Update On My Case With Fitness First

June 6, 2010 at 12:00 PM

Wow, surprisingly I’m connected to internet now. Before the internet dies again, I’m gonna blog a little just to update on my status with Fitness First.

After reading Larry’s comments in my previous post, I decided to call up my local bank to see if they can possibly reverse the charges. Unfortunately, they can’t. She stated that even if they try to file a complaint, it will be rejected as I have signed an agreement with FF to authorize them to use direct debit from my bank account even though I have told FF that I only authorize first month’s charge. I told my bank that it was a trick, and I was tricked into giving them my bank details because they forced the first month’s payment using my bank card since I don’t have credit card. Either that first transaction was automatically recorded into their system for easy direct debit by them or I was tricked into giving them my account number because I clearly remember refusing to give them my account details because I KNEW something this would happen. Usually it’s not a problem as I don’t have a lot of money in it, but can’t believe this time, when I have planned to go back to my hometown, the day the money from my paypal appears, they would ‘steal’ it.

What still pisses me off is that, I found out I was wrong. They didn’t charge me on the SAME day as I paid my May fees by cash (inclusive of RM15 penalty) but they already took the money THE DAY BEFORE. I realized the direct debit was on June 1st, and I paid the cash on June 2nd. WTF. The fact that they didn’t tell me both May and June are already paid and STILL took the cash from me the next day, is beyond me. It amazes me how the direct debit did not turn up in their system on the day I went there to pay cash.

Total amount paid to FF – RM585 (fuck, that’s a shitload of money gone within two days)

So the bank told me, no matter what, they can’t do anything. I have to discuss with Fitness First regarding my situation. Well…. I have no choice but to call FF again today.

I have a good news and a bad news. The good news is, after explaining my (first) case with the guy in FF, he said IT COULD BE REFUNDED. Wtf . When I called last Friday, the girl said it can’t be refunded. Okay,  now the bad news is…


Double WTF. I wouldn’t mind if I wasn’t broke, but I need to pay my bills and such. Urgh. And I don’t care about June’s fees.. they can take the RM185 out of the RM385 but refund my RM200 that I overpaid for May.

I also explained to him that when I went and requested them to freeze my account temporarily, they didn’t allow me because I need to settle my June’s fees when technically I’ve already paid for it. But he said now he can’t do anything because I still need to go there, fill up the form to request for the freeze. FML. FML FML FML. If that’s the case, then I’d still need to pay for July (because that means I can’t freeze for July) to be able to request for freezing of account for August and September. I obviously need those two months’ fees frozen because it’s going to be Ramadhan (fasting month) and then Eid Mubarak celebration 😀

Well he said I need to talk with the CA (or something) but that person is not working today as it’s Sunday so he will ask the CA to call me back tomorrow. So we’ll see how it goes. Funny thing is, no matter how many times I told them to change my wrong phone number that they have, yet each time they still state the old wrong number again. Hmph.

Well this problem is giving me a headache. So I’m gonna go do something else now before my internet dies. I am going out with my only friend here in my hometown today. Haven’t talked to her for AGES, so have a lot to bitch about with her. And my friend from KL will be dropping by tomorrow so hopefully can see her.

And shit, I think I’m getting too obsessed with Barry Evans/Jeremy Brown from Mind Your Language… 😆


June 4, 2010 at 9:18 PM

I am back in my hometown and it hasn’t even been a few hours and my usual chain of bad lucks already happening.

I am blogging from my phone because I have no internet. FML

I drove all along the highway about 180km with very limited visibility due to heavy rain. FML

The worst yet is this….

I was supposed to get some money from all the extra job I’ve done within the past few months through PAYPAL. It was supposed to be available in my bank account on 1st of June so in that day, I paid for my gym… RM200 including RM15 of late penalty. I wanted to freeze my gym account because I will be in my hometown. Unfortunately I also have to pay my fees for June to even be allowed to request for freezing account. So for May payment I borrowed from my mom and I thought I’d have my money in my account already. So later that day I checked and I was shocked to see that I only have 30% of what I was supposed to receive. I thought my money wasn’t in yet. I went back to my hometown without freezing my account.

Today I checked my transaction details and to my surprise the amount I was supposed to get WAS in my account on June 1st… For less than a minute and I was again shocked to see the word ‘direct debit‘ after it and 70% of that money was deducted. I got furious.


So I called up the bank to clarify and after speaking to a few people they said it could be my gym Fitness First that deducted that for their monthly fees. I was like WTF??? I paid every months by cash, what money would that be for? The officer was annoyed at me thinking that I’m too retarded to understand. I understood perfectly THANK YOU, and I just paid my fees so what’s the money for??

So after that I called up fitness first to clarify. My my, turns out they DID take my money WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION and didn’t even bother to tell me when I was there 2 days ago! They took my money to pay for May fees which I PAID ON THAT SAME DAY by cash and also June’s fees. Excuse me, I did not say I want to pay for June. It was only first of june, they deducted my money like they fucking own it and can do anything they like.

I told them I clearly said when I registered that I only authorize charge to my bank account FOR THE FIRST MONTH. I refused to give them my card at first and they insisted that they only take ATM card for first month payment and assured me they won’t auto debit after that. IT WAS JUST FOR THE FIRST MONTH ONLY. I guess I AM retarded for believing that. I knew gyms are scammers, but I didn’t expect FITNESS FIRST PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP would be tricking people too!

So technically I paid double my May fees plus June.. And she said they cannot refund so the extra is considered as july’s fees. I cannot accept this. I did not authorize it and I want my money back.

I am completely depressed about it. Basically I am now in my hometown with NO MONEY to buy food at all. That money is supposed to be used to pay back the money I owed my mom so now I can’t pay her back and she has zero cent until next pension check which is at the end of month because I borrowed her money and promised to pay her back when my money from paypal is in my account. STILL LONG WAY TO GO.

How could FITNESS FIRST do this to me? Will I be starving to death here? I haven’t cried or been this upset for months.. When I go back to my hometown there’s always something bad. I’ve worked so hard to get that little amount of money and been saving up for months until I have an emergency..now when I do and 70% of it is gone within minutes. How could I let this happen?

I am still hoping I’d get refunded back. If starvation doesn’t kill me soon, depression might. Or maybe my anger towards those scammers would consume me and I’d get too angry that my heart stops beating and my head explodes. Trust me  I WILL create chaos there if I don’t get my money back.

There are other things that happened today but I don’t want more depression from talking about it. I’ve had enough shits for today.

I really wish that I have someone with me right now, if not to help at least to lend me a shoulder to cry on. To console me when I am in a mess. This is the time when I miss my ex. Coming back here to be reminded of him makes my heart ache so bad.

…… FML.

A Short Rant

May 19, 2010 at 9:53 AM


This is gonna be a short rant but a fully detailed rant will be posted soon. Okay, I ordered my stuff from the US, and because I don’t have US address and the merchant doesn’t ship internationally to Malaysia, so I had to use my last resort – a mail forwarding service. I won’t reveal which company yet because that I will dedicate a whole new pissy angsty ranty post for that but right now I’m so pissed. One package made it to Malaysia but the other one is separated and I was told it has been shipped but NOPE, it hasn’t!

Now who are the fuckers who dared to lie to me??

Soon I will tell. But right now all I want is my packages to safely arrive to me.

It has been making me paranoid. The wait is killing me. Not knowing the status before it reaches a certain destination has been killing me.

On a different note, #GleeKL wrap up party this Friday night..should I go?! And there has been flash mobs for Glee last weekend and this also this coming weekend too… I wonder how it went. I decided not to check it out because eh.. no hype, no nothing.. I don’t even have any idea how it was gonna be done.. etc

Oh and I want PC fair to come soon -.- Need to flash drive/external drive as I’m running out of space pretty quickly!

Mega Sale 2009 Scam @ Jln Imbi & Danau Desa/Kuchai Lama

October 5, 2009 at 12:04 PM




When I was surveying my DSi price at Low Yatt, I was approached by this young innocent guy. Here, I’ll paste my story that I wrote at LYN forum:

I want to share my story.

Tonight I was about to go back from Low Yatt so I walked near the bridge and one young guy approached, saying I should open the Mega Sale 2009 card for fun. I might win discount price to buy electronic goods. I asked him if I have to pay for anything and he said no so I said what the hell..

I opened it and I have silver color..which means I have special prize. He was EXTREMELY shocked, omg, you should have seen his acting skill.. he should win an oscar! He said I might win a car or at least, minimum RM7,000.. he told me to call someone to confirm and she was shocked as well and told me to drive with the guy back to the office to claim the prize.

So I did. I kept asking him whether I have to pay for anything, which I won’t, and he kept insisting NO. He showed me a lot of newspaper clippings. Even said one of the companies is Genki (like Genki Sushi, wtf). Since it involves no money I said what the heck.

He even gave me to keep his IC as proof that he’s not lying to me. They disgust me. His acting was so trained and so good, he told me to call up Ms Liu or something, and now she has my phone number. Crap. He even asked me to treat him, or give him ang pau or money.. like above RM1000 wtf? I said if I really do win I’ll treat him dinner.. he was so happy.. he probably was hoping for a good free dinner tonight. Same with the lady, to give her ‘and pau’ and they keep reminding I won’t be like “kacang lupakan kulit“..waaaah

The office is the same as many others have mentioned, STARR HEALTHCARE (M) SDN BHD. Then there I was congratulated by a lady. Then they started explaining. Bla bla bla UNTIL the part where I heard I have to pay RM5,000 for the government tax. INSTANTLY in my head I said I KNEW IT! IT’S A FRICKEN SCAM. You know I nearly choked when I heard that amount. RM500 is still bearable but fucking RM5000? If I had that much, I would’ve spent it on a good cam or a good macbook.

I started to argue back. The list of prizes are:
1. Toyota car
2. Proton Perdana car
3. Another car
4. Plasma TV 42′
5. Jade Mattress
6. Trip to I forgot where or trade for cash RM15,000
7. Trip to I forgot where or trade for cash RM11,000
8. Trip to Japan or trade for cash RM9,000
9. Trip to Bali or trade for cash RM7,000

If IN CASE I don’t win, which she guaranteed me has never happened, they still would give you RM8000 as a compensation, as a ‘sorry for lying to you‘ to shut your mouth.

I kept arguing, WHY do I have to pay the money? I kept insisting I want to know the prize first so I can decide but they won’t let me unless I pay half. I said I don’t have money. She thought I’d have at least Rm1000 or RM 2000. I said I only have RM200 and they were shocked as hell haha. They are trying to scam a poor student. They kept asking me if I”m lying and I said I might have RM600 and they asked me to withdraw ALL! I said WTF how am I gonna survive if I emptied my bank account?! They keep insisting I PAY. I kept thinking… that’s my fricken Nintendo DSi money, there’s no way I’m paying these scammers my DSi money!

I kept arguing and arguing WHY I can’t see the prize first.. they said if I won the car I’d run away.. I said if I won the money, you can take the RM5000 from the winning and I’d at least have RM2000.. nope, cannot. I said I’m not gonna pay first no matter what until I see my prize. It’s the usual shit – 15 mins all the stuff will arrive, bla bla, call factory bla bla. You know why? Because all those things don’t exist, you are for SURE to get the Jade mattress (their own product), which they claimed to be about RM 7000…which is BS. It probably cost few hundreds only.. They’ll help you sell it if you don’t want it but you give them commission. I told them I’ll take anything EXCEPT the Jade mattress. I think they’re starting to know that I’m starting to doubt them. Actually I was still in a confused state but I didn’t want the mattress, it’s a shitty prize.. the only SHIT prize compared to others.. I didn’t want it. If the mattress wasn’t in the list and replaced with a better prize, it would look less suspicious.. but instantly I knew that if a shit prize is there, that’s gonna be their trick. I know this, I used to handle lucky draw at college haha..so I know the trick. If their draw box actually have other prizes, it would be one coupon/paper/ball/card for each prize, and the mattress would have a million coupon.. so the ratio to win other prize is like 1 from 10000000000000… I had a strong feeling their trick will be the cheap mattress…..I guess that saved me from making hasty decisions or blinded by the other wonderful non-existent prizes.

I was pissed and said to the young boy YOU TOLD ME I DON”T HAVE TO PAY! He said he ‘forgot’ until the lady mentioned it. Sheesh. The way they pressured me was so intense, they’ll keep twisting their words around until you go blur. But hah, they don’t know I’m not easy to fall for this scam. Well anything that involves money. I told them I”m calling my mom. They got so pissed at me haha.

He even said that I’d put RM300 deposit first and register my name, but I still won’t get to see the prize until i pay at least Rm1100. I was like WTF? YOU’RE ASKING ME TO PAY DEPOSIT FOR REGISTERING MY NAME? All sorts of bullshit. But the more I argue, the more their lie is out in the open.. At last I called my mom she said no, so I went back.

At least now I know how to get to Danau Desa haha. They think I”m so stupid. Please, if you come across people like this, PLEASE THINK CAREFULLY.. actually if you think carefully they’ve already secretly hinted you that you’re about to be scammed, just that you are too excited to win a car prolly you ignore it.

The suspicious things:
– Why I can’t see the prize and have to pay
– They claimed only 200 of these ‘lucky card’ distributed in malaysia, then how would others in other state claim their prize if the prize is in the factory that’s 15 mins away? 200 cards but just a few prizes?
– RM5000 for brandless things? Come on.
– Never heard before company like Yusho and Kenko.
– The way they pressure you and acting all creepy, that you HAVE to pay that night and withdraw whatever you have.
– Suspicious winner photos and news article (PLEASE read the article carefully)

Beware. They were so many of them. All races. They will start to get so frustrated if you keep arguing and questioning them. and NEVER say you have money.

Here’s the address I was given to:

5-1-8, Jln 3/109F,
Taman Danau Desa,
58100 KL.

01202241076 – Say Yee

They’ve been at the Times Square area (Jln Imbi) for sooooo long already. Somebody need to do something to shut down this scammers once and for all!

I feel like burning the building. I feel like lodging a police report. These people need to be stopped. They’ve been around for years and years.


EDIT//UPDATE// August 2nd, 2010 //

Hi. It’s been almost a year after this entry has been posted and I feel sorry for those who unfortunately fell for these evil scammers. These motherfuckers are still doing their job scamming people everywhere, and there are still people who were unfortunate enough to fall for it. Of course, nobody would look up about this, or know about this unless you’ve became a victim. Even I haven’t heard of this until I almost became a victim myself.

So to those who paid some money to these motherfuckers, the solution now is to lodge a police report, and make sure you keep any papers you received from them (receipt, agreement, name card, address, phone numbers) and lodge a complaint report to MALAYSIA CONSUMER TRIBUNAL/TRIBUNAL TUNTUTAN PENGGUNA MALAYSIA as soon as possible! I have heard people winning their cases and getting their money back. But you have to act fast before the fuckers pack their things up and move to another office, taking your money with them. Also if you received the mattress (or any shitty prize from them.. if you won a car, oi, keep it lol unless it’s a stolen car) do not open or resell the prize (or hope to). Nobody would buy an unknown mattress for more than RM5000 (or whatever amount you paid) unless you know a dumb person who would.

Here are the address and links to help you get your money back at the tribunal. Hopefully you’ll get your money back, and that you’ve learned your lesson. Good luck!

Malaysia Consumer Tribunal / Tuntutan Tribunal Pengguna Malaysia

Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna Malaysia,
Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan,
Aras 5, Podium 2,

No. 13,Persiaran Perdana, Presint 2,
62623 Putrajaya.

Talian Bebas Tol/Toll Free Line: 1-800-88-9811

Tel    : 03-8882 5822

Faks  : 03-8882 5831

Kuala Lumpur Branch

Ketua Seksyen,
Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna Malaysia,
Tingkat 16, Putra Place,
100, Jalan Putra,

TEL:  03-4042 4181 / 4042 4194

FAKS: 03-4042 4259

Other Tribunal branches in Malaysia

Online report @ e-Aduan: http://e-aduan.kpdnkk.gov.my/

e-Tribunal: e-Tribunal


EDIT//UPDATE//June 28th, 2011//

Hi guys. Unfortunately from all the latest comments, it seems that people are still getting scammed and they’re still operating. These fuckers have no shame and they will never stop. So I decided that since they can’t be stopped, we need to create awareness. Please join and ‘LIKE’ the facebook page I created so we can share stories, information and anything to help create more awareness.

PLEASE JOIN AND LIKE THE FACEBOOK PAGEhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Mega-Sales-Scratch-and-Win-Scam-Awareness-Group/124559840961106?sk=wall

Hopefully we can create awareness that will stop more people from getting scammed of their hard earned money. Thank you!