Kid’s Typing Spooky!

March 23, 2014 at 7:34 PM

Need some tips for Letterhead Printing? You can visit the link.

I remember the existence and extensive use of easy design softwares when I was young that I used frequently. I was probably about 12? 13? I would create all the really cute designs and letterheads and stuff for absolutely no reason at all. I unleashed the creative beast within me just to waste time because at that time, internet was boring. Seriously. Not much to do on a fucking 56k internet connection! So when I wasn’t busy with DOS games and learning how to type faster on the keyboard, I would create arts.

I seriously miss Spooky, my typing coach! That Casper lookalike bastard. T__T

I still remember his voice and everything. I remember how at the end of the test, you get your typing speed result and I would print them out and filed it properly. He was my friend when I first bought my computer which had windows 3.1 🙁 He was so awesome.