Alienware O___O

November 7, 2010 at 12:05 AM

I changed to a new layout!

I only wanted the old layout halloween. I wanted to change to a wintery, christmassy type of layout but I fell in love with this layout too much. This layout will stay for a while. In fact, I think I’m gonna make a new blog and use this layout too.

I went shopping today. I have lots of pics to post but I’m not in the mood for that tonight. I’m way too tired, so I’ll post tomorrow. I’m thinking of opening new blogs, and switching my main site ( to a portfolio site. Should I? Still in planning though. I am however working on a new movie review blog. I watch a lot of movies so I want to blog about them somewhere.. this blog is more like a personal blog/ranting space for me though.

I desperately want to go to kinokuniya. Even though I have a fear of driving to KL now, I’m still going back for 2 days next month so I could go to pc fair.. well it’s more like a digital IT expo but I know it’s a pc fair in disguise. Well I wanted to get a mac there but oh well.. looks like it’s not gonna happen unless some miracle happens.

I mentioned I want a mac in my previous post…ย  might as well mention a laptop I so badly fricken want and dream of having but could and would never own… in the market, before I bought my laptop, I keep seeing Asus laptops being the most expensive,and powerful mostly for gaming… until last year’s pc fair when I saw…



I finally saw and touched the most powerful and super sexy smecksy alienware at last year’s pc fair (or was it this year’s?)

Gosh it was too pretty….. I’m actually scared to even dream of owning one! It’s way too sexy for me…!

Good God.

I drool.

I’ve actually wanted an alienware for a long time already. It was only last year that Dell finally decided to bring alienware laptops into Malaysian market. It’s the most expensive and prettiest and sexiest gaming laptop I’ve ever seen it also come with one of the 2017’s top graphics cards for gamers. If I owned one,I would be too scared to even touch it as it’s too pretty and so expensive. If I took it out I’d fear of dropping it, breaking it or losing it and somebody stealing it. It’ll end up in a glass shelf with a tight security.

Honestly to say, alienware look kills macbook pro look hands down. Performance wise I can’t compare because mac and pc are different and each has its own pros and cons so it’s unfair for me to compare and judge. But if I had one,I’d be staring at it for hours instead of using it. Huhu,

Oh alienware, why are you so sexy and pretty and majorly expensive?!

I mean look at THIS!


I drool.

And of course, it has the ability to act as a fucking visualizer. Go figure. Why am I tortured like this?

I die.

I Want An Apple :(

November 6, 2010 at 1:24 PM

I want an apple! ๐Ÿ™

No, not THAT apple.. THIS apple!

I want a mac T____T

You know, it’s so weird. I used to be against mac.. but lately, the more I see people using it, and the more I try it, the more I want it. If I have a mac, I could freelance and take editing job and earn extra money. I can no longer rely on my poor Acer laptop.. don’t even mention my KL’s whitebox computer that cost mom a frigging RM9000. Can’t even use it. It lags like hell. I’m starting to be against PC because after a year, PC become useless if you don’t upgrade. Fuck that, ok. I’m not rich to keep upgrading my computer.

That’s why I want a mac T___T Actually I want a few of apple products like:


I badly want this. The reason is that it’s better than a macbook in terms of specs. Of course it has bigger screen, space and processor. Perfect for editing. Unlike a pc, having an imac is less cluttered than having a PC. Takes up much lesser space too compared to PC. Plus an apple product is handled by apple and not mixed with different companies for each hardware. But I can’t decide between this and-


The main reason for wanting this is because it’s PORTABLE! It’s easier for me to do freelance editing and edit stuff in front of clients. Comparing this to my acer laptop, macbook pro is far superior. The battery lasts longer too compared to my 1 1/2 hours acer laptop on lowest bright setting. The only downside is that the screen is small… editing on a 27in screen is way better. Specs-wise, it’s lesser a bit than an imac but still superior than my current laptop.


Oh gosh I’ve been wanting an Iphone for such a long time… and I was hoping I could get an iphone 4 but I got the Blackberry Storm2 first and fell in love with it, so I didn’t get an iphone. Even though I love BB to death, I’d still want an iphone for entertainment. It’s well known that you can get almost any kind of apps for iphone unlike BB which is geared towards business people.


I’ve also been longing for an ipod touch for a very long time… the only downside is that it uses wifi only. But good side is that you can still use apps but not tied to any phone company. This can be an alternative for entertainment while using my BB for 24 hours internet connection and push mail.

You wanna know what else I want?

A kindle!

There are ebook readers in Malaysia as alternative to kindle since amazon don’t ship kindle to Malaysia, nor offer its contents to Malaysian, but I don’t like them. You have to download books on your comp then transfer to your reader. Kindle is way better and way cheaper too. I want kindle ๐Ÿ™ Even though I can use kindle and its contents on my BB, it sucks reading an ebook on a BB.

Why oh Why?

I’ll just go listen now to my complete set of Harry Potter audio books that I downloaded couple of days ago :\ Funny, I don’t remember where I saved my HP audio books that I downloaded before… oh well. I want to go to Kinokuniya:(


Windows 7 is t3h s3x

November 6, 2009 at 7:32 AM


Omg I installed an OS dammit, something I never thought I could do. I was scared shitless that I would screw up everything and thus render my PC unusable but thank God everything worked out fine ๐Ÿ˜€ So I decided to install Windows 7 Ultimate because once I saw the GUI in youtube video, and how people keep talking about how good and how fast it is, and much better than Vista that was an epic fail, I decided I’m going to install it. I DESPISE Windows XP. I guess I’ve been using the same ‘windows’ typical look since Windows 95, and that I’m used to Vista and all the glassy aero look.

I can say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Windows 7 ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s much faster and less buggier than Windows Vista, so far. Love the simple clean look, the taskbar where they’re only (grouped) icons, the changing desktop themes.. everything. If you’ve been wondering whether to update to Windows 7 from XP or Vista, I’d say DO IT. Definitely. I did a clean install cuz I don’t want any trace of Windows XP in my HDD. At first I thought I wanted a dual boot, but nah.. Not going back to XP. Plus I have way too many junks, I want to get rid of them and start fresh. I did backup my stuff. Now, thing is.. there are some things that I forgot to backup like my Photoshop & After Effects plugins/brushes, my yahoo chat.. and I was like FUCK. But turns out Windows 7 moved all my old stuff in a new folder, so I didn’t lose anything.. ain’t that great? So happy about that.

Now I have to reinstall all my stuff again.. including some of my games @_@ Which is gonna be a pain in the ass, cuz they take really long to install. And another thing, I partitioned my own drive ๐Ÿ˜€ Ahh technology.. before when you need to partition your drive, you have to go to DOS and do it manually, etc and it was very complicated.. now it’s all so easy. I’m actually proud of myself for not screwing up anything this time.

Speaking of screwing up, I screwed up my PR exam yesterday. OMG it was SO HARD. I couldn’t even think properly. Everything that I read, I can’t remember any! So I just wrote whatever shit I can think off, hopefully that, and the multiple choice questions plus assignments would be enough for me to pass.. I can’t hope for an A now, I’m very sad. I would not get over this for a long time.

alternate metaverse_001

I tested Second Life in Windows 7… ahh, I forgot how beautiful and tranquil some places in Second life can be… I haven’t logged on for like a year? Almost? It used to be my getaway place when I need to relax, or just temporary forget my real life problems… I used to love to go to a forest or a park or the beach in there, listen to the soft music, nature sounds.. crackling of camp fire, and just stare at the screen for a while. Believe it or not, it helped me to relax and forget my problems. If not, club hopping and just listen to the good music. And if you meet some good people, you can have a good conversation with them. Plus, it’s good for photography.. I love taking snapshots of beautiful places in SL. In December, I’m gonna make my return in SL. If i can’t get real life vacation after graduation showcase is over, I’m vacationing in SL.

I have more to blog but I’ll do it later today. I’m gonna reinstall some stuff now before I have to go to college. God now my final project is giving me a headache. And I can’t find my Microsoft Office 2007 installation file, so I can’t do my pre production stuff for my final project. This is stressing me out. I’m getting stress zits.. and I can’t stand this bad breakouts. I’ve tried a lot of different acne treatments but at last, I go back to wanting the stupid accutane which screws up the menstrual cycle, my mood.. but hey, I’d have a clean, non-oily, zit-less face!

ndsl or ndsi?

September 28, 2009 at 3:59 PM

Yesterday I went to a place here in Ipoh where they sell all electronics stuff… well of course can’t compare to Low Yatt or Digital Mall in KL but it’s the best we can get. I was surveying the price of nintendo ds lite and dsi. Good thing is, NDSL has gone cheaper. I can get the whole package like I did (R4, 2GB memory card, screen protector and crystal casing) for roughly RM520 instead of RM700 that I got last year.. well I had pouch thrown in. If I just want the console, the cheapest I see is about RM440.

However, NDSi is fucking expensive here. If I want the console + R4i + screen protector + 2GB memory card with games = Rm8xx! Almost a fricken RM900! Crazy. Well it’s almost the same if I imported from Play-Asia without all other stuff.. but oh man that’s expensive. I have someone from Low Yatt forum to suggest me the lowest price possible.. he listed as DSi RM 6xx.. which is quite ok, however it’s just the console. If that’s the case, I can get flashcart online.. just around USD$13 which is way cheaper instead of buying it here but I’m risking myself. If the product is spoiled, then I’m screwed.

I still don’t know what to get. If I get the same NDSL as my old one, I can still play my Guitar Hero… no worries about new firmware update that will brick the flashcart due to their anti piracy protection… and it’s cheaper now so I can save money. And there’s no other color that I love other than metallic rose.

However, with DSi, I have extra camera feature.. which is not a big thing but it’s a nice add on where you can upload pic directly to facebook.. download dsiware… FLIPBOOK.. omg that’s like the coolest DSi application.. no rebooting when changing cartridge, but it’s more expensive.. plain color, but it’s okay, I can just pimp it up with stickers.ย  No more guitar hero. And new firmware will keep bricking flashcart.. argh.

I saw Promotional flash drive, but not for portable external HDD… I’m finding it extremely difficult to carry my huge non portable external HDD back Ipoh, and can’t take it anywhere. I want 500Gb :\ PC fair is like couple of months away x.x Well it’s okay, that gives me time to save money.

EDIT: After watching a couple of DSi unboxing videos on youtube and looking at the reviews, I have made up my mind, I’m getting a DSi. I don’t care, I want a DSi.

Tany’s NDSL Oct ’08 – Sept ’09

September 21, 2009 at 1:37 PM

October 2008 – September 2009

If you haven’t been following my facebook updates, I have unfortunately lost my baby, my lovely metallic roseย  ndsl that I bought last year. I have been extremely upset and depressed, still am, but I have to pretend I’m okay so mom won’t get worried like she did on the day I lost my ndsl. I lost my ds console, 2x4GB and 1x2GB microSHDC cards (one I just bought last month at pc fair x.x) and 2 card readers, a mario stylus, extra stylus … and probably original guitar hero on tour game cartridge cuz I can’t remember if it’s in there or not… but it’s useless unless you have the guitar controller which is with me.

Now I don’t know how I lost it. It wasn’t in my bag after I got back from shopping, and I”m guessing that someone stole it from my bag during the crazy handbag sale.. which I bought like fricken 8 of them… maybe it’s my punishment from God for being so greedy but I can’t help it.. they were dirt cheap. I am however thankful that I didn’t lose my wallet which would create chaos with all my cards in there… or my phone.

I was so devastated, that I didn’t feel like being in Ipoh anymore.. I wanted to go back to KL. Everytime I’m in Ipoh, I’d lose something of my properties. I hate Ipoh now. Too much bad memories. But then I was thinking.. at least I lost my NDS, which is replaceable.. what if I lose someone? Since I keep hearing about road accidents that claimed lives.. or my laptop, which I definitely can’t afford a new one.

Speaking of road accidents.. omg, my journey back last Thursday was hell. Not only I had to drive for 4 hours instead of 1 1/2 hours, I had to drive under extremely heavy rain all the way with extremely limited visibility. All I could see was the emergency lights that blink on SOME cars driving at 30-40 kmph.. Imagine that, 40 kmph on a highway. If I didn’t step it up, it would’ve taken 6-8 hours to reach Ipoh… even driving to Singapore takes 5.5 hours x.x Then of course the massive traffic jam because people starting to drive back to hometown. Gah, hell.

I had a freakish dream today that someone stole my laptop. Even in dream I could feel the fear, the sadness and all that shit. Laptop is replaceable too, but it’s not a matter of replacing what can be replaced, it’s about losing what CAN’T be replaced.. like photos and videos of yourself and have some strangers look at them.

Anyways, I’m definitely replacing my NDSL. Mom is helping me because she felt sorry for me. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love my ds, and how I care for it, and how obsessed I am with it. Thing is, now I don’t know if I should get the same metallic rose NDSL again which should be cheaper now or get NDSi instead which cost about the same as I first bought my lost NDSL. I have to do research again T___T I don’t really care about camera and all that crap.. but I really love the feature where you don’t have to turn off your ds to switch card, which is extremely convenient. But it would render my guitar hero controller absolutely useless, and no more guitar hero.

And it might take a while for me to get my new ds even though I can afford one now. Oh what would I do during boring hours when I don’t have ds with me??

Sucks to be me.