Internship Interview

January 22, 2009 at 4:12 AM

So I went for the interview today. I was still very sick. I went to college first, cuz I need to take new internship agreement form. Then I went to the place in Sunway… never let me drive when I’m still sick, I missed a turn and somehow I was so blur, that I took a stupid decision to turn left to the road while SPEEDING, which caused my car to skid, nearly crashing to the wall, only stopping few inches from it. WTF WAS I THINKING? My mom was so traumatized lol. I now know how those accident victims felt before their car crash, you really can’t control the car. God forbid, never again.

Anyways, the place surprised me. It’s actually a company IN a house, not an office unlike my previous company. I was being interviewed by a guy, lol, and since I brought my laptop, I showed him some of my works.. I showed him some of my old fanvideos but I’m not sure if they impressed him or not, cuz right now I keep having thoughts that I could have shown a better video than the ones I showed lol. But anyways, at the end, he said he has no problem XD I could actually start today, and follow them to a place where they make costume for movies, and later evening to a meeting, where I could sorta promote self which are very rare opportunities but unfortunately I’m still sick, so I could not go.

One thing I like about the place is that, it’s actually an office in a house, in housing area, which means NO FUCKING PARKING FEES. Omg. That’s like the best thing ever, I swear. I had to pay RM5 for my previous company everyday so RM5 x 5 days = RM25, and RM25 x 4 weeks = RM100 a month! And that’s not including lunch, and car petrol… at this new place, food is given lol. I only have to worry on petrol now. So I could save a lot more of my allowance money πŸ˜€ Plus they give bonus if I do good πŸ™‚ Which my old place doesn’t have. But seriously, no parking fees, omg.. so happy about that. No worries on summon tickets, no worries on having bazillion 50 cent coins for parking meter…no worries on parking space….

Oh while waiting after interview, I met with this guy who was there for interview too, as PR Manager or something.. he was extremely nice.

I went to college after that. I HATE, HATE, HATE the parking space at college now.. this old fucking guard treated me as if I’m stupid when I”VE BEEN THERE WAY BEFORE HE WAS, SINCE THE PLACE HAS JUST LAUNCHED, SINCE THE PLACE WAS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION SO GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK! I KNOW EVERYTHING THERE IS ON THE COLLEGE! MMKAY?? Absolutely no fucking space at the basement, and outside, and little space at the back near MPH hall… what if those are full in the future, where to park? HUH? HUHHHH?? Glad I’ll be out of the place soon, gah!

Anyways, had quite a long talk with my lecturer. I was actually scared she would scold me again lol cuz I tend to fuck things up, but at the end, she was all nice and happy so PHEW *wipes sweat*. But I did have to email my old company and thank them and stuff.. and it took me FOREVER just to gather words for the letter. I hope my lecturer is not mad about how late i sent the letter out.

I was also so happy I bumped into Adura, Joe and Brian at college πŸ™‚

So yeah, my problem was solved easily πŸ™‚ And I’ll be working at a production company now as video editor, but I might have to deal with some animation stuff too as there’s 2 companies combined (one being post production and one being animation). Only thing I like about old company is fixed working hours, so now I have long and odd working hours when I’m needed. Oh well. You gain some, you lose some. I can’t be completely happy yet though, as my internship agreement form still hasn’t been signed by my lecturer, so things can still fuck up. I”m just still worried about some confidentiality issue, which I’ll explain later. Please don’t let that screw up my chance >.> I have no more backup company if I don’t get this one…

I won’t start my work tomorrow yet, as I’m still sick. Probably start after Chinese New Year, get myself to fully heal first. Now, if only real job is easy to get as internship…. :\

PS: I emailed H’s twin sister, and it doesn’t sound good at all in her reply πŸ™ Omg she did not deserve all of this suffering…