Salam Ramadan 2012

July 25, 2012 at 3:45 AM

Salam Ramadan!

Ramadan started last Saturday (21st July). It’s always hard the first few days especially when you go shopping and you can’t buy your favorite drink or eat your favorite snack. Then you see other races eating happily and all you could do is stare and salivating. For me, when fasting month comes, my stomach automatically couldn’t digest food and I don’t know why. Usually I’d eat a lot but this past few days I haven’t had any appetite. And that’s weird considering that this is the time for RAMADAN BAZAAR! Yessss.

Bazar Ramadhan Greentown Ipoh 2012

I went shopping with my friend last Sunday to waste some time and because it was still too early I decided to stop by at 2 different bazaars. Because it was Sunday, and people flocked to shopping malls and probably break their fast at restaurants in the malls, so the bazaar I always go to didn’t have that many people. I went to the Greentown one and it was crowded! Not as crowded as weekdays but still crowded.

I love Greentown bazaar due to the fact that it has my favorite tandoori chicken and naan – the best in Ipoh in my opinion. I’ll write more about the bazaar and its variety of foods soon at my food blog – Sinfully Delicious. Most of the pictures I took were quite blurry so I need to take some new ones.

Bazar Ramadhan Greentown Ipoh 2012

That guy is wearing a shirt that says ‘Pening’ (headache). ‘Pening’ is definitely right. I still haven’t taken the free porridge from the mosque. I miss it. Ahh I love Ramadan.

With the amount of food available, how can I not gain more weight? Seriously. I want to be skinny again.. do this work? ->

Proton Prevé – Seriously??

April 18, 2012 at 4:27 AM

So Monday night we saw the launching of the new Proton car. Finally we get to see the car after being teased months after months. My first reaction was ‘SERIOUSLY’?

It’s called – Proton Prevé. SERIOUSLY? “Prevé“???

The car looks alright – I mean typical proton look. Nothing new. Nothing to ‘wow’ about. But the thing that I wanna touch is the name itself. Proton Prevé??

Seriously, who thought up that name? Am I the only one who thinks the name is such an epic fail? That the name is the UGLIEST sounding name for a car? All of Proton cars before this had nice sounding name – Perdana, Persona, Savvy, Satria, Saga, Inspira.. what the hell happened? Prevé??

They said the name Prevé comes from the word ‘preeve’ which means to prove. Or in Spanish it means ‘to envision’.

I DESPISE the name. I seriously do. It’s just not suitable as a car’s name in my opinion. That’s just sad.

Interior wise.. it’s bland and boring. Even with all the cool gadgets and features like push button start, GPS, wifi in car etc but why do they have to make it look so bland and ugly?

Who is this meant for? 50 year old and above? It looks so ..retro. I don’t like it but if you do, that’s cool. Maybe because I’m a girl and I prefer a nicer looking interior. Maybe that’s why I hate cars like Mercedes and BMW. They have ugly boring interior as if it’s meant for 50 year old dudes and above only.

The only compensation would be the cool features they added in. I LOVE push start button. As a girl with a bag full of junks, digging for keys out from the bag every time is so troublesome.


AEON Station 18, Ipoh (Formerly Known As Jusco) Opening Day

March 31, 2012 at 11:06 PM

Last Thursday, a huge event happened in Ipoh.

AEON (formerly known as Jusco) Station 18 has finally opened its doors to Ipoh citizen!

Everyone was excited. Including me.

You see, if you’re not Ipoh born citizen then you wouldn’t get the hype. You would think eh… it’s just a mall.. what’s so fricken great about it? What’s with all the excitement? Oh it’s more than just a mall. It’s a breathe of fresh air. A release from the cave that has captured and locked us out from civilization. No, I’m not over-exaggerating. For Ipoh people, we only had two major shopping malls – Jusco Kinta City & Ipoh Parade. Kinta City is more targeted towards ‘normal’ shoppers while Ipoh Parade is more towards lala’s, ah beng’s, mat rempits and emos (a.k.a stupid annoying teens that needs to be burned alive). Because of that, I rarely ever go to Ipoh Parade if it wasn’t for the cheap novelty store where I find all the cute stuff, starbucks, and huge Popular bookstore. The parking space is bullshit for Ipoh Parade.

So basically I have only 1 small shopping mall to go to. Jusco Kinta City was opened in 1997. Imagine that, over a decade of ONE SHOPPING PLACE ONLY. Then there’s Tesco hypermarket but you don’t call that shopping mall.. Giant hypermarket is way far at Tambun and again, not a shopping mall. New Giant has opened last March 8th at Bercham.. and they said the Tambun branch will be relocated there soon.. technically we still have one Giant and not two… Then you get the small ‘mini malls’ which I don’t ever go to.

So to get a new huge shopping malls is a big deal for us Ipoh citizen.. Ipoh has FINALLY opened the doors to other new investors. We have 2 Mydin (a huge one in Meru and small one in Manjoi) coming up. Ipoh has been growing rapidly over the past 2-3 years. We’ve started seeing more businesses coming in and lots of shoplots being built. No longer so boring. No longer so ‘sien’ as my friend would describe it. My first wish was to have Domino’s in Ipoh. My wish was granted in 2010. My second wish was to have a new McDonald’s drivethru that’s closer to my place. My wish was granted in November 2011.

Now a new mall. My 3rd wish has been granted.

The mall is large, the largest in Ipoh with 160 shops inside and 2000+ parking bays.

My friends and I have been wishing for certain restaurants to open here. Restaurants that we love that’s only available in KL. Domino’s was one. And OH EM GEE. All of my wishes came and would be coming true! I’ve been wishing for:

  • Wendy’s Burger
  • Papa John’s Pizza
  •  Nando’s
  •  New Starbucks (we only have one at Ipoh Parade)
  • Tako Tao
  • Sakae Sushi
  • Daiso (totally didn’t see this one coming at all!)
  • New Shihlin Snacks outlet

It’s amazing and mind-boggling at the same time because I just did not expect what I’ve been wishing for since I got back in Ipoh in 2010 has all came true. It never crossed my mind that they would actually open here for real considering that Ipoh had been a very dead down with no progress at all. Didn’t know there was any demand either. Now if only there’s Cupcake Chic, Subway, Sephora and Cold Storage here, I’ll die happy here.


I wanted to go on opening day but I’ve been doing my work all night long so I was too sleepy to go. Maybe next week. Besides, was too crowded anyway. So to kill my curiosity I’ve been watching updates on facebook and twitter to see images that people posted and status updates to see what has opened there. It was more crowded at evening time I heard and because people didn’t want to leave somehow, they opened until 11.30 pm I heard.

NANDO’S! Boy was I so excited that I’d pee myself. My friend and I share the same passion in food so we’ve been wishing for Nando’s. Now it has finally opened here, I have a friend whom I can go with to Nando’s 😀 I didn’t have anyone to go with in KL because Nando’s is nothing but just one of the many restaurants in KL. There’s many other choices.

One of my most wished for restaurant 😀 My friend ( who is now in London) and I used to go to Sakae Sushi at The Curve a lot. And then the news came when they said it’s not ‘halal’.. halal in sense that they put alcohol in their sushi or sauce or something. THAT FREAKING SUCKS OK. Actually many non muslim misunderstood what ‘HALAL’ means. It doesn’t mean if there’s no pork then it’s halal… we have to consider alcohol too, the meat and things like that.

DAISO!! I totally did not expect this to open here at all! I mean.. DAISO! My all time favorite place to spend plenty of RM5 on… When I go to The Curve in KL I would definitely stop by here.. We have 100 yen shop here, but it’s small, and it’s not as popular as Daiso. There’s everything in Daiso, even stuff you don’t even think people would make is there.

I have not actually tried anything from Mister Donut yet. You know what? They should open Shimino Japanese Crepes… Oh my God it’ll be so good. I love Japanese crepes… they’re the best.

Tako Tao T_____T You’re finally in Ipoh. I’m so happy I could cry. I absolutely and ridiculously LOVE Tako Tao.. it’s the best takoyaki ever and it’s now in my city. I’m so overwhelmed.

I no longer need to go crazy when I go to KL to find all these foods just to satisfy my craving. I know I sound like a kid who just found candyland at the Wonka’s factory but being a food fanatic and lover, it’s definitely something great. I can’t wait for Papa John’s Pizza and Wendy’s to open this /June/July. Starbucks will open this May. And finally a new TGV will open too.. ahh now everybody won’t just flock to Kinta City’s TGV.

Overall, it’s a good start to changing what was once a very dead town. However, giving way for economic and population growth has its own bad side effects. Ipoh is now no longer the peaceful quiet town. The massive traffic jam everyday during peak hours is as bad as petaling jaya and considering majority of Ipoh roads are two small lanes, NOT a good sign. Ipoh is crowded now too with lots of new housing developments. But I guess it’s give and take. I don’t mind sacrificing peaceful life for development in Ipoh. It’s my hometown, and I’d love to see it grow like Penang.

As for AEON Station 18, I wish I could see more new business ventures. It’s AWESOME to see names like Nando’s, Papa John’s, Wendy’s, Daiso etc now but I’m hoping for more. But a lot of people complained that it’s nothing special – HELLO. Be thankful that it’s there. When Ipoh is a dead town you complain, when there’s new development you still complain. Give it a chance you unappreciative fucks.

Next up – Mydin located in Meru Raya & Manjoi will open in May 2012. More options to shop. The only problem is now is to make lots of money to spend 🙁

Carnival @ RTC (Rural Transformation Centre) Gopeng, Perak

March 11, 2012 at 2:17 PM

This was supposed to be written like 3 weeks ago? But I never got around to do it. This was on 16th-19th February 2012 held at RTC (Rural Transformation Centre) in Gopeng. This was actually a carnival, a launch and job fair. My mom and uncle has been bugging me to go and see what kind of jobs they have there. We only found out about this on Saturday morning and I didn’t wanna go on that day so we decided to go on Sunday.

We went at 4 pm and turns out the whole carnival thing ends at 5 pm. Bleh. So basically when we arrived, mostly have closed down or packing to go back. Only the stalls were still selling stuff. Now this place is all about small entrepreneur, like a development center for small entrepreneurs so all those people selling stuff there were small entrepreneurs.

Click more below to continue reading this. Gotta put a cut since it’s quite long and picture heavy.

A Fun Day Trip to KL For A RedBox Karaoke Session

February 22, 2012 at 1:30 PM

I went back to KL/PJ yesterday for a day trip. I went there to see my friends, one of them is about to leave to London again. I miss hanging out and just wasting time walking in shopping malls with that girl. <3

I had a lot of problems planning my trip. It’s because I thought my uncle has gone to KL already and I have no one to send and pick me up to the train station. Taking a cab is SO EXPENSIVE. RM15 for a trip to my house that’s just a few minutes away? No way. So it was a tough time planning until night-time when my uncle finally called and he said he didn’t go to KL. Yay. And he’s willing to help pick me up. So that’s settled when another problem appeared – train tickets. Luckily I went to buy the tickets at 7 am for the 8.30am train and it was available. I also booked a return trip ticket for 5.35 pm. So everything is settled. Off I went to KL!

Of course I went with the ETS train. I got a window seat on coach A.

OMG the ETS train finally stopped playing Tom & Jerry on repeat! They played one of my favorite childhood movies ever – Little Giants! Too bad I couldn’t see clearly from where I was and there was no sound.. the last time I was on ETS train was April 2011 I think.. it was almost a year ago.

My meal on the train 😀 I haven’t had their ‘nasi lemak’ in ages.. I loved it. Particularly because the chicken rendang is just meat, no bones.. and it was delicious. Expensive meal, but delicious. The meal cost me RM8 something. It’s okay. It’s been one year since I last had the ‘nasi lemak’ so what the hell.

I reached KL Sentral at 10.35am, straight away took the RapidKL LRT to Taman Bahagia, then took at cab to The Curve which cost me only RM8 😀 I was supposed to meet my friends for a karaoke session at 11.30am but I reached there at 11.10 am which was surprisingly earlier than I expected! I went to Daiso for a bit, bought some stuff then rushed to RedBox.

They had the special lunch hour rate which includes set lunch for RM12++ per person so that was really affordable! We had this HUGE room for 3 people which was really nice. We had ample space for dancing haha

We had this creamy spaghetti (carbonara?) that came with a gigantic plate and lots of chicken, mushroom and prawns. It was really delicious. My friends ordered lychee drinks while I had the orange drink.

I didn’t take many pics because we dimmed the room dark, and my phone was on low battery so I had to leave it to charge. My friend started singing and it was quite awkward at first but once we got the groove on, oh man did we all go crazy. I think due to the song selections which we mixed with oldschool 90s and latest hits, and the room sounds like a club, we started dancing like crazy haha. It was so much fun! I haven’t had this much fun in ages! Also turns out we had the room from 12pm to 3 pm instead of 2 pm we thought at first, which gave us a lot of time to sing and dance and go crazy! I love these girls. It’s a fresh and nice change of atmosphere from my stuck up pretend goodie two shoes colleagues at work.

I was singing my lungs out until I got sore throat and almost lost my voice. Had to really release all the stress. Total bill came up to around technically it was RM14 per person. Not bad at all for 3 hours of unlimited songs inclusive lunch! Alas, at 3 pm we had to leave. Said goobye to my friend Aznita and my friend Claudia and I just walked around in Cold Storage until we had to leave at 4.30 pm. Then I took the LRT from Kelana Jaya back to Sentral then back on the train to Ipoh.

That was the end of my trip. Overall I had a very fun day at karaoke that I very much needed. I’ve been in a lot of stress and tension lately with problems here and there so it felt really good to just let loose for a while, even though for only a short time.