Random Update – Weather is Hot, Happy Birthday To Me!

March 2, 2015 at 1:03 AM

My God. The weather has been crazy. Back in December, it was the rainy season. Some parts of Malaysia were badly flooded, and many people lost their home and precious properties and some even lost family members. But now? The weather’s been so ridiculously hot that spending a short while outside could risk yourself of getting heat stroke.

For the whole week I’ve been getting spinning headache. That’s not counting last week, starting Thursday that I had a serious stomach cramp that lasted 4 days and rendered me completely useless because I couldn’t even do anything. Couldn’t even walk. My relatives from KL on the very same day I got the cramp, so I couldn’t go out to have dinner with them which kind of bummed me out. I also spent the night alone that night while I was in so much pain.

But yeah, after the stomach cramp was gone, I suddenly got a spinning headache for the whole week and today, I had a really painful migraine. It’s probably due to the fact that I’ve been going out everyday and exposed myself to the scorching hot sun, especially last Friday when I had to take Abang, my cat, to the government vet because he couldn’t urinate. High possibility due to kidney stone (3rd cat in my family after my cat Monyet and BamBam). I had to wait like 2 hours outside while the doc treated Abang.


Happy Chinese New Year 2015

February 20, 2015 at 5:29 PM



I wanted to write about guitars by ESP but the page seems empty to me, or maybe couldn’t load properly so there’s nothing I can talk about it so I’m gonna talk about something else.

CNY holiday started yesterday and what have I been doing? Watching Netflix and sleeping. In the morning, I suddenly had a terrible stomach cramp and the pain was so extreme I couldn’t even walk. Even lying down is painful and uncomfortable. My relatives from KL came down yesterday’s evening and mom went to stay with them at the hotel last night, so I was home alone, with a painful stomach cramp.

The pain isn’t as extreme now as it was yesterday, so I’m glad. Maybe because I’ve taken some meds. But I’m still spending today just lying down and watching Netflix. I just finished watching ‘Revenge of the Nerds‘, awesome movie by the way. I’m also hungry because I haven’t eaten anything yet.

Gosh, I hope it rains today. It’s been a very hot day. Oh yeah, I’ve ‘privatized’ majority of my old personal posts. Still have a lot to go through. I’ll also write about my trip to KL last Saturday soon, once this stomach cramp is fully gone. Now back to Netflix. What shall I watch next…

The Pull-Out Trash Cans

February 20, 2015 at 11:36 AM

I need to blog about this as a reference for myself in the future – pull out waste containers.

I’ve always been so annoyed at my mom for exposing smelly trash. Extremely annoyed. No matter what I tell her, she’ll keep doing it again. Now I’m annoyed at myself for not doing much research when I renovated the kitchen in 2011. I didn’t think about trash. But then again, the contractor was old and he didn’t know all the latest thing. A lot of things I requested weren’t done according to what I’ve specified.

The point of it is that it slides in and out, so it hides the bins. If I had money, I would’ve hunted the person who could do this right away so I don’t have to look at disgusting trash anymore.

Happy Belated Valentine’s 2015

February 20, 2015 at 11:03 AM


I went to KL on Valentine’s day alone and I will write separate entry detailing my trip. I wanted to write about custom masonic rings because how cool would it be to wear it as a sign you’re part of something? I’m thinking put Slytherin crest on the ring. That’d be nice.

But then I saw this –

How lovely is this ring? It’s quite expensive though – over USD$500+ but it’s very pretty. There are a few star designs available but I haven’t checked them all since my laptop is terribly laggy. I still prefer the idea of having a Slytherin crest though or maybe Hogwarts logo as a ring.


Gibson 2015 Les Paul Deluxe Guitar

February 20, 2015 at 10:35 AM

Isn’t this a beauty?

It’s musciansfriend 2015 les paul deluxe electric guitar which of course you can get at musiciansfriend.com. Even though I can’t play guitar, but I do like looking at them, regretting that I never forced myself to learn it even though I’ve always wanted to.


  • Body: Mahogany /”Traditional” body rout
  • Top: Plain maple
  • Neck: Mahogany, asymmetrical rounded C
  • Fingerboard: Bound rosewood, trapezoid Inlays,
  • Hardware: Nickel tune-o-matic and stop bar
  • Finish: Gloss lacquer
  • Electronics: New Mini Humbuckers designed by Jim De Cola and Jeff “Skunk” Baxter push/pull coil split on each volume pot Orange drop capacitors w/15DB boost
  • Plastics: Cream, Supreme grip gold speed knobs
  • Case: Hardshell

Now, if it only comes in pink… heh.

I have a few blogs to write about today, which I will do in separate entries.