Maharaja Lawak Mega Minggu 4 Review

November 19, 2011 at 11:57 PM

Now THIS is how Maharaja Lawak Mega should be!

I wrote a review of the second week of Maharaja Lawak Mega 2 weeks ago. Last week was mediocre too but I’m glad Gebu is eliminated. However, SYOK is STILL in the game and seriously, I keep questioning WHY?

But week 4, performance after performance I was laughing like there’s no tomorrow, with exception of a couple performances. Many people are happy that Chef Wan wasn’t there to judge this week. I, on the other hand, was not. I think Chef Wan is the only one that knows how to say it straight without sugarcoating, and because of that majority gave the best performances this week. I still STRONGLY disagree having Siti Nurhaliza there.. her comments were always too ‘sugary’, non constructive, and she was stuttering for words. Why does she qualify to judge comedy show again??? I have no problem with Zainal though.. but guest judges…bleh.

This week’s theme is ‘LOVE‘. I think having a theme makes them perform well.

Now, the two most memorable group performances were BOBOI and OSBON. Oh God, I could barely breathe when I watch them. They were the best. I thought Boboi would suck because it would get very tiring to see them act like little kids week after week but this week I’m glad they put a spin to it. The most hilarious part is when Harun salim Bachik acted as ‘Najwa Latif‘, this new rising youtube star that suddenly got popular. I like their story which is relevant to our current trend now – facebook.

Second one is OsbonTHE BEST that night! Oh God. Abon is completely hilarious – from his way of dressing up as a bride, to his ‘pantun’/poetic ability and spontaneous actions.. as we call it ‘selamba je… ‘. Now this is what or how a comedy should be like. I guess Zainal was right, veterans take a while to warm up but then BAM gave an awesome performance. I think Osbon have also adjusted to the stage, audience and competition.

Also they did the double meaning jokes but it worked. This is what I meant that double jokes, if done correctly can be funny..also I see less performances where each performers were using the same materials/jokes except for Boboi and Osbon who had the same theme (facebook) but they were done perfectly.

But I gotta give props to BP (Bawal Power). At the beginning we heard that Bob Kuman had an accident earlier that day where he fell in the bathroom, ‘broke’ his face and had to be admitted to the hospital. But even so, Sobri had the guts to come out alone to continue the show and did everything spontaneously and most importantly, he delivered! Surprisingly, at the end of his performance, he was being serious when he was telling about Bob’s accident but then he cracked us up again. A job very well done Sobri for having the guts to do that. Total respect.

Hope Bob Kuman will get well soon.

The worst performance? Gosh. There were two – Syok and Adlin. I just don’t know why Syok is still not yet eliminated and the one eliminated is JH?! He was way better than Syok! He got more laughter than Syok.. but there’s no denying that he didn’t do that well either. It was getting pretty tiring with his story about chicken again and again.. we know that’s his trademark but he could have changed it a bit like Boboi did. Then Adlin – wtf? What happened to him? He did so well in week 2.. he fell flat in week 3 and this week he was completely crap. I didn’t even get what he was doing.. yet he wasn’t even in the bottom 3? And Hiro was? Hiro cracked me up.. why were they in bottom 3?? And I just can’t stand Ifa Raziah at all..never liked her. She’s always overacting. We would call it ‘gedik and terkinja2‘. She is never funny either.

Totally biased.

Anyways. I hope next week they will improve.