Retro Game: Hugo DOS Games!

March 23, 2014 at 8:59 PM

So I was googling and wanted to write about wholesale offset printing, and about printing and design. I wanted to post about design softwares that I used to love since we’re on printing subject. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember the name so I can’t find any pictures, info or write about it.


I found this game that I used to really like while I was googling.

It’s called Hugo House of Horrors. I think this is part 1.

It’s a game where you are required to type instruction for your character such as “walk to the door” or “use key” or “open door” and stuff like that. This game frustrated me to no end because I couldn’t figure out what to type and what to do next so I kept getting stuck. Click more to read more about this game!

Emergency Room Code Red by Legacy

September 13, 2012 at 3:02 PM


I miss this game so much.

Emergency Room: Code Red by Legacy

It’s a point-and-click simulation game in the ER room where you are the intern doctor (or something, I forgot) and you try to diagnose the patients. It’s awesome because it uses real quicktime movies, which means they were real actors and not animation. There are some story. And the best thing you get to use the tools like EKG machine, pulse oximeter, and even do minor surgery on them. I used to pretend I’m a doctor, and when I’m evil, I kill them haha.

This was like I think 10-12 years ago? They don’t make games like this anymore. It’s simple yet so thorough. The latest would be the game for DSi which I’ve finished but it was quite difficult. I wish they’d make more games like this :\

emergency room code red

Drum King for Wii Review

July 2, 2012 at 12:41 PM

I love this game, I hate this game. It’s a love-hate relationship.

I got this game a couple of weeks ago because I haven’t touched my wii for months and it’s collecting dust so after watching some ‘Just Dance 3’ demo, I wanted it. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it but instead I found ‘Drum King‘. It doesn’t need any drum set so hey, worth a try.

drum king for wii

You only need to use the wiimote and nunchuk as sorta like virtual instrument for this game.

The thing that I love is the fact that you don’t need extra expensive drum set to play it, and I’ve been wanting to play a drum game for so long. However I think there are more cons than pros with this game.

The wiimote is quite heavy, so after a while of heavy ‘air drumming’, your hand, wrist and arm will get very tired. I could only survive the easiest option because if you choose the hard mode, you’ll get confused unless your friends nicknamed you the Drums Dude! You have to remember what combination of buttons will do for what part of drums.. it’s too complicated for my brain.

The notes also sometimes don’t hit at the right moment, even though I tried my best to hit it.. like I said, it’s all confusing. But what’s nice is that I can drum to some of my favorite songs so it’s a good stress reliever, but not something you can play for a long time. And since I’m playing it on a 46″ TV it gives me headache.. after you’re done playing each songs, because you’ve been concentrating on the moving notes on screen, your surrounding will move for a while after.. it’s like one of those optical illusion pictures that after you stare for a long time, your eyesight will have moving images, surrounding and stuff.

Back in Second Life

March 13, 2012 at 6:30 PM

Lately I’ve been active again in Second Life.
I don’t know why I decided to be back in SL. I remember when in 2007, when I felt lonely, SL would cheer me up. Things have improved a lot in SL and its viewer. However, one thing I hate the most is that clubs are not that friendly. You go there, and they just keep on talking to themselves and their circle of friends and leaving the rest out. What’s the point of having a club if they don’t care about their visitors?

I’ve also had a makeover for my avatar.

Another thing I love about SL is that you can visit photogenic spots and take awesome pictures.
Well I’ll see how long I can last in world this time.

My Nintendo DS Lite!

September 9, 2011 at 3:00 PM

I have a Nintendo DS Lite again!

August 18th 2011 (meant to blog about this sooner lol)


I’ve been wanting a DS Lite for quite a while. I’ve been looking for the cheapest option everywhere and the cheapest I could find for a new set was RM375. However, that’s available in Singapore. Having them to post it here is quite risky plus I’d have to bear expensive charges of sending it back to Singapore should I ever need to claim warranty.

Last month, just so happened that someone was selling a used DS Lite in a forum based in Ipoh. Now, I’ve been against used stuff because I don’t like using stuff that’s been used by unknown people. You don’t know what they’ve done to it, whether they’ve dropped it, whether they caused problems to it and stuff like that.

However, I have my DSi. After bricking my Acekard 2i a while ago, I decided I want a backup DS Lite. I certainly can’t carry my DSi to anywhere I go because of what happened last time (my pretty metallic rose DS Lite was stolen from my bag) so that’s why I decided to accept used nintendo that’s cheap as possible. This guy happened to be based in my city, and after negotiating I got the cheapest price I could get – RM180!

That’s fucking cheap.

The one in the Singapore shop is cheaper – RM173 but again, it’s too risky. No box, plus I can’t test it… So I decided to quickly make a deal with this guy. Unfortunately he had laptop problem that night and couldn’t meet me the next day but would send his brother instead.. now that sounded like a suspicious first deal.. after reading all the con cases in the forum, I was skeptical. He was persistent to deal with me the next day too and doesn’t wanna wait the day after to deal with him.

At last I agreed, telling him to deal at somewhere nearby my place. The agreed time was 6 pm.. guess what time his brother arrived? 6.40 pm. Wtf. I waited there at KFC alone like an idiot because it was fasting month. There was nobody there except 3 staffs and me. I thought I got stood up. I was really pissed, plus mom was waiting in the car, really pissed too, and it was almost time to break the fast so mom wanted to go home to cook.

As I was about to leave, his brother reached the place. Tested the thing, and I couldn’t test it for long but apart from the left upper button being a little hard to press (he already mentioned it in his forum post) everything else is working great. It doesn’t really bother me because I already have my DSi. Not that I use that button a lot. I made the deal with him. I can’t find any other console that’s cheaper than that plus located in my city. White is not my color though. I hated it. It looks yellowish for the buttons. So I pimped it a bit.

There! It looks much better now 😀

Now I can bring it to anywhere I go because it’s smaller, lighter, not new, cheap. Now I have a backup console should I brick my cards again, longer playing hours and double gaming backups! Plus I can play with my guitar hero again yay.

Also, I took this to KL and played it in the train during the journey, and accidentally got addicted with ‘Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney‘. No wonder that game was so much popular.. it’s friggin fun!