Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2015!

July 20, 2015 at 10:02 PM



It’s been a while since I wrote in this blog, huh? I’ve been very busy, preoccupying myself with things and then spent most of the days sleeping. This Raya has got to be the most boring Raya ever for me where I spent 3 Raya days sleeping instead and not inviting anyone to my place. Plus, I also have a very badly decayed and broken wisdom tooth that I need to deal with this week but I don’t have enough money. Haih.

Here’s the one and only Raya selfie that I took yesterday when I went to my relative’s house!

raya selfie

It was hard trying to take a proper selfie with food when the app didn’t have a timer. So I had to use my phone cam with a timer to take but the color is all shit. 🙂

Since I don’t have TV this year, so let’s put on a Raya song from youtube to get that Raya mood.

I need to write about Native Instruments but the page shows me nothing so I’m not sure what can I write about it. Now my laptop is also lagging badly, which is normal, so I have to reboot it. I miss my iMac, really. This bites.

Carnival @ RTC (Rural Transformation Centre) Gopeng, Perak

March 11, 2012 at 2:17 PM

This was supposed to be written like 3 weeks ago? But I never got around to do it. This was on 16th-19th February 2012 held at RTC (Rural Transformation Centre) in Gopeng. This was actually a carnival, a launch and job fair. My mom and uncle has been bugging me to go and see what kind of jobs they have there. We only found out about this on Saturday morning and I didn’t wanna go on that day so we decided to go on Sunday.

We went at 4 pm and turns out the whole carnival thing ends at 5 pm. Bleh. So basically when we arrived, mostly have closed down or packing to go back. Only the stalls were still selling stuff. Now this place is all about small entrepreneur, like a development center for small entrepreneurs so all those people selling stuff there were small entrepreneurs.

Click more below to continue reading this. Gotta put a cut since it’s quite long and picture heavy.

An Interesting Lucky Draw Win

February 1, 2012 at 5:21 AM

I won a lucky draw but it’s an interesting one!

You see, when I filled up petrol for my car at a nearby Petronas station, this very friendly attendant helped me out by filling it out for me and teaching me how to use the card to pay for it (I usually would ask them to do it). After talking he told me they’re having a lucky draw and since I filled up full tank, I was eligible to get two stamps. I’d need 3 stamps to enter. It was not until the 2nd last day before I submitted. By that time, the box was so full that I had a hard time pushing my lucky draw paper in.. I think there must’ve been thousands of entries in there.

Boy was I surprised when I got a call last Saturday saying that I’m a lucky winner. They picked 42 winners from the box, and they will do an event where they’ll draw names to determine which prize we will win. All I wanted was the free food, haha.

The ceremony started at 11 am at the Petronas station, just outside of its mini mart. I was surprised when I reached there.

I didn’t realize when I entered (because I didn’t think I’d win anyway) that all prizes were TOYS. Hahahaha. TOYS! For babies and toddlers! OMG. Even those little fidget spinners they announce in the Raptor Spinners Facebook page all the time.

They started the lucky draw and I was praying I don’t win the shitty prizes like tiny school bags meant for toddlers. They were a lot of school bags as the bottom prizes. I was eyeing on the hello kitty or at least that Tiger plushie… at least they’re cute and I can use it. Unfortunately I didn’t get the plushies! I was soooo close though! I had the 16th prize and the hello kitty was for 13th place and Tiger was for 10th. I also wouldn’t mind the 3rd prize which was a remote controller dinosaur figure. OR THE BARBIES! Well not really barbies.. all of the prizes were all cheap China knockoffs. The first prize was an imitation of Transformers robot. Or even the keyboard would’ve been useful and not so embarrassing.

Here are some of the top 10 winners. See that McDonald’s behind there? The exact location where I had an accident. Urgh. Hurt to see it.

Many left early and didn’t even eat the food.. so more for me!

But a lot of people attended.

The best highlight was definitely the food! I’m not a fan of fried noodle but seriously, it was the best and the most damn delicious fried noodle I’ve ever tasted. So yummy that I had 1 1/2 plate, and took home a plate full because they were so much leftover. The ‘kuih’ (or snacks) were delicious too! Too bad they just served plain water because it was a hot day, so I was very thirsty. Wish there was cold drink.


Then I went home and opened the prize.

Here’s what I won. A cheap china-made playhouse meant for babies.. Hahahahaha. It was quite embarrassing to win this.. and it’s very useless since I don’t even have a baby. Don’t know anyone with babies either. But you know what?

It’s actually very cute! It’s like a cute tent that even I can hide in. Haha. I decided to see if my cats would like this as their playhouse and you know what?

They do! A LOT. They wouldn’t stop playing with it and playing inside it. It’s like their little hideout. My 3 outdoor cats are the ones that loves it so much. They like to play and wrestle in it. But Orenji loves it the most. He sleeps in it. He’s practically in the tent everytime he’s inside the house.

Well that’s the end of my interesting lucky draw ever. I had another lucky draw that I won last year that I have yet to write about. I’ll try to find some time to write it.  Toodles.

Reminiscing 2011 Part 1

December 31, 2011 at 7:53 PM

Wow this is so gonna be a long entry. I’m gonna try to remember any memorable events or things that happened this whole year because honestly I feel that this year went by so friggin fast. It was like within a blink of my eyes. Also a lot of things happened that I didn’t blog about so I’m hoping this would sort of summarize my year as well as preserving any events that happened this year. Yes, I do check back old blog posts for memory sake.

I think I will separate this blog into a few parts. The year started out pretty good.. was hoping this would be my awesome year.. failed at that. At least I had an okay start compared to an extremely disastrous ending for year 2010. Okay, let’s start!

A Whole Day of Learning

October 7, 2011 at 7:23 AM

I woke up early tonight and I can’t go back to sleep. I have so much things to do today. I’m thinking of straightening my hair and cutting it a bit today. We’ll see. Not sure what to do now – maybe blog a bit then play Second Life for a while then watch tv. I don’t know.

Yesterday I went to a training lecture at YMCA Ipoh to learn new products for my new part time job as financial/wealth adviser. I was trying to absorb so much in one day of things I barely knew about and after having only an hour sleep. I was like a zombie for the whole day. However the ‘lecturer’ was so hilarious that I managed to sit through everything without falling asleep. He was absolutely hilarious. The best part? The food. We had tea break at 10.20 am with fried vermicelli, and some chiffon cakes and tea, then lunch break at 12.30 pm with rice, chicken, veggies and egg curry then another tea break at 3 pm with fried spring roll and some dessert/snack. I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t think there was anything interesting about it.

I’ve been depressed the day before. I was feeling very emo and very lonely. I started to play with Second Life a bit and had forgotten how much just wandering around in the 3D world, shopping for clothes and hair could make me forget my depression and to just kill time. I had forgotten it was my temporary ‘cure’ during my breakup years ago. Second Life has changed so much now though and it’s like a strange world compared to the small, friendly world back in 2007 but oh well.

Alright now I’m gonna watch Flatliners. Last time I watched this was when I was 11.. didn’t get a thing about this movie except that some med students tried to experience life after death. I think I fell asleep too back then and thought this was a boring movie because I don’t remember much about this movie. Great casts in this movie. All the big names – Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Back, William Baldwin – all looking damn hot and also the gorgeous Julia Roberts.