Camp Rock

September 8, 2008 at 6:07 AM


So yesterday was the asian premiere of the overly hyped Disney Channel movie, CAMP ROCK. Since my review will contain spoiler, I’ll hide it in cut.. click below to read!

Automaton Transfusion

July 6, 2008 at 4:58 AM

After the DVD ruined my DVD rom in my lappy, and after exchanging it for the new one, I finally get to see it tonight.

When I first the cover, that’s what caught my interest. I mean, the cover look ultra gore, like a good horror movie. Plus you can see what the review said – “One of the best zombie films in decades“… then I got on IMDB and read lots of bad review…plus I found out it’s a low budget movie so I thought “Oh no… a low budget horror movie.. there goes my comes bad acting, bad movie that would be so painful to watch…

…But I actually like the movie o.O;;;;

It’s the kind of zombie movie that I love – an extreme GOREFEST! Lots of blood…lots of flesh eating thing and you know what? For a very low budget movie, they have some of really AWESOME effect! For example, there’s one scene where a zombie punches a pregnant girl’s belly and rips out her fetus and eats it.. and she screams “MY BABY” before dropping dead shortly after… Another awesome scene is when a girl gets her jaw ripped out..and you can see her hanging tongue… I’m impressed!

And guess what? It was only a $30,000 budget with 9 days of total shooting! o.O; Again, I’M IMPRESSED.

Okay, what I don’t like is that the movie has no plot at all. I’m ok with that because it’s totally a gorefest. But because of the no plot, you don’t get to know the characters.. ok, so you know the main character (the guy) and this black guy with a trademark brass knuckle. That’s it. You don’t get to know much of the character and you don’t feel sorry for them. Nevermind the bad acting though. Believe it or not, it’s bearable to watch unlike other low budget movie. Ok, there are some bad actors and bad moments, of course.

AND THE ENDING…….argh, it’s frustrating because it’s like middle of the movie and then WHAM – “TO BE CONTINUED…” like ‘Back to the Future’ style… hopefully the director would get enough fund to make the sequel “AUTOMATON TRANFUSION: CONTINGENCY” because I want to know the ending. It’s like totally hanging….

Not a bad low budget movie. Lots of gore, zombie action, and cool dvd cover lol.

UPDATE: According to IMDB, Automaton Transfusion: Contingency is in the making! woot.

Now I got to sleep. It’s like 5 am.