December 21, 2016 at 3:17 AM


I haven’t been having a good week last week. My rescued kitten died despite everything that I did to save him. I lost 3 kittens prior to that and I was too numb to be affected by it. But my rescued kitten, it affected me so much that it interfered with my daily life and emotion. Back in October, BamBam was missing for 15 hours from around 3 pm until 7 am the next morning when I found him. During that time, when I kept calling for BamBam, I kept hearing screaming kitten across the road, somewhere at one of the shop lots.

I ignored him because I thought it was just a lost kitten and probably his mom was around somewhere. But until 5 am, he kept screaming and screaming and it bothered me so much. When I was searching for BamBam, I found him alone and scared so I took him home to temporarily care for him. Then I found another kitten. Took both of them home. He got sick for a while but he survived. And he was a cheerful loving kitten and that is why I felt this empty void when he crossed the rainbow bridge even though I’ve only had him for a short time.

I had a good day on Friday because I got to eat good food and that’s always a good thing. That helped me to temporarily forget about the death of my kitten. But when I got home I found out TM Point cut my phone line which never happened before and it was sudden so I spent 40 mins being pissed off and yelling on the phone.

And unfortunately, I got into a minor accident on Saturday. I also had a scare in the morning where my iMac wouldn’t start again. I freaked out. I seriously don’t want to send my iMac back to the store to be repaired which might take another what, a month? 2 months? No. No way. I’m sick of that. But luckily I found a video on youtube with a trick to get it started again and it did. Phew.

It’s the 21st today. Only 10 days left of 2016. I wanna say I hope next year things will change and every year I said the same thing and it never did. In fact, things got worse. Worse than the previous year. But I keep hoping. So I don’t know anymore.

I don’t know anymore.


Quickie Updates – Nuffnang, Kitty & Stupid Neighbor

June 20, 2012 at 5:32 AM

A lot has been happening this past week.

First thing. Nuffnang.


I had an issue with Nuffnang for the past 2 months. You see, I was ‘demoted’ from my glitterati status and I hate not being a glitterati. Mostly it’s because Iose all of glitterati advantages and I can’t use Innit. I contacted them, albeit the slow reply, they couldn’t figure it out. They keep giving me stuff to check and change, and mostly involves my wordpress plugins. The problematic site is this blog as they said, but I use the same plugin in all of my other blogs under nuffnang so shouldn’t they be affected too?

After 2 months and a lot of frustration, and a totally unacceptable suggestion of deleting this blog from nuffnang, I said that I can allow them to have access to my site’s backend and check for the problems. This is my main blog, so if I delete this blog from nuffnang, what’s the point of having nuffnang anymore? Even this blog is barely making a single cent from Nuffnang, but at least it has the most traffic. I don’t know how the heck people make so much money with Nuffnang when I’ve been with them for years and I STILL haven’t reached the minimum amount for withdrawal. Wtf.

Anyways, my problem took two months when all of a sudden, as I’ve finished setting up a special account for them to check my problem, was just about to let them know then BAM! I logged on and I am friggin back to GLITTERATI! What the heck? 2 months, with no solutions, then all of a suddenly my Glitterati status is back and I don’t even know what caused it to disappeared for 2 months.

Oh well. At least it’s back and that’s all that matters.

2. Kitty

I still haven’t recovered from the death of my 4 kittens last month and my beloved kitten, a white male, very pretty and very loving to me, suddenly went missing few days ago. I don’t even know what happened. He could be lost, kidnapped or … Well don’t wanna talk much about it, don’t wanna start crying again.

3. My Stupid Neighbor

I have this rage against my neighbor right now. They’re building a new covered kitchen and a new wall that replaced the fence.. but you know why? It’s because they hate my cats. They purpose built a HUGE, TALL wall just so my kittens and cats won’t be able to go to their house. The thing is, who the fuck do they think they are? We are NEIGHBORS.. I have my share of that fence as well! But no. They think they own it and can build it so high, make me feel like I’m trapped in pudu jail surrounded by tall brick wall without even asking if we’re okay with it.

I don’t care if they wanna build whatever, metal buildings or kitchen made out of gold, but we SHARE the fence so it’s common courtesy that they ask if we’re okay with having a new tall brick wall that even if you’re 7 feet tall, you can’t see over the wall to the other side. And NO, we’re NOT okay. I’m super pissed.


I’m seriously having an extremely rough time right now.