Fright Night Remake – WTF!

June 12, 2010 at 5:17 AM

Ok, I”m a little late but I’ve just heard that they’re remaking FRIGHT NIGHT.

I DESPISE remakes of the classic horror movies. I hate them. They always butcher the classic. Till this day, I have yet to find a good remake of a classic horror film. I was shocked to know that they’re remaking one of my fave classic 80’s vampire flicks of all time – FRIGHT NIGHT. WTF. Not Fright Night too! -___-

Fright Night is a teen vampire flick (oh no, do NOT think of Twilight) that tells the story of Charley Brewster (William Ragsdale) who is a big fan of Peter Vincent, a TV celebrity who host a show called ‘Fright Night’ and calls himself The Vampire Killer. One night he saw something suspicious about his new neighbor, and eventually believes that his neighbor is a vampire. His gf Amy (Amanda Bearse) and his buddy Evil Ed (Stephen Geoffreys) don’t believe him of course. So trying to stop their friend’s crazy imagination, they asks the help of Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall) to prove to Charley that Jerry Dandridge (Chris Sarandon) is not a vampire but found out the truth.. so later Jerry would kidnap Amy, and Charley and Peter join forces to stop the vampire once and for all and save Amy.

Now, I fear how they’re gonna butcher this movie in the remake which will be shown 2011. HOWEVER… I have heard that DAVID TENNANT will be playing Peter Vincent. OMG. If David is playing, no matter how shitty the movie is, I’ll love it!

I abso-fucking-lutely LOVE David Tennant. He’s totally fuckable. He’s well known as the 10th Doctor from the series Dr. Who, and also appeared as a villain in the Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire. Absolutely adore his Scottish accent ;D

Now the thing is, I don’t know how well he’s going to portray Peter Vincent.. well I can imagine him being in that character though, because he was good in Dr. Who but  Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Evil Ed?!?!?! SERIOUSLY?? Don’t get me wrong, I like him but seeing him in Superbad and Role Models, he’s so totally not Evil Ed. Stephen Geoffreys was awesome as Evil Ed (he’s also fricken cute, was a fan of him for few years since I was 10, ignoring the fact that he went and did gay porn -__- ), and the character is a bit wacky and crazy, badass, innocent, funny etc.. Chris as badass? Uhhhh……. Oh no, I so cannot see Chris playing as Evil Ed x____x

CUTTTEEEEYYY.. You’re so cool, Brewster!

Evil Ed’s lines that became catch phrases in the 80’s – “To what do I owe this dubious pleasure?” & “You’re so cool, Brewster!“. You see, Evil Ed is special. He’s not ordinary. He seems like a badass, but not.. he also seems innocent and you want to pity him.. you won’t understand what I’m talking about if you haven’t seen the movie. Now all those characteristics are going to be portrayed by —-

— him?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??. Like seriously! I’m speechless. I mean come on, out of all actors in the world, HIM? No offense.. but urrrrghh. I just can see him as ‘nerdy, dorky, geek, loser, goofy, klutz, mentally challenged, funny, slow’ kind of characters.. but NOT Evil Ed X____X Like, this article also agrees that “EVIL ED WOEFULLY MISCAST IN FRIGHT NIGHT REMAKE“. Maybe they’re rewriting the character to be different.. 🙁

And Collin Farrell as Jerry Dandridge the vampire?? Hmmm.. I have doubts, because Chris Sarandon had this some sort of sexy seductive look as all vampires should have that totally can make you swoon… so Collin Farrell? Hmmmmmm………….. I have no comment on the actor that’s going to play Charley Brewster.

Well, I just can’t wait to see David as Peter Vincent.. it would be veeeeeeeery interesting 😀 The only thing I can look forward to because they killed Evil Ed..  Unless they make him look very old just like Roddy McDowall’s version of Peter Vincent then uh.. rotten tomato anyone?


Roddy McDowall as Peter Vincent (right) = NOT YUMMAAY

I feel like watching Fright Night now.. wow surprisingly my broadband is still connected for like 3 hours now.. oh and suddenly I just remembered that my friend mentioned paying for car insurance reminded me that I need to renew my driving license this month.. NOTE TO SELF! Oh and buy some mosquito repellent mats.

Oh yeah, football/soccer fever has started! .. Too bad I’m no longer interested in football like I used to be when I was younger..