The Lip Sync Battle

September 20, 2015 at 5:29 PM

Who doesn’t love lip-synching to their favorite songs? I know I do.

First I thought I wanted to share the impressive impressions Ariana Grande did on Jimmy Fallon’s show that I found hilarious. But then I checked out a lip sync battle between him and Ellen DeGeneres but it wasn’t as epic as I thought it would be. Quite sad though since it could’ve been better. I mean… it’s ELLEN.

Then I saw this one by Tom Cruise, now this one is epic!

Seriously, Tom is over 50 and he’s still looking hot, damn.
The part when they said ‘it’s not fair’, I was clueless when they meant. Duhr, it’s Tom’s infamous scene where he dances in his undie. I’ve seen it the ‘entrance’ part, but I haven’t seen the full scene. Haven’t seen the movie either. Now it makes me wanna see it.

Here’s the infamous ‘Old Time Rock ‘N’ Roll’ dance scene from the movie ‘Risky Business’.



If you’re looking for musical instruments, head over to musicians friend home page and purchase one.

PS: My apologies for the lack of updates in this blog, or any of my blogs. I’ve just been blergh.

Keyboard Cat

January 19, 2015 at 2:17 AM

I did a youtube search with the keyword ‘keyboard’ and this came up:

Super lulz!

That’s just too darn cute. I’ve never seen that video before which is strange since it’s a viral video. I wish my cat would do something like that. I remember when I was 7 or 8, and this music school came to my school and told us to go to their place for a demo, so I asked my mom and it was so much fun. I wanted to play the organ. Mom suggested piano instead. It was okay at first. Then it got weird. Then it was traumatizing.

Oh while I’m on the subject, click the link if you’re looking for a 88-key keyboard stand.

I downloaded so many free books from Amazon to my Kindle today and I still have a lot to finish so I better start reading them. Toodles.

Road Rage

March 23, 2014 at 6:12 PM

I saw this video a few days ago.

Ok. Now I will never give middle finger when I’m pissed off on the road. SCARY.

But that woman in the video portrays exactly how I am on the road haha. Very unladylike, I know but I can’t help it when stupid people can’t drive properly on the road, especially those who think they own the road and don’t care about endangering others. Hey if you wanna die, that’s your problem but don’t drag me along! How many people die on the road because of other’s careless mistake. And those on motorcycles, stop ignoring the red lights or zig-zagging! Geez.

Guitar Baby

January 18, 2014 at 9:15 AM

I found this yesterday while I was browsing youtube:

Okay, obviously it’s fake. I first found it just the video alone and if you don’t concentrate hard it will look real. But then I noticed the baby looked weird. First thought of course a baby can’t play a guitar like that but then I just finished watching kids under 5 playing the guitar like a pro so who am I to judge.

It’s quite funny though!

Then I decided to do another search and yup, just as I thought, it’s an ad for the game. It actually looks cool. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play guitar.

I wanted to blog about classic behringer mixer x1832usb at guitar center but the page is empty and the item is sold out so I can”t blog about it. Oh well..

Nando’s Punch Better Than KFC

February 19, 2012 at 12:58 AM

It certainly is better.



But I still love KFC despite all the chaos about the staff’s breaking some kung fu moves on a customer. They do have the most awesomest chickens and coleslaw.