School of Rock Reunion

January 19, 2014 at 4:10 AM

Earlier, I was watching School of Rock, and after some googling, I found out they did a 10-year reunion last year. It has been a DECADE? Wow, don’t I feel old. That would mean I was 19 when the movie came out. WOW. Seriously. Didn’t even think it was that long. So anyways, they did a reunion and I just love to see how the cast look now, and they did the song that they sang in the movie and they still rocked and it blew my mind and melted my face.

school of rock reunion photo

So weird to see them all grown up, except for Miranda Cosgrove because she didn’t stop acting after. I’ve always admired guitarist and watching movies like School of Rock makes me really wanna learn guitar. I wish they would make a sequel of the movie! I read that Jack Black did plan to make one back in 2008, but it never happened. It would be awesome if they would make one where they’re all either in college or just graduated and because of something they all tries to get together, reunite once again with Dewey Finn and plays at another rock show and rock harder this time.. and win! That would be so kickass.

Here’s the video of them rocking out at the reunion.

While we’re on the subject of rock, this is ”Plush Gnome Practice Guitar Amp’ . You can get classic plush amp at Musicians Friend.

plush amp

They said it’s probably the smallest and affordable portable guitar amplifier so that you can take it to anywhere, plug it into any 4, 8 or 16 Ohm speaker cabinet and just ROCK. Awesome, eh?


Merry Christmas 2013

December 26, 2013 at 12:55 PM

I’d like to wish everyone celebrating, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Merry Christmas from Tany

My Christmas was boring. I did have a kinda okay Christmas eve though. Went out , saw my friend, had a nice dinner and a nice coffee time. I’ve had so much shit happening to me this month, including the death of my 2 beloved kittens, one of them being sick for almost a week and I had to take care of her like a sick person, only to receive a blow that none of my effort could help save her but instead I probably made her more miserable and in more pain. But on the day she died, the other cat gave birth to 2 new tiny babies. Also faced an unexpected death of my hamster which I will elaborate more in a new post soon.

I also had some munchies for my planned Christmas movie marathon which ended up being just a movie a day/night. I was so tired that I ended up watching only a few movies. Here are some of the movies in my list:

  • A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas [watched]
  • Disney’s A Christmas Carol [watched]
  • Christmas with the Kranks [watched]
  • A Christmas Story
  • Home Alone 1 & 2
  • Elf

And also watched Harry Potter 1,3 and 4 since there was HP movie marathon on Christmas. I’ll continue to watch more later tonight if I’m not tired. I just have to try and settled the piles of problems I’m having at the moment.

Received these as gift!

Christmas gift wonka gobstopper candy canes and Coffee Bean gingerbread men

My friend gave me those Wonka’s gobstopper candy canes because I love wonka candies and also a couple of gingerbread men from The Coffee Bean. I fucking love gingerbread man cookies and I am currently sad that I’ve devoured them.

Craving for more.

Also bought this malay novel. It was an impulse purchase in an attempt to try to understand why malay novels are popular right now.


It better be good and won’t put me to sleep because malay novels usually bore me to death.

My Halloween Horror Movie Marathon

November 3, 2013 at 8:07 PM


Happy Belated Halloween!
Happy Deepavali!
And .. Salam Maal Hijrah!

There aren’t any interesting thing that happened lately. I accidentally smashed my thumb while shutting my kitchen’s window today and it’s been hours but still painful and throbbing so I’m gonna make this quick. So every year, it’s my own tradition to have a horror movie marathon on Halloween night. This year, Halloween fell on Thursday so it’s kind of difficult to really enjoy it. It sucks that TV nowadays don’t really have anything interesting for Halloween. They used to have horror movies/series marathon as well, particularly Star World which for many years before never failed to air ”The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror‘ for halloween. I miss that.


I’ve been pretty busy few days ago that I ended up being so sleepy and tired that I only managed to watch 2 movies that night. So I decided I’d have my horror movie marathon in the weekend. I’ve downloaded  few movies that I ‘saved’ for Halloween that I really wanna watch. Since yesterday I’ve been watching a few movies and some are awesome, and some are so bleh. Here’s the list of movies in my list:

  • Hocus Pocus
  • Trick R Treat [watched]
  • Friday the 13th [watched]
  • Insidious [watched]
  • The Conjuring [watched]
  • Ernest Scared Stupid
  • The Haunting Hour: Don’t Think About It [watched]
  • The Faculty [watched]
  • The Innkeepers [watched]
  • Silent Hill [watched halfway]
  • Maniac [watched]
  • V/H/S 2
  • The Haunting (1963) [watched]
  • Carrie (1976) [watched]
  • Dead Alive
  • The Theatre Bizarre
  • The Woman in Black
  • Citadel
  • Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight
  • Cabin in the Woods

I don’t expect to be able to watch them all but so far I’ve managed to watch half of them. Some of the movie will be reviewed at Living Dead Girl: Movie Review Blog. I really wanna review Maniac! It was an awesome movie; very disturbing, gory, sick and twisted! I’m currently watching ‘The Innkeeper‘ and I read good reviews about this one, so I better continue watching it now.

I’ve also been into books lately, so I’ll do some book reviews soon. I’ve discovered reading books keep me calm lately. Strange. I used to love books, but then I lost interest and since then I would fall asleep right after 5 minutes of reading. I guess since now I’m reading it from my phone using the Kindle app, it sparked the interest in me again.

Toodles. Review – Place To Legally Download Movies

March 27, 2012 at 10:26 PM

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Quality Suffers
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Piracy Raises the Price of Legal Downloads
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Hafalan Shalat Delisa (2011) Review

February 6, 2012 at 3:05 AM

I’ve been seeing this movie’s trailer on tv everyday for the past couple of weeks because it’s on Pay-Per-View. All I could say is that this movie is so SAD!



Delisa (Chantiq Schagerl), a cheerful little girl who lived in a small village named Lhok Nga on the coast of Aceh, had a wonderful life.

She was the youngest child of the family of Abu Usman (Reza Rahadian). Her father worked in an oil tanker of an international oil company.

Delisa was very close to her mother that she called Ummi (Nirina Zubir), her older sister Fatimah (Ghina Salsabila), and the twins Aisha (Reska Tania Apriadi) and Zahra (Riska Tania Apriadi).

December 26, 2004, Delisa with Ummi was getting towards the prayer exam  when suddenly there was an earthquake. An earthquake that made Ummi and her sisters frightened. Suddenly the tsunami struck, eradicate their small village, destroying their school, and washed away Delisa as well as hundreds of thousands of other in Aceh and other parts of the coast in Southeast Asia.

Delisa was rescued by a soldier named Smith, after days passed out on the rocky hill. Unfortunately, serious injuries makes Delisa’s right leg must be amputated. It makes soldier Smith wanted to adopt her, but Abu Usman managed to find Delisa. Delisa happy together again with her father, though sad to hear news of her sisters has gone to heaven, and Ummi still not found.

Delisa has become a little angel who shared a laugh in every presence. Delisa learns how to survive a new life after the disaster and the true meaning of the more values in life which is sincerity with her father and everyone around her to guide her.

‘Delisa love Ummi because of Allah’

Genre: Drama
Writer: Armantono
Producer: Chand Parwez Servia
Director: Sony Gaokasak
Production Co.:Kharisma Starvision Plus
Cast: Nirina Zubir, Reza Rahadian, Chantiq Schagerl, Al Fathir Muchtar, Mike Lewis, Loide Christina Teixeira
Release Date: December 22, 2011



This movie is so touching. At one point I actually had tears in my eyes. The story is based on the book by Tere Liye.

It’s a very religious movie, but also emphasizing on moral values in life. It’s sad to see how tough it is for a little girl (I think she’s 6?) who lost one of legs due to the Tsunami, lost all of her family except her dad, everything she had – her homes, the village, best friends, to struggle to survive the aftermath. She barely understood much the meaning of the disaster, the situation and always keep a cheerful face but when she did, you could actually feel her pain.

Chantiq played Delisa very well. She really did get into the character. You could see how close she was to her family.

Same goes for others. They all did their parts well and it makes you really connect with the characters and not feel as if they’re just characters. They pulled you into their life, and their pain and their struggle to survive with what’s left after the Tsunami. As you know, the Tsunami was one of the biggest devastating disaster in the history. You saw the disaster and the effect, but through this movie you will see how they’re trying to survive the aftermath and rebuild their lives.

Only thing that irks me is that in some part, the characters were overdone to almost seem unreal. Acting I mean. But other than that, they were good.

You also see how Delisa tries to grasp the meaning of certain values like doing something with sincerity and not hoping for something in return. You do it because of Allah swt, not because of a prize or a gift. There are also some other moral values that they tries to teach in this movie.



This is not million dollars Hollywood movie, I have to keep reminding myself therefore you don’t expect Steven Spielberg or James cameron level of true special effect. The CGI was so obvious that it kind of ruins the whole experience. When there’s no CGI involved, they story is well done. You actually see what the Tsunami did, and all the wreck. I was hoping for more severe image of the effect of Tsunami, like the bodies and all but you don’t see that. It’s sort of the very mild version of the real Tsunami.






The only thing I don’t get is the ending. It shows that the necklace that Delisa’s mother promised to give her once she passed her prayer exam is on her neck. You see her finding her mother, lying on the beach, holding the necklace which she took. Her mother disappeared with the necklace during the Tsunami. Maybe because I watched this quite late that I probably couldn’t digest this part but seriously, I got really confused as to how she got the necklace. Did she find the mother? If she did, then wow, her mother was in good condition that it’s unreal. I seriously don’t know.





Overall, it’s a very good and touching drama. It’s worth watching. It’s something fresh from the Indonesian cinema because I am so friggin sick and tired of all the stupid horror movies. As an obsessed horror movie freak, I always feel very insulted when watching Indonesian horror movies. They used to be good – especially the classic ones but modern horror movies? PURE TRASH. They’re more like softcore porn rather than horror movies. They also always make fun of the ghosts especially pocong. God, I can’t even count how many pocong movies are there. 90% of them are pure piece of dog shit. They insult your intelligence.

Now I feel like getting the book but I might have some trouble understanding Indonesian language but I still want it. I wonder if I can find it here. Before I end this, here’s the trailer of the movie. Enjoy.

PS: One major plus point about this movie is that all the guys in this movie are very good looking! Ustaz Rahman, Delisa’s father and Smith. 😀