New Online Fashion Shop – Street Neko

December 5, 2011 at 2:41 PM

There’s a new online fashion shop in town!

This is a side project of my company, Creative Neko Studio.

Street Neko ( will focus on clothing, and might add any interesting and kawaii things in the future. It’s selling trendy clothes that you see mainly from Japan and Korea. I’m starting out small but I will expand soon. It took me a week+ to build this online store because I kept changing the cart system. I didn’t find the ones that I like, and ones that I like is in chinese language. This plan for this shop has been thought of for half a year already but just never had the chance to really execute it. I wanted to start with a simple blogshop only but yeah, decided to go more organized.

Please spread the word around & support Street Neko!

I don’t know how long this website can last, or this business, but I know I’m trying my very best right now. So if you love trendy Korean and Japanese fashion trend & kawaii things, do visit the website!

Now that’s done, I need to focus on other things now. I’ve been too busy for my own good. Bleh.

Street Neko Banner


New haircut!

November 11, 2011 at 12:45 AM

I have a new haircut!

Oh God my head feels so light now.. feels like I just got rid half of burden on my head. I cut a lot cuz my hair was so long, down until almost touching my butt.. now it’s only just a couple of inches below shoulder. I finally had time to straighten my hair too because my plan changed today. I was getting so tired and so sick of my long, tangled, frizzy & very dry hair.

I also got 2 lip balms that has the smell of tutti frutti and bubble gum which I loved so much that I couldn’t resist to get them. I wanted to buy new eyeliner and mascara but I’m so broke right now…

I’ve been so busy lately. I don’t even have time for myself anymore. I have so many DVDs I haven’t even watched yet that I bought from amazon.. so many blog posts I haven’t posted yet.. so many things I’ve neglected and delayed. I just hope all the things I’m doing right now will be worth it soon. I have a very busy weekend too.. ick.

I am going to do something now. Blog again soon. Toodles.