Auto Blogwalking Software

June 3, 2012 at 5:50 PM

auto blogwalking softwareLately I’ve been getting a lot of messages from ‘visitors’ leaving their ‘mark’ in my cbox tagboard. At first, it was awesome, because visitors actually took time to leave a message and usually when people leave a message in my tagboard, I’d exchange a click back to their site. If they have a nice blog, I’d bookmark and come back again.

But then I’ve noticed a strange pattern. More and more messages in my tagboard but they didn’t sound ‘real’.. their message sound so constructed and sometimes funny and irrelevant to my blog. They started to sound FAKE. Then I realized another thing.. the growing number of tagboard messages have one thing in common – URL. Like I said, I do click the links to give them a traffic back to their site but I noticed that post after post that they all have SHORTCUT URL in them.

Now why is that?

If you’re a genuine visitor, blogwalking and leaving a tagboard message is a good SEO for your site. You get traffic back, and some new visitors. If your content is good, then you’ll have your own followers and if your blog is popular, Google would love to rank your blog high. But why a short url? Like type of URL. Why would they hide their real URL?

Then I made some research.

Fucking cheaters.

Fucking losers.

I found out that there’s a thing called ‘AUTO BLOGWALKING‘ software/tool that lets you create a message and let the tool SPAM tagboards without you actually visiting the site. WTF. Now blasting your REAL URL to thousands and thousands of tagboards would lead to suspected banning hence why the need to use short URL instead of your website URL. THAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING.

And the makers of this blogwalking softwares? Malaysians. That explains why some messages were in malay, which was why I thought they were genuine.

I also found out the tools aren’t free either… they’re expensive!

I hate when people SPAM. So now I don’t ever click links that have short URL again. I know now that they didn’t even visit me – they just used a bot to do all the dirty work for them. Well.. for one thing, as a struggling affiliate & internet marketer, there’s something in me that says wow, this is a good opportunity to blast my URL to thousands of websites while I sit back and enjoy the traffic coming in and the income rolling. But as a blog owner, it devalues my credibility and quality of this site that I own. I have been blogging in this domain since 2006 – that’s roughly 6 1/2 years ago. For a good 6 years, I’ve kept this blog low profile. Sort of. Only this year when I’ve decided to become a full time internet marketer that I’ve decided to try some experiments to gain traffic to this site and I’ve been happy with the results.

But when people use automated softwares to do their job with hopes of getting EASY MONEY and EASY TRAFFIC while you sit back and enjoy the show, I despise them. Because there’s no such thing as easy money. And my blog and my tagboard is NOT a place for advertisement so I have enabled CAPTCHA to avoid more spammers. If you genuinely want to advertise your website, or receive a return click from me from doing a genuine blowalking to my site, feel free to post it.

503 Service Temporarily Unavailable & Dreamhost

May 17, 2012 at 6:51 AM

503 Service Temporarily Unavailable……

I hate this dreaded error message!


Internal Server Error  

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.  Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.  More information about this error may be available in the server error log.  

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

I had this error yesterday and if you visited this site yesterday evening, you probably saw the error message too. That was the 2nd time it happened. You know how it happened? Failed update attempt for wordpress plugins. I don’t know why the same thing happened again. I was just updating the plugins from the wordpress update panel, all seemed okay. So after that, I clicked to go back to plugins page and it gave the 404 page not found. So I clicked back, and redid the updating and this time, when I clicked to go back to plugins page then BAM, the stupid error comes up.

I had to contact dreamhost support because last time they fixed it for me. Said something about my database being almost entirely wiped out. So later that night, I got a response from dreamhost explaining my problem. Such customer service really comes in handy, when you need it most. Which is why I recommend reading many Web Hosting Hub Reviews to get a bird’s eye view on these guys.

Turns out the problem was caused by 2 bad lines in my .htaccess file. There were 2 lines that say “Deny from” but there is nothing after that statement to deny so this is causing a syntax error in my .htaccess and Apache is stopping after that error. So they fixed it and all is fine again!

Thank you Dreamhost, my hosting company. I have been with them since my birthday in 2005.. so that’s over 7 years.. and of course there has been some downtime here and there but their service has been top notch and efficient. I love Dreamhost.

Proton Prevé – Seriously??

April 18, 2012 at 4:27 AM

So Monday night we saw the launching of the new Proton car. Finally we get to see the car after being teased months after months. My first reaction was ‘SERIOUSLY’?

It’s called – Proton Prevé. SERIOUSLY? “Prevé“???

The car looks alright – I mean typical proton look. Nothing new. Nothing to ‘wow’ about. But the thing that I wanna touch is the name itself. Proton Prevé??

Seriously, who thought up that name? Am I the only one who thinks the name is such an epic fail? That the name is the UGLIEST sounding name for a car? All of Proton cars before this had nice sounding name – Perdana, Persona, Savvy, Satria, Saga, Inspira.. what the hell happened? Prevé??

They said the name Prevé comes from the word ‘preeve’ which means to prove. Or in Spanish it means ‘to envision’.

I DESPISE the name. I seriously do. It’s just not suitable as a car’s name in my opinion. That’s just sad.

Interior wise.. it’s bland and boring. Even with all the cool gadgets and features like push button start, GPS, wifi in car etc but why do they have to make it look so bland and ugly?

Who is this meant for? 50 year old and above? It looks so ..retro. I don’t like it but if you do, that’s cool. Maybe because I’m a girl and I prefer a nicer looking interior. Maybe that’s why I hate cars like Mercedes and BMW. They have ugly boring interior as if it’s meant for 50 year old dudes and above only.

The only compensation would be the cool features they added in. I LOVE push start button. As a girl with a bag full of junks, digging for keys out from the bag every time is so troublesome.


BtJunkie Shuts Down In Fear. RIP BtJunkie.

February 7, 2012 at 3:00 PM

The effect of megaupload shut down is massive. Now, one of the most popular torrent sites, BtJunkie has shut down in fear.

The Megaupload shutdown has claimed another victim. BitTorrent indexing site BTJunkie has closed up shop.

Visiting currently displays a blank page with nothing more than “btjunkie 2005-2012” and a brief notefrom the founders.

“This is the end of the line my friends. The decision does not come easy, but we’ve decided to voluntarily shut down,” they wrote. “We’ve been fighting for years for your right to communicate, but it’s time to move on. It’s been an experience of a lifetime, we wish you all the best!”

The company did not specifically address why it opted to shut down, but in an interview with TorrentFreak, BTJunkie’s unnamed founder said the threat of legal action was a main reason. “Witnessing all the trouble colleagues got into was cause for a lot of worry and stress, and those will now belong to the past,” TorrentFreak wrote.

The blog noted that BTJunkie was reported to the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) in November, the MPAA and RIAA list it as a “rogue” Web site (like those targeted by SOPA and PIPA), and it is censored by Google over piracy concerns.

Last month, the Justice Department shut down for massive copyright infringement. Several of its executives were arrested and they face up to 50 years in prison on various charges.

In the wake of that takedown, multiple cloud-based services altered their services – shutting downfile-sharing options, eliminating upload rewards, or cutting off access to U.S. users.

In a January roundup of the most popular torrent sites, TorrentFreak said BTJunkie landed at number five.

The number-one site on that list was The Pirate Bay. Last week, Sweden’s Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal from the site’s founders, who were found guilty of copyright infringement in 2009.


Why do sites that I use often are now no longer available? Argh. This frustrates me to no end. Thank you America for destroying the internet for the rest of the world. This bites. I hate starting over. It took me a long time to get used to btjunkie after the shut down of RIP BtJunkie. It was fun while it lasted.

Who’s next?

Megaupload Taken Down & Internet Retaliate. STOP SOPA/PIPA.

January 20, 2012 at 10:20 AM

Ok WTF AMERICA?? You have crossed the line!

Megaupload, the popular and most used file sharing website has been taken down today and now internet users are pissed off. Anonymous started retaliating and gave major websites including the FBI, WMG, MPAA, RIAA etc all taken down today in the largest DDOS attack. But is that enough to make an impact? No I don’t think so unfortunately. It’s enough to make them notice but I don’t think it would make them fear to actually stop proposing SOPA & PIPA legislation.

This sucks. Internet censorship should NOT happen!

I guess this is what the end of world 2012 meant.. this is literally a move towards the end of world because if you think about it, if they censor internet, I can assume that 70% of internet will be gone. I just hope some other internet file sharing site will not be taken down because there’s one that I do pay monthly. I pity those who paid megaupload for a lifetime membership.


The attacks however are amusing. I just love it for the LULZ.