Nokia N97 Launch

June 7, 2009 at 4:56 AM

So I’ve had quite a busy week. Sort of. Lots of stress, tension, emo-ness, depression and fun.

On Friday, I went to class.. and my group was supposed to present 2 music videos. One chose Pearl Jam’s Jeremy, which has always been one of my favorites due to the fact that the music video was inspired based on a true incident where a kid walks up into his class and shot himself in front of his classmates. The music video is very grungy, experimental-like and it gave me me lots of ideas on how to do my experimental self portrait video. Total awesomeness. Never thought of that. Me however get to present a video of my choice and I chose Lordi’s Blood Red Sandman. Love that video and the song to death.

After class, me and Skyler did our project for media studies, then went to Wendy’s, discussed our assignment, played with Pekingese puppy for an hour (omg she was SO FRIGGIN CUTE!) and then went to KLCC and then went to Nokia’s N97 launch at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Big love to Skyler for inviting me as her guest πŸ™‚ It so then awesome. Well the launch part was boring, lol but then again which launch isn’t. I mean the phone is cool, lighter than Skyler’s N96 but I didn’t get to play with it cuz I was starving, so my focus was only on the food. The mocktail was so addicting. Love the taste that I must have had at least 4 glasses that night. Omg. The food was AWESOME. Seriously.


We had to sit on this weird looking boxes-like stool/seating thing.. but our had padding so my ass didn’t hurt —- that much.



I only took pic of the veggies section. People was already queueing up so I couldn’t get more pictures.


My plate. Lol. Looks gross huh? I took lots of stuff.. like the kebab… some mushroom.. which was really nice, with its thicky gravy.. salmon, some sirloin beef which was tender … completely love it.. erm risotto .. some chicken breast.. er.. some cheese bread pudding or something.. nice too… er… some curry lamb i think… I forgot what else I took.. huhu.. maybe some veggies I think. Funny, I don’t eat veggies but the food looks so tempting, even veggies.


Dessert! Didn’t take the fruits at the end because I was too full, but we did try some stuff.. like those in the glasses.. I forgot what they were called.. all are international food, no Malaysian food. Those in glass, was sour. No sweetness either. Didn’t really like it that much. However the one in small glass is nice πŸ˜€ The yellow part is REALLY sour, but once you eat it with the white thing, it taste DAMN GOOD. I also took er— some peach cobbler which was damn nice too, some chocolate pudding thing, not really pudding but I don’t know… but that one wasn’t very nice.. Β the lime pie (or something) was awesome too.


My addiction for that night – mocktail drinks. I didn’t even care sprite or coke or whatever.. or even my temptation for the wine and champagne that they were serving πŸ˜›


One of the strangest things at the event was that there was a booth where you can get your face painted, and you can wear wigs and take pictures in them.. and also cosplayers! There were like people dressed up as Jack Sparrow.. some movie characters I don’t even remember the name .. lots and lots of them.. but I remember Jack Sparrow because he was weird lol. Didn’t get to take pictures with them. πŸ™


One of the last activities was GUITAR HERO competition.. it was awesome at first.. this two goofy dudes came in clown wigs and they were the first to finish the song so it was awesome. I want to play guitar hero. It was very easy yet they couldn’t even get the notes right.


I didn’t stay long to watch guitar hero competition because it was late, I was tired, too full and needed to go to the restroom. The restroom was Th3 S3x! Total high class-ness. First time I saw a Japanese style bidet >.>


Now if you’re in the high class bathroom in a 5 star hotel, camwhoring in the restroom/toilet is absolutely necessary.

Well done Nokia. Good food, 5 star hotel… I might switch over to your side one day.

I straightened my hair today! FARKIN FINALLY. Omg. It’s been so long and my hair had gotten long .. down until my ass and I’m soooo sick of it. I love my long hair but it’s such a pain in the arse to take care of long hair… and my head feels ‘heavy’. So since I was so stupid to wake up early and nearly went to class when it’s public holiday yesterday, I decided to go straighten my hair. Luckily I talked to Jackie and he told me nobody was in the college. The only guy at the salon did my hair.. he’s kinda cute and he’s a very nice guy. His name is Tank Lim or something. Awesome dude. I had to cut my hair up to my chest length so he would agree to charge me Rm200 instead of RM290 for my old long hair.

I’m going back to Ipoh today for 2 weddings and will be back tomorrow night. I’ll be bringing my laptop and will be staying at a cheap hotel because no time to clean my house (no electricity either) so hopefully the hotel room have wifi so I can do my assignment instead of going to wifi spots. I’m also gonna be shooting some footage at the wedding, and for my assignment. Hurrah >.>

Last but not least, PEKINGESE PUPPY!