New Community for Vampire Diaries Fans

September 21, 2010 at 4:26 PM

Well, after weeks of frustrations, delays and sleepless nights, finally it’s ready for beta testing. A new community for Vampire Diaries‘ fans! Well it’s still very new, launched yesterday, so still needs a lot of fixing to do.. bugs to fix, stuff to add.. but I’m taking a break from that for a few days so I can concentrate on doing a new community for Glee next. It’s the 2 shows I love the most right now, and the only 2 shows worth spending time on. Since tomorrow season 2 of Glee will premiere in the US, I’m all excited! I hope I can launch the Glee community by this week.. then by next week I’ll start working on the bugs and adding more stuff for both sites.. as well as advertising them both so people would actually know its existence. You have no idea how stressful it is to start with new stuff like content management systems plus php compatibility issues that has been my biggest struggle for the past few weeks. But now I’m getting used to it so it’s all good.. these 2 communities will be like my ‘test sites’ so I could understand more on CMS and crap for hopefully a bigger project in the future. Hey, at least I’m not wasting time doing nothing.

I was supposed to go to the dermatologist appointment I got at yesterday but I’ve been way too busy, and also broke, so I couldn’t.. plus my face is infested with spots, blemishes and acnes from all the stress and sleepless nights. I’m hoping this Friday I can go back to PJ and buy my acne pills if mom let me because those pills are the only effective pills for acne treatment. Blah, months of wasted money and treatments only to get my face ruined again within a couple of weeks of stress 🙁

I have lots of blogs coming up today and tomorrow but right now I gotta get busy finishing up my other project. So if you’re a fan, do join!

The Vampire Diaries Coven