To KL & Back Again

October 4, 2011 at 4:08 AM

I went to KL yesterday.

It was a just a day trip but a damn tiring one. We planned to leave at 8 am but I had a very tiring Saturday so I ended up sleeping in the entire evening and woke up at 10 pm. I actually went to Tesco to shop at 11 pm and got home at almost 1 am. Haha.

We reached KL at almost 12 pm, then straight away went to bakery shops and bought lots of stuff – chocolates, cake mix, drinks etc. After having fun like a kid in a toy store, we went to Berjaya Times Square for lunch and reached there at almost 4 pm. Wow, I haven’t been there in ages because majority of things have changed especially the food court. It’s so much better now and the best thing is that it’s located on the lower ground floor instead of the lonely 10th floor. I had Japanese teriyaki chicken bento. Surprisingly they’re quite cheap. And you have to use a prepaid card to pay for the food.

It actually taste quite good too except I’ve had better chawanmushi before at Yoshinoya. I miss yoshinoya which is no longer available in Malaysia πŸ™ Their chawanmushi was damn good – they had mushroom and crabs but then they toned it down but the price remained which upsets me. Now they’re completely gone. Blah. This chawanmushi had only 4 small pieces of crab sticks, that’s it. Bit disappointed.

Anyways, then I went to ‘Low Yat Plaza‘ and FINALLY bought myself the laptop table I’ve always wanted. I think this is like the 4th or 5th table. It has low quality built but what the heck. I found exactly the one I wanted after a long search. I wonder how come they don’t have any tables in my city until I have to go to KL to search for it. I hope this one will last longer than the ones I had.

I also bought a new modem router because my old one finally died, I think. It’s a Belkin and they said I have a lifetime warranty but I’m not gonna claim the warranty because it’s pretty outdated. Now I have a better modem router (D-Link) and it’s cheaper than Belkin. It’s working fine now and I finally can use my streamyx again. Even though I had streamyx so much because it’s so slow, at least it doesn’t have limited bandwidth. Unlike my P1 Wimax, even though the speed is good, but I only have 30Gb bandwidth a month. I wanna play second life again.

So we finally left KL at 6.15pm and got stuck in traffic jam for a bit. That’s one thing I don’t miss about KL – the massive traffic jam. But luckily after a while I accidentally found the highway back to Ipoh so we didn’t get delayed and left for Ipoh. However my uncle thought we’d visit a relative – we got lost and spent over an hour to search for the place only to find out they were not at home. :\ I was already too tired and sleepy and I had to stop at 2 different rest stops to take a quick nap. Plus it was drizzling so it was like a perfect weather to sleep.

Well I finally reached my home at almost 12 am. Had to speed a bit otherwise I’d fall asleep in the car. I was really sleepy and tired and my right knee was hurting like hell. Thank God there was no scary experiences on the highway like the last time except a couple of minor ones in Kl where I almost drove my car to hit other car. My mistake.

I spent the entire day today sleeping wtf. I had to wake up at night to go to class but now it’s 4 am and I’m wide awake. Gah. Oh well.

Samsung Corby II Phone Quick Review

September 11, 2011 at 1:45 PM

I have a Samsung Corby II phone now! Yes it’s in pink πŸ™‚

It was just a quick decision. Last month I saw this phone for Rm299 only (normal is RM399) and I’ve been wanting a new second phone because 1) I don’t want to mix personal numbers with business numbers and 2) I need a backup phone because my Blackberry’s battery drains real fast.

So I’ve been looking for a really cheap phone just for backup and business calls.. and it just so happen that this corby is cheap enough and has TOUCH SCREEN. I love touch screen. I have small fingers, so I like touch screen.

It has 3 colors available – pink, white and yellow (orange not available at the store I bought in).

The features are pretty basic but it does have integrated social networking apps – myspace, facebook and twitter.. also has gmail app but they’re all very basic and nothing fancy. What I don’t like about it is it only has gprs and EDGE connection and no HSDPA compared to Samsung Galaxy Mini which is an android phone. Cost RM499 but I wasn’t looking for expensive phone. I need the cheapest possible.

Touch screen is okay and responsive although it has no qwerty keyboard which I hate.. I’m used to qwerty keyboard that now it slows me down to message on this phone.. it does however have ‘bahasa melayu’ dictionary so at least it’s a bit easier. It also took me a while to figure out how to change ringtone. The volume isn’t that loud either compared to Galaxy mini..

It only has 2MP camera which is alright but not good enough compared to today’s standard with HD quality photos in phones.

However, if you’re looking for a light, thin, funky, enhanced basic phone.. corby II is good πŸ™‚ Now I have a separate phone number for other than personal calls so I’m happy.

My Poor Laptop

March 29, 2011 at 1:36 AM

Unfortunately, due to my own negligence, my Acer laptop has dead pixels and burns now. Reason? My cat pee’d on it. My laptop has been really nice to me, without any problem for 3+ years πŸ™ Once, couple of years ago Nikko pee’d on my 22 inch monitor and unfortunately resulted in a patch of black that started small and eventually grew big. That’s what happening to my laptop now. My stupid FEMALE cat ‘sprayed’ my laptop and today I see the small black patch at the bottom. If it doesn’t grow I’m fine, but if it does, gah. Maybe I will try to take it Acer service center and see if something can be done but if it’s gonna be expensive then no thanks.

Which brings me to another thing. This little problem opened up an opportunity for me to get a new laptop.. haha. Now I have a reason to tell mom that this little burn patch will get in my way. Plus I’ve always wanted a smaller, lighter notebook/netbook anyway. It’s not for heavy usage, just a little bit of photoshop and web browsing, that’s all. Luckily, I have RM1k in my paypal saving, and I can probably ask mom to help me add additional RM1k-ish to get a notebook/netbook that I can actually carry around. The thing with netbooks is that it doesn’t have much power. I can just use it for light web browsing. I want a touchscreen or tablet. If macbook pro wasn’t so expensive, I wouldn’t have to stress myself. Well, I’m still gonna get a macbook but soon, just not now. So far, people have been suggesting me Acer notebooks.

Now the thing is, Acer is awesome. Despite what people say, my Acer didn’t have much problems for 3+ years, and it still runs smoothly. It’s just the design for my Aspire 5920G that has been a problem to me. The place where the heat comes out is at the wrong place and it melted the surface around it. Plus it’s EXTREMELY HEAVY. I don’t mind getting an Acer netbooks/notebooks if I won’t have the heat problem. They have the best specs with affordable price. I just need a 13 inch (or lesser) with good spec, can run photoshop, light and affordable.

PC Fair is coming up in 2 weeks ;D

My Birthday

February 26, 2011 at 2:12 AM

It’s still my birthday in some parts of the world so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.

There was nothing special on my birthday. I woke up, went out with mom, bought stuff for my cats, met this interesting talkative and friendly girl at the bank, and ordered Domino’s pizza as birthday dinner and invited my uncle to come. I did receive quite a number of birthday wishes compared to last year so I’m happy πŸ™‚ Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I didn’t wanna really celebrate because it would just remind me that I’m getting old. Before I know it, I’m gonna be in my 30s, then 40s, then 50s.. and if I’m lucky enough 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s… (lol). I hate getting old. Getting old means your priorities change, you can’t have much fun, you stress all the time, your health will go bad, your young/good looks disappear, hair turn grey, eyesight go bad..wrinkly skin… ick.

I haven’t posted a blog post for about 10 days now and there’s a lot I need to blog about. I keep saying I’m gonna post them but I never got around to it. Well I’ll try to post more today. Well I’m gonna watch Glee’s Rocky Horror episode which is showing on TV right now then I’ll go to bed. Before I go, guess what?

I have Windows 7 on my iMac now! Yay. Finally. t3h aw3som3n3ss.

I wanted to install it ages ago but I keep hesitating but now I’m glad I finally did it. I can play windows games now. Civilization V is so much better and smoother now πŸ˜€

My Christmas Present: An Apple a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

January 4, 2011 at 5:19 AM

So I mentioned in a couple of posts back that I received my Christmas present on the last day of 2010.. which is a surprise actually! Didn’t expect it to arrive on the 31st of December 2010 because that day was a public holiday for Malaysia.

So what did I get? I’m sure if you have me in your facebook, you already know. But to those who don’t;



Yes, I now have an iMac. πŸ˜€

No, I didn’t switch because I hate or frustrated with Windows PC. I’ve been wanting an apple computer for a long time now ever since I did my editing at college before. Now, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE windows 7 PC. If Windows 7 didn’t exist, I’d probably hate windows, but no, Windows 7 is Microsoft’s best OS ever. Except for that recent BSOD (blue screen of death) that I had after 3 years of using my laptop, I haven’t had any major problems or headaches with my laptop. But, I wanted a Mac so that I can do editing smoothly, and do my work. My acer laptop isn’t powerful enough for heavy editing, and my PC is hopeless. What a waste of RM9k for that useless PC.

Here are my specifications for my current iMac:

  • 27-inch (2560 x 1440 resolution)
  • 2.93GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
  • 8GB 1333MHz DDR3 SDRAM – 4x2GB
  • 1TB Serial ATA Drive
  • 8x double-layer SuperDrive
  • ATI Radeon HD 5750 1GB GDDR5 SDRAM
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard (Int’l English) & User’s Guide (English)
  • Magic Mouse
  • Included: Mac OS X Snow Leopard + iLife ’11

Total damage: RM7,858 (USD$2,563)


I still can’t believe I spent almost RM8k on a computer again. Since I’m freelancing now, I guess this could be my investment. That means I better get a fucking job to cover back what I’ve spent! T___T I could have settled with just the cheapest 21.5-inch Mac which is just RM3,899.00 (USD$1,271) and it’s like a HUGE difference in price but bleh I want a good mac for editing.. and for long term. My God, Mac is ridiculously expensive. 15-inch & 17-inch Macbook Pro with i7 is about RM10k! WTF. I wanted it at first before I found out the price with the specs I want.

I bought my iMac at the apple reseller at Ipoh Parade. Gosh, you know what? My debit card wouldn’t approve charges over RM2k so you know what I had to do? Withdraw friggin RM7k and brought the CASH, I repeat, RM7k CASH (in RM50 notes x 140 pieces) all the way to Ipoh Parade mall, 1st floor. I have never in my entire life carry a huge amount of money like that in my bag. I think the most I’ve carried was Rm1k and that was to buy my Blackberry but that’s it. RM7k, my God. I was paranoid all the way haha. I had to withdraw from 3 different banks/cards 5 times because of the transaction limit X_X

The guy that delivered my iMac was struggling to carry it.. it weighs 20kg in the box, wtf. How am I gonna carry this thing if I wanna go back to KL? T__T

So what do I think?

So far I’m fucking loving it. Ok, so I felt awkward at first trying to get used to it. And OH GOSH, the screen is HUGE. I mean, it’s almost as big as my TV. My old comp had 22-inch screen so to suddenly jump to 27-inch was like a huge leap. When I move the mouse it’s like moving from one side of the table to the other side. My eyesight from where I sit does not cover the whole screen so I have to like roll my eyes from side to side haha. Texts on website looks a lot smaller but compared to my laptop, it’s very crisp and not blurry.

Took me days to learn how a Mac works. I use keyboard shortcuts more often now that I did with my PC.

  • I hate Safari. I can’t use full screen.. and I can’t use xmarks so I’m using Firefox. Now I see why people like Mac. Everything is so organized and simple. Like living a simple life. Stress free. No headache. PC seems quite ‘messy’ now. I mean apart from the complicated windows, there’s the monitor, the CPU, plus all the wires connecting to the CPU.. gosh. What a mess… You should see my PC. What a headache.
  • I LOVE iphoto that could sort my photos now. I’m very organized with my PC so I love this.
  • I LOVE the iCal.
  • I LOVE Photo Booth. OMG the integrated webcam is so much better than my crappy laptop’s webcam.
  • I LOVE how Microsoft Office for Mac looks like.

Other than that everything else was so-so. I don’t really like MSN for Mac. Too plain and simple. Almost everything on mac is just too simple. I hate the fact that there aren’t a lot of torrents for Mac. There aren’t a lot of softwares for Mac compared to PC. Winamp does not support Mac πŸ™ I can’t think of anything else cuz it’s almost 4 am now, haha.

EDIT// I forgot to mention that Apple lacks Blu-Ray support. Playing DVD with DVD Player software suuuuucks. When on fullscreen, the picture has some pixelation/blurry, and I can’t get my DVD to fit the screen on full screen play (like non-widescreen DVD stays that way). I wish GOM Player supports Mac πŸ™ And I wish iMac support Blu-Ray! T__T


So now iMac comes standard with the wireless keyboard and magic mouse, which is the best mouse ever. I ABSO-FRIGGIN-LUTELY IN LOVE WITH THEM!! OMG I’m not kidding.

The keyboard is SO SMALL! Took me a while to get used to it. The arrow keys are so small. But I love how thin and light it is. The keys also are quiet and soft and I don’t need to press hard unlike my Microsoft wireless keyboard. Because it’s so small, it’s easier to press the shortcuts since I have small hands. However I still can’t get used to the command key. Now I have to use my left thumb to press it. I usually always end up pressing fn or control instead.

Now onto the magic mouse.


I am so in LOVE with the magic mouse! Best thing ever and this is the main thing that I love the most with apple computer.

Okay, at first it feels weird because it’s quite flat and big compared to my old PC mouse. It has a flat, smooth surface too and no buttons. At first I thought how the heck do I work with a single mouse button? It has an on/off switcher which is a good feature that my wireless mouse lacks because if you use the magic mouse for laptop, you’d want to turn off the mouse to save batteries. With my old wireless mouse, I had to take out the batteries instead. Plus, my old mouse goes crazy after couple of weeks. Ate up my batteries. Magic mouse is SO SMOOTH on my computer table without needing a mouse pad or anything. And the best thing about it?

The controls! Okay, you click the left corner is the same as left mouse click but if you click on the right corner it’s right click. What’s so ‘magic’ about it? When you slide one finger left-right or up-down, it scrolls the page vertically or horizontally. If you slide one finger up-down while holding control key, you zoom in and out. And when you use 2 fingers to slide left-right, you go back or forth! EXTREMELY useful and I love this one the most because it’s easier to go back after you view a page in your internet browser instead of using your keyboard or moving the mouse over to the back button. Of course you also have the option to buy the Magic Trackpad for even more enhanced experience like using the laptop trackpad. Apple products sometime amazes me.

Yesterday I tried using my iMac for Second Life and gosh…

It was the first time that I could be on Second Life without the application lagging on highest setting. Everything was so smooth, bright, crisp and fast. Of course, looks so damn good with the 2560 x 1440 resolution. Everything so pretty @____@ HOWEVER, it cannot go over 4x antialising setting on maximized window. It will say my mac does not meet the minimum requirement and sets the setting to the lowest. But it does work fine with smaller window but I like maximized screen so what the hell. But 4x antialiasing is good already on maximized screen. Also tried The Sims 3 and whoa, feels so weird on big screen.

So the conclusion? I LOVE Mac for its simplicity. Love that it runs smoothly because my PC lags like hell. However, the screen is sooo huge that I feel it’s only good for editing or any programs that requires big screen. For surfing? It feels too big. Websites look a lot smaller here, and text too. Good thing you can zoom, but I don’t like zooming all the time. Some apple softwares can’t be maximized to full screen like Safari. I wonder if in the future there will be 50-inch computer monitor? Haha.I wonder how you’re gonna use that. TV is a different story.

Also apple products are so expensive. I want to get Final Cut Studio but it cost RM3k+ WTF. And I can’t find any download either… even if there are, it’s 50GB.. wtf. It’ll take me a year to download that. I kinda feel a bit less productive on a Mac because I can’t find any softwares to download and most of the softwares I use are for windows only. I can install Windows 7, and I already tried with Parallel Desktop 6 trial but it doesn’t use full resource. I also would need to fork out USD$80 for it.. which is very expensive once converted to Malaysian money. I could try Boot Camp and install windows 7 but still contemplating if I should. I mean I have my laptop already, so like, what’s the point? lol. But I might install it anyway so I can play games and use certain softwares πŸ˜€

I still love Windows PC πŸ˜€ There’s a lot of softwares and games for Windows but not Mac. Well at least now I can experience the best of both worlds πŸ˜€ I just pray nobody will break into my house again and steal my iMac like they did with my old PC. I pray hard. My iMac made the ending of 2010 so awesome for me πŸ™‚

Now I wonder how I’m gonna survive this year after spending RM8k T__T