My New Ride: Perodua Myvi Limited Edition 2011

May 3, 2011 at 3:01 AM




To those of you who knew me and my car, I drove a year 2000 Perodua Kancil that belonged to my cousin that I hate. Don’t ask. Been driving it since the day I got my license – which was around mid year 2004 I think.


The car was okay. It helped me a lot. It was small, very compact, so the inside was a little bit too tight. Now the reason why I hated this car was that it didn’t belong to me. I felt like I couldn’t give a shit about it. All I cared about was getting from point A to point B and that’s it. The radio hasn’t worked for years so everytime I had to travel to KL or Ipoh I had to use MP3 player to keep from falling asleep. And the major thing I hated the most was that IT DOES NOT HAVE POWER STEERING!


Do you have any idea how much energy I had to put into turning the steering? Everytime I keep telling everyone the more I turn it I can develop arm muscles.. and I had to use so much energy that everytime I feel like my heart was gonna pop out of my chest. That’s how bad the steering was. Because of that, driving that car was exhausting. When I go out, even though to a shop opposite my house, I’ll end up feeling so tired for the whole day.

However, I am still grateful that it had given me a good service throughout the years. It survived the hectic KL traffic jams, taken me to a lot of places I never thought I’d go… almost killed me twice, so without it, I don’t know what I’d do. So thank you my precious old Kancil. I will remember all the memories I have with you.



I’m still surprised I got the car actually. It was all a sudden decision. I decided to check the car out about 2+ weeks ago, submitted my documents on a Friday for loan thinking I wouldn’t get it approved due to a reason which I have to keep secret for the time being and on Monday I got the call telling me my loan is approved! This is more like a family car for my mom and I even though my mom has no confidence of driving this.


I’ve actually fallen in love with this car a while ago when I saw it with my friend. It’s PINK some more! It’s actually called ‘Dazzling Red‘ but it’s more towards hot pink actually. It’s obvious that the car is targeted towards girls even though it also comes in black and white. I know some guys despise it, haha. I have yet to see a guy driving a pink car. There are, but I just haven’t seen them.

It’s actually very SPACIOUS inside! Well compared to my Kancil that is. It has good leg room, not too cluttered and it has a nice simple soft design which is perfect for girls. Ahhhhhh….no more tight, crammed space like Kancil.

It comes with a special seat design with ‘Limited Edition’ written on it. The fabric seat has also red linings/patterns and it also comes with a special ‘limited edition’ carpet mats.

The main attraction?? THE DECORATIVE FLOWERY DESIGN! It has flowery pattern on the center cluster and door armrest. That’s why this car is targeted toward girls. This is my most favorite feature because it’s just so nice. Oh the radio also comes with USB so I can just use my thumbdrive now to play MP3 and it also comes with bluetooth connection support.

I’m quite fussy with car’s interior and I have surveyed A LOT of cars… only a few caught my attention. Overall I’m loving the interior design.. it’s very comfortable and good for city drive. Plus I finally have an auto car! πŸ˜€ Oh man, driving manual was so troublesome and exhausting. I love driving my car now compared to last time πŸ˜€

The car however does not come with ABS which is disappointing. It also doesn’t come with any shopping hook unlike the other versions of Myvi. Who designs a car for girls but doesn’t provide shopping hooks to hang shopping bags?! Seriously, there’s NO PLACE to hang or put the shopping bags – for example like drink (not ones with cup) or hot food. This however has an easy solution. I went to a Japanese 100 yen shop and bought some hooks so problem solved. πŸ˜€

So here I present to you – my new car! TADA!

Pictures taken on the day I took it which was on the same day as the royal wedding day (April 29th 2011). It was a gloomy, cold, rainy morning on that day. Got my car roughly 2+ weeks after booking and a day after down payment. I got a free steering lock, a free umbrella holder, a free shopping bag and free tinted film! πŸ˜€ The car already comes with UV protected glass but I got free tinted film (cost around RM1500). Also got RM20 worth of petrol…Β  πŸ™ majority of cars would get full tank of petrol but I only got RM20 πŸ™

I also added the spoiler for extra RM200 so it doesn’t look ‘bald’ at the back there.. it looks weird without it. The car cost RM48,600.00. Pretty okay for a compact car πŸ˜€ The hot pink color is the kind of pink that I really love so it’s all perfect πŸ™‚ Alhamdulillah.

But it’s pretty sad though that currently my house is under renovation so my car has to be taken out at 8 am everyday so the workers can do their work and it has to endure hot sun until 5 pm… and when I put it inside there’d be so much dirt and dust that the car’s body and inside would get so dirty. I have to clean them everyday πŸ™ It’s okay, once it’s all done, I’ll take my car for a ‘bath’.

If you’re interested in reading the brochure, click the photos below to enlarge the pictures.

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