JACK SPARROW‘ sucks but can’t help it. I’m a poor person.

Like I said, I’m surprised the box is very thick. The images look nice 😀 The papers feel smooth and silky, not a regular thin paper. It’s a HORI product, so you can expect quality. If it wasn’t for the 60% off, I wouldn’t get this casing. Too expensive.

あぁぁぁぁ。。。 小早川凛子。。。リンコーチャン!私の恋人です~!あっ!違う!違う!私の友達です。

I’m happy that the protective case is not as thin as my old cheap case that I bought for my DS Lite. But changing the picture is a bitch. I’m scared of breaking any small part or hinges since my fingers are prone to do so, so having a hard time opening the case and changing the photo. But I’m changing them once a month anyway.

Ok I’m done. My back hurts now from sitting for too long writing this. I wish I have my own spa to relax in. At least a bathtub with candles around, and aromatherapy oils.. having bubble bath in a jacuzzi just to relax my muscles.. *sighs*


Nintendo DSi

October 13, 2009 at 4:48 AM

This is an overdue post.

I GOT MY FRICKEN NDSi. If you have me in facebook then you might already know.


Bought it last Wednesday (Oct 7th 2009). Been a tough week to research, survey and deciding. I finally decided last minute that I wanted the pink NDSi because it actually look damn good in real rather than the picture. I’ve surveyed Low Yat and Sungei Wang so many times.. I found out that some Sg. Wang sellers are dumb stupid and they want to argue with me with the fact that firmware update 1.4 will block all flashcards, Japanese console is way cheaper (RM580-ish) and they also have the very expensive package (RM1100+). I wanted to buy from this woman at Low Yat for RM800 but she didn’t carry pink NDSi.

So at last, I decided to buy from this guy that i found at Low Yat forum. It’s extremely risky since this is my first deal from someone who doesn’t have a store, and anything could happen. However he is the only one offering Acekard 2i instead of fricken R4i and its clones. The deal price was RM775, but suddenly during that day he said price went up so I’d have to pay RM790 instead which is sooooorta true cuz pink color just launched, the price is still higher than the black one. Oh well. It’s still cheaper than other stores. And cheaper than getting it from Play Asia or something. At least he let me keep the original US charger.. I hate the fact that most stores open up the box, and exchange the charger with a cheap universal charger that’s compatible with Malaysia.

So here’s what I got:

– NDSi console US version
– Acekard 2i
– 4 GB Kingston’s memory card
– Screen protector
– Silicon casing
– Free Malaysian compatible charger

So far I’m loving my NDSi. I fucked up the screen protector though so I bought a new original HORI from Play Asia. Still haven’t arrived yet. I love the camera even though it’s very low quality but I’ve been having fun with it.. love the flipnote application which allows you to do flipbook animation. This would’ve come in handy when I had to do my flipbook animation :\ And if you have wifi connected, it’s like youtube for DSi where you can view animations and download them or comment them. Whatever you write for comment on your DSi will appear on the Flipnote Hatena site. Wanna see some of the comments I’ve made?

No regret. NDSi is better than DS Lite. I seriously hope I won’t lose this one as I’m officially broke and have no more money to replace it. Beside, I’m also saving for PC Fair in December to buy portable HDD 500 GB. It was extremely troublesome that when I went back to Ipoh for Eid break that I had to bring my big external HDD because my portable one died.

Anyways, I don’t know what to think anymore of Malaysia. When I went to Low Yat, there’s A LOT of stores that sells laptops, netbooks, accessories that aren’t MALAYSIAN and by this I mean Bangladesh people.. wtf. They no longer work those low class jobs, they now are entrepreneurs in Malaysia and educated…soon, they’ll conquer businesses in Malaysia and leave Malaysians out of job while they monopolize the industry. There’s way too many foreigners here now. Ain’t that awesome?