To KL & Back Again

October 4, 2011 at 4:08 AM

I went to KL yesterday.

It was a just a day trip but a damn tiring one. We planned to leave at 8 am but I had a very tiring Saturday so I ended up sleeping in the entire evening and woke up at 10 pm. I actually went to Tesco to shop at 11 pm and got home at almost 1 am. Haha.

We reached KL at almost 12 pm, then straight away went to bakery shops and bought lots of stuff – chocolates, cake mix, drinks etc. After having fun like a kid in a toy store, we went to Berjaya Times Square for lunch and reached there at almost 4 pm. Wow, I haven’t been there in ages because majority of things have changed especially the food court. It’s so much better now and the best thing is that it’s located on the lower ground floor instead of the lonely 10th floor. I had Japanese teriyaki chicken bento. Surprisingly they’re quite cheap. And you have to use a prepaid card to pay for the food.

It actually taste quite good too except I’ve had better chawanmushi before at Yoshinoya. I miss yoshinoya which is no longer available in Malaysia πŸ™ Their chawanmushi was damn good – they had mushroom and crabs but then they toned it down but the price remained which upsets me. Now they’re completely gone. Blah. This chawanmushi had only 4 small pieces of crab sticks, that’s it. Bit disappointed.

Anyways, then I went to ‘Low Yat Plaza‘ and FINALLY bought myself the laptop table I’ve always wanted. I think this is like the 4th or 5th table. It has low quality built but what the heck. I found exactly the one I wanted after a long search. I wonder how come they don’t have any tables in my city until I have to go to KL to search for it. I hope this one will last longer than the ones I had.

I also bought a new modem router because my old one finally died, I think. It’s a Belkin and they said I have a lifetime warranty but I’m not gonna claim the warranty because it’s pretty outdated. Now I have a better modem router (D-Link) and it’s cheaper than Belkin. It’s working fine now and I finally can use my streamyx again. Even though I had streamyx so much because it’s so slow, at least it doesn’t have limited bandwidth. Unlike my P1 Wimax, even though the speed is good, but I only have 30Gb bandwidth a month. I wanna play second life again.

So we finally left KL at 6.15pm and got stuck in traffic jam for a bit. That’s one thing I don’t miss about KL – the massive traffic jam. But luckily after a while I accidentally found the highway back to Ipoh so we didn’t get delayed and left for Ipoh. However my uncle thought we’d visit a relative – we got lost and spent over an hour to search for the place only to find out they were not at home. :\ I was already too tired and sleepy and I had to stop at 2 different rest stops to take a quick nap. Plus it was drizzling so it was like a perfect weather to sleep.

Well I finally reached my home at almost 12 am. Had to speed a bit otherwise I’d fall asleep in the car. I was really sleepy and tired and my right knee was hurting like hell. Thank God there was no scary experiences on the highway like the last time except a couple of minor ones in Kl where I almost drove my car to hit other car. My mistake.

I spent the entire day today sleeping wtf. I had to wake up at night to go to class but now it’s 4 am and I’m wide awake. Gah. Oh well. is EVIL :(

May 30, 2011 at 9:47 PM


I declare Amazon to be very evil.

It seduced me with its discounts.


In my previous post, I mentioned that I bought like 7 DVDs.. that includes the box set which technically contains 8 seasons, so that’s like 14 DVDs in a day! My record. And I thought it would end there but somehow I couldn’t stop browsing amazon.. it’s like calling to me.. and to see all the cheap discounts compared to 2005 it made me go crazy wide-eyed hysterical.

So I bought more πŸ™

Here are some of new DVDs I bought:


This was a spontaneous decision. I miss the show πŸ™ It was hilarious. I wish they would release the rest of the seasons. I didn’t think of ordering this at first but when I saw the 66% discount and it’s quite cheap now so I had to get it. Apparently majority of TV series DVD are below 20 bucks now which makes me go crazy @_@



FAWLTY TOWERS $49.98 $23.99

This has got to be one of the best shows of all time. So fucking hilarious. John cleese is legend. I already have a bootleg copy of this but for the commentary and extra features, I’m willing to buy the original. Plus, it has 52% off! Half the price so must get.




Damon Wayans is one hilarious guy! I’d love to have Michael (his character) to be my dad, haha. I love this show.. wish they’d release more seasons. But thank God I ordered just in time before amazon ran out of stock and instead being sold by 3rd party seller now.. which can’t ship both season 1 and 2 to outside of the US. FUHH. I’m so happy.




Must get the second season too because it has 43% discount…




“Whatchoo talkin’ bout, Willis?”
Who could forget the late Gary Coleman and his infamous line? Haha. I never got the chance to watch this when it was on TV so I wanna watch it now. It’s cheap anyways.




Steve Urkel annoys me to hell but that’s what make him so hilarious haha. I remember watching him when I was a kid but I didn’t watch the whole season so since it’s also cheap now I decided to buy it.



THAT THING YOU DO! $19.98 $15.99

I actually added this the last minute. I LOOOOOOVE this movie. I’ve been looking for this for ages since my vhs tape can’t be played anymore cuz my vhs player is broken. When I saw this has the extended cut PLUS all the bonus features, I decided to get it. I can’t help myself.


Well, that’s what I bought yesterday/today. Argh. I gotta stop buying these damn DVDs. My mom is so gonna kill me when they arrives.. that’s like.. 21 DVDs in a week.. WTF. OH EM GEE. That’s gotta be my new record. Anyways. I can’t wait for these DVDs to arrive. I hope they arrives in good condition. I’ve been having a lot of troubles with so I hope no defective DVD or something. For this order I opted for priority shipping so it’ll arrive most probably in 4-6 days πŸ˜€

You can tell I’m one classic TV sitcom freak XD


Amazon, It Has Been So Long…

May 25, 2011 at 10:42 PM

Ahhhh… it’s been a while…

The last time I ordered anything from Amazon was in November and December of 2006. I want a lot of DVDs but I have no money to get them. However yesterday morning i was just browsing amazon’s website and was surprised to find that the DVD that I want is quite cheap!



Home Improvement has been one of my favorite all time tv shows since I was a kid. It’s the type of sitcoms from the 90s that I could never get bored of and you could never get this kind of comedy nowadays. I’ve been eyeing on this anniversary set since before its release (May 10th, 2011) and boy was I surprised when I looked at the price yesterday morning.

The original price is $129.99 but there was a $40 discount so it was $89.99!Β  I thought that was already a good deal considering buying all seasons individually would cost almost or over $200…but that’s not just it! Turns out amazon is giving ANOTHER $20 discount so technically it was just $69.99! Fuck, that was so cheap for 8 seasons! In 2006, I bought season 3 at $31.99 but now it’s $21.99 and season 5 at $30.99 when now it’s just $23.99.. grrr.

After conversion to my currency, the set cost RM214 instead of RM398.. if I buy individually would prolly cost RM500 – RM600…

So without any hesitation, I bought it with the thought that I can pay back when I get my pay… turns out I won’t get any because of some previous system error in payment… they paid me extra so now they’re retracting the extra amount paid which would be what I would receive this month pfffffft. All I have now would be debt in my credit card, fuck.

After ordering that, I was browsing a bit more and found out some DVDs are cheap as well! Argh. I hate discounts… so I had to get them :\ I got –

Growing Pains πŸ˜€

I actually have not seen this show.. the reason why I bought it because I’ve always wanted to watch the show since I was a big fan of Kirk Cameron. Original price $27.98 but it’s now $12.49 … that’s 55% discount :D!



Ok who doesn’t know ‘I love Lucy’ show..

I actually have yet to see it :\ It was probably on tv when I was young but I can’t remember a thing. So since the first & second seasons are both priced at $12.49 instead of $22.99 so I thought I’d get them too.. I LOVE Lucille Ball.. I find her hilarious from ‘The Lucy Show‘ which I want to get later, hopefully. Maybe in my next order.

Okay, I actually had a lot of problems with the order. I wanted to order something that’s not from amazon but fulfilled by them. Apparently I can’t choose expedited or priority shipping method if I order something not sold by amazon. Thanks for not letting me know that! I talked to the customer rep through online chat and boy did she fucking piss me off. She was stupid but at least she was nice.

After realizing that, I deleted one order from another seller and contacted the customer rep again and this time the rep was smart but quite rude. Rude as in he (I’ll assume it was a he) was rushing me.. Wouldn’t even wait 20 seconds for me to type my questions, didn’t even ask if there was anything else I wanted to ask and just said goodbye.. wtf. HOW RUDE. However, he did change to priority shipping even though my order was already in shipping process.. turns out I’d need like $120+ just for shipping alone! WTF. No way.

So I changed to expedited… it was like $70.. but would take 2 weeks+ to arrive πŸ™ I hate that. I always use priority but maybe my Home Improvement DVDs are too heavy. But then I received an email (because I also emailed them about changing shipping) and they changed my shipping back to priority argh. But told them to change back to expedited. So my items have been shipped πŸ˜€ Can’t wait.. it better not arrive ruined.

Apart from these above, I also ordered (separate shipment):

Sweet Valley High First Season DVD! OMG I’ve been wanting this for years since it was first released in March 2005.. but at that time it was priced at almost $25 I think, which was too expensive for me.. (or was it more?) But now it’s just $14.95 so just HAD to buy it. It’s part of my childhood. I was a huge fan of the sweet valley series.. I would read the book every night before sleep. However this was not sold by amazon and was the cause of my shipment problem.

Richie Rich! Gotta love Macaulay Culkin in this. I thought I’d get this because it’s just $4.99 from the original $14.98. Thought it’s quite a bargain. I could prolly get it at the same price or cheaper here but what the hell.

Dennis The Menace! I just loooove the kid. He’s so cute but annoying hehe This one is $4.99 too so I thought what the hell.

These 3 DVDs would prolly arrive like in a month or so because of the standard shipping.. I hope it’ll arrive in one piece.. :\


Anna Sui & Playboy Perfume Review & Mila AF4

April 10, 2011 at 11:42 PM

Like I always say, I have a lot that I want to post, lots of pictures I want to post but I never did. A lot of things keep happening that made me feel so lazy to blog nowadays. This is not cool. I bought my iMac with a hope that I will become more productive but unfortunately I become less and less productive! My hometown is starting to get to me. I feel lazy here. I don’t feel like doing anything here except sleep. It’s driving me insane because then I will get all depressed thinking about the time I’ve wasted in this dull city.


On April 3rd, I went shopping with my friend. We went to Ipoh Parade and at first I just wanted to look around because I’ve been spending thousands, yes, THOUSANDS in past couple of months (more like thousands in a month) so I’m really broke right now but who am I kidding? I can never go back home without even spending a buck on something x.x I decided to buy these: –


You see, I bought quite a cheap but really nice perfume a short while ago and after less than 5 use, it wouldn’t work! It won’t spray out the perfume.. wtf. So desperate, I went looking for another cheap perfume and found Playboy perfume for around RM45 which contains the perfume and deodorant in a box. There were 3 types – Play It Spicy, Play It Sexy & Play It Lovely.

The bottles are soooo cute!

I smelled Play It Spicy first and it was very nice! It does give the ‘spicy’ feel.. then I tried Play It Sexy, uh.. didn’t like it. It was a common smell to me and doesn’t even feel sexy with it.. but Play It Lovely is also very nice! I was basically torn between the two – Spicy and Lovely.. at last I decided to choose Lovely because it has a softer smell.. maybe soon I’ll get Spicy.

It also comes with a deodorant bottle (it’s in one box, but you can get them separately).

Then I went to a perfume store that we’ve never entered before. Didn’t even know there was a perfume store there carrying lots of different perfumes that we didn’t have before at the mall. Then I saw Anna Sui’s Flight of Fancy! I got to know the perfume from WenPink‘s entry. First thing that caught my eyes was the design of the bottle resembling a peacock… it’s very nice!

But it’s not just the look.. as soon as I tried the smell, I instantly fell in love with it! It has a very soft smell. Out of all the perfumes I tried, I liked this one the most. However there is one more fragrance that I really love – Hello Kitty for Woman!

I LOOOOVE the smell! I first tried this when there was a toys fair in PJ last year. If I’m not mistaken the ones for kids does not have alcohol? But I don’t like the smell for the kids.. but for woman it’s very nice! Kinda fruity-like smell. I wanted it badly. Unfortunately I couldn’t spend on both because then I’ll be extremely broke and I needed to go to KL so I decided to choose Anna Sui because there was only one bottle left, and there was a good discount. It was RM200 but I bought it for RM16x-ish.. I saw the perfume at Sasa store and they were selling it at RM180-ish.

So there goes my experience on purchasing my first expensive perfume haha. I can’t believe I haven’t bought my all time favorite yet – Lancome’s Hypnose. Maybe next time.

Also during that day, at another mall, we saw Mila AF! She was the winner of this extremely stupid Malaysian reality singing show called Akademi Fantasia that’s not even up to par with American Idol… no no no. It far worse. Anyways. I hate that show. Never cared about it but it was a surprise to know Mila was coming that night… all the fuss about her being very small are true! She is VERY SMALL! And she was even wearing high heels but still look very small. Her hair was bigger than her, I kept wondering if the hair would be too heavy for her haha.

It was still cool to see her.

Tesco Ipoh Is Slowly Turning Shit

January 28, 2011 at 2:01 AM

My January was off with a good start until this week. Oh man, my mom just pisses me off so badly that I feel I want to hang myself. It’s just so frustrating to talk to someone whose mindset is so conservative and stuck in the 50s and 60s. Someone who refused to get with the time. It’s just so damn frustrating when they don’t understand the way of life nowadays and insist that you follow their ways – back in the 60s. Fuck that shit.

2 days ago I was at Tesco, and I was buying quite a lot of groceries… I’m so disappointed with Tesco at the moment. It’s the only place to shop here in Ipoh for food, and guess what? I went to the ice cream section and it was EMPTY. That’s right EMPTY. There was only like 3 kinds of shitty ice cream. they’re prolly moving it somewhere, or something, because they just recently shifted things around and it’s so confusing, but at least have the decency to put a friggin NOTICE instead of letting me be excited, buying the whipped cream and chocolate syrup to eat with it only to find out their ice cream section is FRIGGIN EMPTY. Also almost all the time, when their stock is finished, it takes them a LONG time to restock. So good luck in finding what you want there. I’ve been wanting paprika (the cheap one from the packet) and it took them a month or so to restock.

Then comes the payment time. OH MY GOD. People were queuing up and it wasn’t even the weekend! It was on a Tuesday. I know Chinese New Year is coming up, but at least be considerate and open up MORE CASHIER COUNTERS. Jeebus cripes. Imagine this, there were …let’s say…if there was 15 counters, only 5 or so were opened minus the fast lane. There were long lines of queue and each one of them had a trolley FULL of STUFF. It’s even worst that the cashier is slow as fuck. Come on, they’re using those barcode scanner thing and not manually keying the price so it should be fast right? Well..I had 3 person before me, and it took almost an hour for my turn.. and when it was my turn she was so slow that I had to put all my stuff in the bags myself or else it would take like 20 minutes. And I didn’t even have that much of stuff to begin with. And this happens everytime I went there since I got back – which is 6 months ago. And my mom is old with a bad knees, standing for so long hurts her knees and there’s no fast lane for senior citizen?!

Tesco, pull yourself together and get your shit together. If only Giant hypermarket isn’t so far away in Tambun, it would be my new place to shop at.