Maharaja Lawak Mega Minggu 2 Review & Kumpulan Gebu

November 11, 2011 at 3:03 PM

I wanna comment about Maharaja Lawak Mega (Mega Maharaja/Great King of Comedy?)

The first Maharaja Lawak was so awesome. It was the best stand up comedy/sketch competition featuring winners & finalists from previous seasons of Raja Lawak (King of Comedy) show. The quality of comedy and competition was so hilarious and awesome that it had a very HUGE rating boost particularly thanks to the top Malaysia comedians – Sepah (who broke up already wtf), Jozan, Nabil & Jambu (R2 also worth mentioning). Now of course Astro would see this opportunity as a cash mine so they decided to do it again, calling all top names & veterans of Malaysian comedy world PLUS from Singapore and Indonesia and call it Maharaja Lawak MEGA.

It started off so-so. Quite mediocre but it’s forgivable. It was only the first week and it’s not easy to face a huge audience live on stage and do comedy. However, they’re not noobs. Majority are veterans in the comedy world and they already KNOW the experience of doing comedy in front of live audience. It amazes me that some failed miserably. What I noticed is that in the 2nd week, it’s very OBVIOUS that majority of the performers are doing double meaning jokes..  was that necessary? It’s the same as newbie comedians doing toilet humor to get some laughs.. I hate toilet humor.. you see, I actually like double meaning jokes. If done correctly they’re actually funny.. but not if every single performers are mentioning/doing the same thing & same joke! It was getting so boring after a couple of performances.

The second thing is the person topic! I love jokes that make fun of somebody relevant as part of the joke.. like in the first Maharaja Lawak, when the judge Mamat Khalid said when people mention you in comedy, they’re not making fun of you, they’re honoring you (referring to Jozan’s performance where Johan acted as Mamat Khalid)… however, in this case, again majority of groups mentioned only one person repeatedly – Siti Nurhaliza! Dude WTF. Don’t you have any other ideas? Is this the quality of maharaja lawak mega?? Performance after performance they would mention Siti Nurhaliza. It’s SO OVERUSED. So tired of hearing her name and her jokes. It’s NOT funny anymore. The second one would be one of the judge’s skin color. Ok, it’s quite funny, not to be taken seriously, but that keeps being repeated also. Wtf?

It’s really quite disappointing and embarrassing that ‘veterans’ in the comedy world can’t even make jokes. Newbies I can understand, but veterans? Some of the acts was so ridiculously childish and stupid that I had to facepalm myself in disbelief. Epic fail. They were only making fools out of themselves.

What’s up with the jury??? Can’t they find better jury???? They chose a CHEF, an ex FOOTBALLER and a SINGER to judge? Guess judges also not relevant to comedy world. What do they have to do with comedy??? I like Chef Wan, he can be extremely funny in his cooking shows but the rest?? Wtf.

I just HAVE to comment about the group who call themselves GEBU.

They didn’t do well in the first episode thus I heard people were criticizing them in facebook. You know what they did? Instead of improving themselves and show the audience that they can do better, they came back EMO and WHINING and went apeshit on stage about the audience who criticized them! WHAT. THE. FUCK.

In my entire life, I have not even once saw a competition where the participants got so angry at the audience for criticizing them and got back on stage and BITCH at them back in a very obnoxious sarcastic manner. Never. I certainly didn’t expect this on this level of competition either! Their second performance was SO PAINFUL to watch. It shows in their performance. It shows in the way they talk and their facial expression that they were pissed off and arrogant. They came back defeated. They didn’t make jokes, instead they were bitching through songs. Musical comedy can be funny, like in the first ML but they weren’t trying to be funny. They were bitching. Their performance rubbed me off in the very wrong way.  What’s more painful is watching the skinnier one repeatedly mumbling ‘Hah.. I knew it.. we’ll get criticized again.. I knew it.. time to get criticized.. See told you..“… then give a ‘WHATEVERRRRRRRRRR‘ face…….

WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? Were they expecting praises after that goddamn awful performance?? I seriously don’t get why they thought that performance was worthy for maharaja lawak mega? Did they think it’s funny or did they purposely want to show their dissatisfaction?

They should take a look at Amir. He was even there that night. Gosh, I can’t describe how extreme the criticism he got during the first ML. He kept doing retarded performances, but he never once whined, or bitched on stage during his performance no matter how badly the audience wanted him out. Audience in the studio even made fun of him during his performance. Even AC the host got criticized for supporting Amir. But what did he do? He kept on trying which I had to give him props for that. Total respect for that. It’s not easy to do live comedy, but he didn’t show his defeat.

The other thing is their CLOTHING. I’m gonna be harsh in this. When I know and feel fat, I would NEVER EVER wear tight clothing showing all of my bulges. The obese one, during the intro video, was talking about how she couldn’t button her top (her boobs are too big?) Uh what? Hehe you can see her nipple bulge 😉 Then she wears denim short skirt during performance.. Uhhh… I wanna stab my eyes. She dressed so much better in the first episode, so much nicer to look at, but 2nd episode? Totally unflattering. Total what the fuck. Showing her bulging tummy and fat legs. Ew. Fat people shouldn’t wear sexy if they’ve got nothing sexy to flaunt. Ow my eyes. EDIT// It’s not an issue of religion. I don’t care if a muslim wanna wear sexy… as long as you have a sexy body to show & nice to look at.

I totally salute chef wan for giving the comment straight to their face without sugar coating. I saw many people criticizing Chef Wan’s comment.. but he was absolutely right. They were only singing, not being funny. He wasn’t commenting on how singing can’t be done in comedy, he was commenting that their singing wasn’t funny at all.. it wasn’t a musical comedy. It was totally bland and boring. That’s what he meant. Everyone was waiting for the punch lines but that didn’t happen. People criticized Chef Wan but he was telling the truth.

Why I took the time to bitch about Gebu? Because they rubbed me off the wrong way in every way. And I seriously hope they will be eliminated tonight but if not, I expect improvements. I seriously hope it won’t be the case of Amir where he was kept because of his fans’ votes, not because he deserved to be in the show. There are other groups that were not funny, but I could ignore them but not Gebu because of how they were acting and responding to it… all bitchy and arrogant and snobbish. I feel like the skinnier one was trying to say ‘FUCK YOU ALL! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!

However, so far I seriously love SAEHU, the group from Indonesia. Bocil, the mini version of Amir is so cute and hilarious! I salute Adlin who dared to dress up as Indian woman… the punch lines weren’t that hilarious but the dancing was! Props to his awesome dancing skill! To me, the best comedian is AC MIZAL, the host. Every time he made random funny at the back always made me laugh to tears. In Adlin’s performance, he did the ‘Hammer’ dance at the back. Every jokes he made could make me laugh so hard since the first ML. He always played along to the contestants’ performances. I disliked him as host in Akademi Fantasia because comedy is his thing. He can’t do serious stuff. To me, AC Mizal cheers up the show.


Check out AC Mizal’s hammer time dance. As we know, whenever Adlin comments as judge, he has no mercy. Now we know what he can do, and he’s not just a big talker. He went all out in this one.


Check out SAEHU’s performance. Even though they spoke Indonesian, but it’s not hard to understand.



EDIT// This post was written about GEBU and MAHARAJA LAWAK MEGA. Why this has spawned into a country debate and arguments is beyond me.. but it’s expected. So I’ve unapproved all the comments about countries to avoid serious arguments. If you wanna comment, comment only on the topic of this post which is Maharaja Lawak Mega and Gebu. If you wanna cuss people out or debate on sensitive country issues, please take your immaturity or debate elsewhere. I love Malaysia, I love Singapore. Enough said. Thank you for your understanding.