The Ups & Downs of Life: My Dear Nikko

October 24, 2010 at 12:41 AM

This past few days has been a huge trial for me.

I want to believe it’s a blessing in disguise but I fail to see the positive side of it so far.

If you’ve seen my facebook or twitter, and you’ll know what’s been happening with me. My cat Nikko is sick. He’s now at the vet and I miss him very, very, very much. Let me tell you the whole story.

Last Monday, Nikko was very sick. He suddenly collapsed and could barely walk, and he just slumped against the water bowl. He couldn’t eat, drink, pee or crap. He was like a zombie and wasn’t responding. At first I thought he’d get better but when he wasn’t,, I got paranoid. I googled and found out that he might have kidney stone and if i don’t take him to the vet within 24-48 hours, he might …. you know.

I panicked.

So on Tuesday, took him to the government vet at 8.30 am. I DESPISE anything government-related. Clinics, school, vet, all of them. Not only was I panicking about Nikko after a guy told us he might die (fuck him), we had to wait hours just to see the vet! I think we waited for like 5-6 hours or so, wtf. We had to wait for the vet to treat other cats… so imagine how long whatever treatment or surgery you’d need per cat times 4 or 5 cats. By the time I get to see the doc, it was only for a fricken 5 minutes. Why?

Because the place lack the facilities and they couldn’t do anything.

Oh God. We waited 5 hours only to be told that? Why not see us earlier and tell us that so we can find a private clinic?? Apparently Nikko couldn’t pee at all, and the doc said he needs a ‘surgeon’, a specialist with facilities to ward him and monitor him.. if I decide to continue with him (the doc), he could only force the ‘pee’ out but it’s 50-50 chance. My heart was crushed into bits. He offered me to sign the consent form. I was so scared and so sad. I decided to find a specialist and not give up.

Now luckily, just about 10 minutes away, there’s a clinic called ‘Goh Animal Clinic & Surgery‘ that I found while googling on my BB while waiting earlier. I heard people say it’s expensive and frankly, I didn’t care anymore. I was already bawling my eyes out, expecting the worse. But the doc took Nikko in, checked him, and well.. gave me all the bad news regarding his problem. He however, has the facilities… so he gave him the drips and hospitalize him. They checked his blood and his creatinine level is extremely high. Like ridiculously high. So again, it’s 50-50 chance. He has to check him for 3 or 4 days, and if the creatinine level goes down than Nikko’s kidney is still functioning but if not.. you know.. and looking at how high the level was, it didn’t seem good at all……

3 days later doc told me his creatinine level has gone down a bit 🙂 You have no idea how happy I am right now to hear that positive news. You have no idea how early I’ve been waking up this past few days just to pray for 3-5 hours so that he’ll recover so I’m happy that my prayers has been answered and my buckets of tears didn’t go to waste. Doc said he was very critical, and today (Saturday) Nikko was responding to me a bit made me feel a tiny bit better.

He is still quite critical though… doc warned me that in cases like this, the heart can stop anytime, God forbid. While I’m happy about the positive news, I’m still living in fear. I just hope there will be some more miracles from God. I really miss him. He’s not just a cat. Like all my 2 other cats, they’re like human family members. I’ve been with them for 5-6 years. They’re part of me and my life. To lose a cat is like losing a human family member. My house right now is so dull and quiet. Nikko is the only one that would ‘meow’ all through the night. He would wake us up at 5 am. He would sleep on my pillows. He would kiss me. He would be goofy. He would be extremely cute and innocent when he made a mistake. He’s the only playful cat in my family.

He’s the man of the house, haha.

So yeah, it feels so different without him here. And it breaks my heart even more that he seems so different at the vet… maybe he’s too traumatized that he no longer acts like his old jovial self. No matter what, I’m praying for him to get better. I seriously can’t handle anymore stress, depression and sorrow in my life right now. ‘Someone’ bought him for me, and I threw that ‘someone’ out of my life… but not Nikko. It’s enough that only that ‘someone’ broke my heart. Oh the bad lucks I’m having now…

I also hope Nikko doesn’t need operation as the doc suggested because it might cost me 1k to 2k. But the doc is very nice. Everytime I see him I’d end up chatting and laughing with him. He also told me the truth, and isn’t forcing on anything. Should anything happen, I’d still be relieved that Nikko was sent to an (expensive) specialist, and I’ve tried my hardest to save and treat him. Gosh, luckily I have my loan refund money…if not .. 🙁

On another note, due to the stress and depression this past week, I’ve been eating a lot. I think I’ve gained. I feel fat too. I need my pills. If you keep asking “are diet pills safe?” I’ll say I don’t give a damn anymore I read all about diet tablets and I rather die thin than die obese with all problems relating to obesity. I need to see my dermatologist.. but I’m too scared to drive to KL…

Off to play with my Nintendo DSi now… I’m on vacation today until tomorrow with my ‘girlfriend’ Nene in Love Plus+. Next weekend vacation with Rinko. Oh see how pathetic my life is right now? I’m having a vacation with my virtual girlfriend… I need a life and a boyfriend pronto.

Wow I haven’t been online or on my laptop for almost a week due to depression about the whole Nikko thing… must be a new record for me.

Screw Celcom

September 22, 2010 at 7:51 AM

I’m so behind in my post. I have like bazillions of pending blog posts to write in here but I need time. 🙁 I’ve been so busy finishing my personal projects, and by the time I have time for a break, I get so tired that I end up sleeping. Right now I’m working on my Glee fansite and it’s gonna take a while because it’s a fansite, not just a community like my TVD Coven. So a lot of works to do.

I’m pissed that my phone line is barred again. I didn’t pay for 2 months (yes I know!) and the bill skyrocketed to RM358. I paid RM300 to re-activate my line again and left the RM58 because I thought hey, only 50 bucks. I don’t think they mind. Before I made a switch to Celcom (our telco), I was on Maxis and DiGi. They didn’t mind a small balance being brought to the next month but NOOOOOO, NOT CELCOM. Fuck Celcom. I don’t know if it’s because I’m on Blackberry plan or what, but after around 2 weeks of re-activating my line, IT’S FUCKING BARRED AGAIN TODAY. The lady at Celcom called me on Monday and reminded me that I have 58 bucks left to pay.. and she agreed to give me time but fucking liars. FIFTY FUCKING EIGHT BUCKS. With Maxis or DiGi, I could still have a balance of RM100 and my line would still be activated. Geez.

Well time to get back to work. I’m thinking of going to KL this Friday so I could kick some ass at college…but seems like mom is not giving me the green light. I’ll blog about this a bit later. I’m getting pissed just thinking about it now but can’t get distracted.

¡Viva España! FIFA World Cup 2010

July 14, 2010 at 1:55 AM

I wanted to blog this sooner but I fucked my sleeping pattern so I’ve been tired but YEAAAAAAAHHHH! Spain won the World Cup 2010! It’s still fresh news right?

It’s weird to care about it. I wasn’t into the world cup earlier. The last time when I was really into world cup was in 2002 when Brazil won. I was supporting Brazil all the way, and I had my online friend to talk to about the world cup so it kept me interested..

The only picture of me during FIFA world cup 2002 that I
could find at internet wayback machine. I’m not sure
if I still have my old webcam pictures… 🙁

…but 4 years after that, I was in Japanese school, didn’t really care. My Japanese school life was killing me. Now for this year, I didn’t care UNTIL the match between Germany & Argentina. Usually I’d just check out the score the next day. I was shocked that Brazil lost! That day I hung out with my friend, and somehow she texted me about the game after, and I started to watch it.. luckily local tv was showing it live. Then I got more and more interested because I had someone to talk to about it.. and kept my interest going. Unfortunately, the next match on that day between Spain & Paraguay wasn’t shown live here, so I was texting with my friend to keep me updated with the score. At that time, I still didn’t have my internet.

Celcom, my cellphone telco, had this limited edition world cup
bear and it was only RM10! So I went and grabbed my ‘Bearzil’
even though that morning, Brazil lost. 🙁

Argentina vs Germany – I was rooting for Argentina! My friend too.. but when Germany kicked their ass like no other, we were shocked, and pissed O_O Then Spain won, so that’s something good. I hated Germany for kicking Argentina’s ass.

Germany vs Spain – This was shocking! Haha and it was so much fun. A lot of people were rooting for Germany, and some were sure Germany would win. Yes, there has been predictions on Spain but come on, Germany kicked Argentina’s ass with 4-0 score.. so it’s not impossible they could kick Spain’s ass…luckily they couldn’t! Haha! 😀 I was so happy Spain made it to the final! Nobody cared about the match between Germany & Uruguay… I mean like, whatever right? Don’t really care who won.. but Germany did so whatever lol.

The Final Match: Netherlands vs Spain

Oh God, it was the most intense match I have ever seen! The match was aired at 2.30 am Malaysia time, so I was screaming and shouting in the middle of the night… it was nerve-wrecking when no team has scored and they had to add extra time! And it was even shocking how the Dutch played the game! They played it dirty.. they played it rough.. they lost their integrity. Seems like they don’t want to be respected for playing good, but just want the damn cup. The most shocking part was the super kung fu/karate/ninja kick to Alfonso’s chest by De Jong!

That was just super brutal, dude! The worst tackle ever. Poor Alfonso. If it was a kick to the knee or ankle, that’s normal.. but the CHEST?! He’s lucky that he’s still breathing. He might be suffering a broken rib though. What pisses everyone off is that, the stupid fucking referee only gave De Jong a YELLOW CARD? That should have been a damn RED CARD! Shame on you, De Jong. This match was also the only match that I’ve seen with so many yellow cards given! 14 yellow cards! And 1 red card. It was so annoying that every few minutes, there’d be something happening… either Holland played rough or Spain made a bad tackle.

Haiyaaaah!!! Feel my super kick of furrrryyyy Alfonso-san!!!


Haha I’m sure you’ve heard of him… the psychic German octopus!

Even though I’m not supposed to believe all this psychic mambo jumbo.. but I can’t help but be amazed that out of 8 matches (7 involving Germany, and one for the final), he got all 8 predictions right! Apparently he first displayed clairaudience symptoms as a kid – and has been predicting stuff ever since. He even predicted that Spain would win the cup, but after almost 2 1/2 hours of no goal, I was starting to doubt Paul until few minutes before extra time ends, and Iniesta scored a goal! I was like omg Paul was right hahaha. If I had bet a lot of money on Spain, I’d be rich by now! So to honor Paul and his super psychic power & prediction /sarcasm, I promised not to eat octopus for a month haha.

Now I know why people with heart attack are not recommended to watch world cup … at least not alone. I nearly got a heart attack every time they tried to score a goal but the ball ended up close, soooo damn close.

Well world cup is over, I need to get back my normal sleeping pattern. Let’s see if I can still gain interest in the next FIFA WC in 2014.. it’s gonna be held in Brazil so I hope Brazil will win!

Channel [V] replaced by FOX

June 17, 2010 at 3:24 AM

Sorry I haven’t been blogging for few days. My connection was nice to me for 2 days, few days ago and was connected almost for the whole day, and whole night.. then it just won’t connect at all until today. So currently I have to use my phone as modem.

Now this is rant blog.

If you’re ASTRO subscriber (Pay per view satellite television network station) you would have noticed that a new channel FOX is now available (and FXHD for Astro B.yond). I have no problem with FOX because in US, it’s the channel that brings GLEE. However, I’m just speechless and absolutely appalled that it turns out, Channel [V] is no longer available to be replaced with FOX. HOW FUCKING INSANE.

This is so like the previous case. Hundreds people signed a petition when BBC Entertainment was pulled off because their contract with Astro ended. We were pleading for BBCE to be reinstated as it was the ONLY dedicated British channel. It was replaced with BIO which is absolutely useless. BIO could not replace the awesomeness that is BBCE. But no, Astro didn’t care.  Still no BBCE… which means no Dr. Who for me, or British comedies like Little Britain, Fawlty Towers etc. However shortly after that, they introduced Granada TV. Now it’s currently a ‘preview’ channel, and it can be axed anytime. Even though Granada is not as awesome as BBCE was, at least there’s still a dedicated British channel available. I have also heard about BBCE being axed because the government thinks it’s too ‘foreign’. WTF. That’s ridiculous! I would start cussing now but I don’t want the corrupted government to arrest me like some other bloggers.

Now why the fuck did they axe Channel [V] that has been on air for like 13 (or 14) years?? I loved Channel V. It is one of the earliest channels available back in 1998 when I first subscribed to ASTRO. I was a loyal viewer back then. Most of my day was spent watching (and dancing to) music in channel V and MTV Asia. Now there’s only MTV left. Only ONE music channel? No, you cannot include ASTRO HITZ as it’s shit. It’s a channel by Astro, what do you expect?

Now FOX, currently the programs line up SUCKS to the core. The only show I would watch is Family Guy. Other than that?

Smallville – overplayed. It has been on so many channels, repeated, and basically I’m sick of it. I don’t like an hour drama except for Glee because it’s funny, at least. Don’t care if it’s latest season or what.
The Simpsons – OVERPLAYED. I know Simpsons is like one of the greatest cartoons of all time, but it has been on few channels before and now it’s on FOX? I’m getting sick of it.
Bones – was on STAR World.
NCIS – Still available on AXN.
Cops – Urgh. Hate this. Was on STAR World.
Flash Forward – boring.
Lie To Me – boring.

Some people who do enjoy these kind of shows would be jumping for joy. I enjoy sitcoms. When I laugh, I forget my problems.

Of course, FOX is new in Malaysia..maybe after a while, there’d be more shows, but I miss my variety of music. MTV doesn’t ALWAYS play music. Sometimes it’s those stupid shows about spoiled, bratty teens showing off like Super Sweet 16 or Teen Crib.

I’ve been whining and complaining and ranting in Astro facebook. Now, people may be annoyed with me, but I don’t care. This is not free service. I feel that every paying customer deserve to speak out. Should I even mention how often ads appears now? Like every few minutes… it’s starting to feel like free TV. What the hell am I paying for if I can’t even enjoy uninterrupted shows WITHOUT SUBS? Oh God, I used to think ASTRO was heaven sent because it had no subs, but I was dead wrong. Subs are hard coded. You can’t turn it off. That feature is available to selected shows only. It’s ANNOYING having to watch and get distracted by malay subs all the time that doesn’t even translate correctly. I’m not saying my english is perfect, but I work hard everyday trying to improve myself. I won’t improve myself if I can just read the subs. If you’re speaking to real people, can you ‘read’ the sub? Can you get translator?? At least, make the subs switchable where I can turn it on or off. That’s all I’m asking.

EDIT// Sub is NOT to remind you of the national language. That’s just the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Some people misunderstood me. I want OPTION to switch off sub, NOT demolish sub entirely.

Should I even mention the unfair package offer? For example, we only have one Japanese channel – NHK World Premium. Now it’s part of Dynasty package. If I just want to watch NHK, I have to subscribe to the WHOLE package including chinese channels that I have no interest in. For one channel, I have to pay a HUGE amount for the package. Is this fair? This is not PAY-PER-VIEW type of subscription, it’s PAY-PER-PACKAGE.

I could go on and on.. but what’s the point? It’s a problem you have to face when you have company monopolization. I’d terminate my subscription instantly if there’s another alternative, but no. None.

Fright Night Remake – WTF!

June 12, 2010 at 5:17 AM

Ok, I”m a little late but I’ve just heard that they’re remaking FRIGHT NIGHT.

I DESPISE remakes of the classic horror movies. I hate them. They always butcher the classic. Till this day, I have yet to find a good remake of a classic horror film. I was shocked to know that they’re remaking one of my fave classic 80’s vampire flicks of all time – FRIGHT NIGHT. WTF. Not Fright Night too! -___-

Fright Night is a teen vampire flick (oh no, do NOT think of Twilight) that tells the story of Charley Brewster (William Ragsdale) who is a big fan of Peter Vincent, a TV celebrity who host a show called ‘Fright Night’ and calls himself The Vampire Killer. One night he saw something suspicious about his new neighbor, and eventually believes that his neighbor is a vampire. His gf Amy (Amanda Bearse) and his buddy Evil Ed (Stephen Geoffreys) don’t believe him of course. So trying to stop their friend’s crazy imagination, they asks the help of Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall) to prove to Charley that Jerry Dandridge (Chris Sarandon) is not a vampire but found out the truth.. so later Jerry would kidnap Amy, and Charley and Peter join forces to stop the vampire once and for all and save Amy.

Now, I fear how they’re gonna butcher this movie in the remake which will be shown 2011. HOWEVER… I have heard that DAVID TENNANT will be playing Peter Vincent. OMG. If David is playing, no matter how shitty the movie is, I’ll love it!

I abso-fucking-lutely LOVE David Tennant. He’s totally fuckable. He’s well known as the 10th Doctor from the series Dr. Who, and also appeared as a villain in the Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire. Absolutely adore his Scottish accent ;D

Now the thing is, I don’t know how well he’s going to portray Peter Vincent.. well I can imagine him being in that character though, because he was good in Dr. Who but  Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Evil Ed?!?!?! SERIOUSLY?? Don’t get me wrong, I like him but seeing him in Superbad and Role Models, he’s so totally not Evil Ed. Stephen Geoffreys was awesome as Evil Ed (he’s also fricken cute, was a fan of him for few years since I was 10, ignoring the fact that he went and did gay porn -__- ), and the character is a bit wacky and crazy, badass, innocent, funny etc.. Chris as badass? Uhhhh……. Oh no, I so cannot see Chris playing as Evil Ed x____x

CUTTTEEEEYYY.. You’re so cool, Brewster!

Evil Ed’s lines that became catch phrases in the 80’s – “To what do I owe this dubious pleasure?” & “You’re so cool, Brewster!“. You see, Evil Ed is special. He’s not ordinary. He seems like a badass, but not.. he also seems innocent and you want to pity him.. you won’t understand what I’m talking about if you haven’t seen the movie. Now all those characteristics are going to be portrayed by —-

— him?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??. Like seriously! I’m speechless. I mean come on, out of all actors in the world, HIM? No offense.. but urrrrghh. I just can see him as ‘nerdy, dorky, geek, loser, goofy, klutz, mentally challenged, funny, slow’ kind of characters.. but NOT Evil Ed X____X Like, this article also agrees that “EVIL ED WOEFULLY MISCAST IN FRIGHT NIGHT REMAKE“. Maybe they’re rewriting the character to be different.. 🙁

And Collin Farrell as Jerry Dandridge the vampire?? Hmmm.. I have doubts, because Chris Sarandon had this some sort of sexy seductive look as all vampires should have that totally can make you swoon… so Collin Farrell? Hmmmmmm………….. I have no comment on the actor that’s going to play Charley Brewster.

Well, I just can’t wait to see David as Peter Vincent.. it would be veeeeeeeery interesting 😀 The only thing I can look forward to because they killed Evil Ed..  Unless they make him look very old just like Roddy McDowall’s version of Peter Vincent then uh.. rotten tomato anyone?


Roddy McDowall as Peter Vincent (right) = NOT YUMMAAY

I feel like watching Fright Night now.. wow surprisingly my broadband is still connected for like 3 hours now.. oh and suddenly I just remembered that my friend mentioned paying for car insurance reminded me that I need to renew my driving license this month.. NOTE TO SELF! Oh and buy some mosquito repellent mats.

Oh yeah, football/soccer fever has started! .. Too bad I’m no longer interested in football like I used to be when I was younger..