Print Store & DVD Cover

March 23, 2014 at 5:24 PM

Do you own a printing business?
Looking for an online design customization tool?

There’s a company called EonCode specializing on building print-industry specific software. I checked out the website and it looks so awesome. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s available internationally, maybe just in the US, so if you’re in the US and looking for something to improve your printing business, you can check out the company.

Speaking of printing, when I went back to KL last year, I found my old DVD print!

It was my very last assignment for my elective class at college, which required us to do a full DVD cover. I never took a pic of it properly. I remember going through hell trying to get that DVD printed and it was fecking expensive! And they couldn’t even get the alignments right because I had different template. The ‘screencaps’ part turned out darker than I had expected. Sucks.

Just thought I’d share that.

Reminiscing 2011 Part 1

December 31, 2011 at 7:53 PM

Wow this is so gonna be a long entry. I’m gonna try to remember any memorable events or things that happened this whole year because honestly I feel that this year went by so friggin fast. It was like within a blink of my eyes. Also a lot of things happened that I didn’t blog about so I’m hoping this would sort of summarize my year as well as preserving any events that happened this year. Yes, I do check back old blog posts for memory sake.

I think I will separate this blog into a few parts. The year started out pretty good.. was hoping this would be my awesome year.. failed at that. At least I had an okay start compared to an extremely disastrous ending for year 2010. Okay, let’s start!

Please Press the Round Button

December 21, 2011 at 10:52 PM

How does ’round’ look like?

This was taken from my university college. It amazes me that they even had to point out how a ‘ROUND’ should look like.. while STILL pointing out where to press it considering it’s an international college. What, is there any other shape for ‘ROUND’ that I don’t know about? Did anyone get confused on what ’round’ should look like?


January 12, 2011 at 9:10 AM

I am going to Kuala Lumpur again tomorrow and will be back on Sunday. On Saturday I am finally having my convocation! Urgh, I was supposed to have it last year in April if it wasn’t for my stupid elective class and its exam being 2 days before the convo. They could have just let me go to the convo but my college is evil… because I was taking an elective subject that I was supposed to take in foundation year! FIRST SEMESTER. What’s the chance of me failing there? If I didn’t get an A, at least I’d get a B… in which I did get an A with a MINUS. A-?! I’m still unhappy about that and will always be. I guess kissing the lecturer’s behind didn’t work that great.

But anyways, I hope everything goes well.

An Eye Exam, Shrek 4-D, Moving Balls Toy

May 28, 2010 at 2:26 PM


Last Wednesday, I had an eye exam at the college’s new faculty in the morning. I’ve been having bad allergic reactions since I’ve been in KL since 2006. So i’ve been doing a lot of rubbing on my eye. So I got worried and since the new Faculty of Optometry & Vision Sciences is opened and they offer free full eye exam at the moment, so I said why not, right? I mean it’s free. So I went to set up an appointment.

The eye exam took like an hour because it was a thorough eye exam. So you know the usual stuff – they used the machines to check the eyes, the vision, then the blurriness, check for color blind etc.. it did take like an hour-ish for it to finish. So the verdict? I’m short sighted. Which I already know.. and told him my glasses have been crooked for like ages, so I’d need a new one, but their place to sell it haven’t opened yet so he’ll give me a call when it does. Other than that, nothing wrong, which is quite a surprise to me since I’ve been having a lot of allergies. He did say I have like tiny bumps on the lid or something, which means I do have allergies so better to go to clinic to get it checked. They can only give artificial tear drop but it would be just a temporary relief.

Finished at 12 pm. Then I called my friend and we went to Ikea for lunch and had hotdog. Their hotdog and curry puffs are ‘the awesomeness’. The only cheap alternatives when you’re so damn broke haha.


I was supposed to pick mom up to send to the clinic after lunch hour, but after countless tries phoning her and she didn’t pick up, I decided to watch a movie with Claudia. She wanted to watch Kick-Ass while I want to watch Shrek in 3D. You see, I’ve been a fan of Shrek movies, and since Hollywood now are so crazy with the 3D trend, I thought hey, why not watch Shrek in 3D. Besides, I want to watch it in 3D before I go back to my hometown next week because the cinema at my hometown is sooooooo lame that they don’t have 3D. Kick-Ass movie is no longer showing so it was either Shrek or A Nightmare on Elm Street. Oh I so wanna watch Nightmare on Elm Street because I wanna see how they remake the classic – even though it won’t be the same as original as Freddy isn’t played by Robert Englund (he’s the only best Freddy!) and no hot young Johnny Depp πŸ˜› But Claudia didn’t want to watch scary movie so I had to force her to watch Shrek in 3D πŸ˜› After all the forcing and pleading she gave in hehehehe.

I don’t want to give extensive review on the movie because I have another website for my movie reviews. The movie is good! It’s soooo hilarious. I actually love this better than the 3rd one. On the 3D review, I love watching movies in 3D. Some says 3D sucks because you don’t get like stuff coming towards you and make you go WHOOOAAA, but it’s not all about that. 3D gives you the depth also.. makes the surrounding and characters come to life as if you’re there instead of flat 2D. There are some scenes where you feel the elements go ‘out of the screen’ like smoke, those magic particles.. and like stuff almost coming to you. Overall, 3D Shrek is better than 3D Alice in Wonderland. I’ve also watched Nightmare before Christmas 3D before and it was awesome because you see the snow falls right in front of you.. the verdict? Watch in 3D if it’s ANIMATION MOVIE, but don’t watch 3D if it’s just a normal movie unless you don’t care about the effect, and just want the depth.

I wonder how they’re gonna make the last Harry Potter’s movie in 3D? They better make it good!

My favorite part of Shrek 4 is when Puss in Boots give the sad puppy dog eyes to Donkey 3 times! OMG I couldn’t stop laughing at that! OMG thinking of it now makes me laugh. That’s the funniest part ever because when my Ipoh friend and I watched the first Shrek movie, we couldn’t stop talking about how Puss in Boots did the sad eyes in the first movie.. now they made it longer so it’s even more hilarious.

Go watch Shrek 4! It’s t3h-awesomeness!

Oh yeah, while waiting for Shrek 4, we spent a long time at Daiso and discovered a new toy that is so addictive. I mean – if you can picture a box of the top toys for a 4 year old boy, this would be right at the top of the pile.

γƒ γƒΌγƒ“γƒ³γ‚°γƒœγƒΌγƒ«θ„³γ‚’ζ΄»ζ€§εŒ–οΌ

We spent a long time playing this at Daiso until after the movie, I decided to get this!

This is Claudia (her hand actually) playing with it after I bought it. When we played with it in Daiso, everybody was looking at how crazy we were with a baby rattle looking thing in our hands. So what the hell is this? It’s actually a brain training game!

How do you play this? If you can’t read the Japanese, I’ll roughly translate it for you. Basically it says the aim of the game is to have one color separated at each sides. So you have to start with all the balls mixed up at one side, then shake/roll/swing whatever you like to move one color to the other side. I find it easier to play once you have the toy out of the packaging and I find it easier to roll instead of shaking the thing. For example, you want to have blue colored balls at the right side and orange colored ball at the left side. When it’s done, it looks like this!


Haha I love that girl cartoon! That’s how I look like when I play the toy. It makes you frustrated, it makes you cuss, it makes you happy, it makes you giggle.. basically the toy will fuck with your head. Haha. Love it.

Only in Daiso! Geez, the Japanese and their crazy inventions.. even a simple toy that looks like a baby rattle that cost RM 5 (100 yen, or around USD 1+) can make you addicted. But it’s fun, so what the hell. I actually played with this when I went shopping with mom after that and everybody was looking at me.

Oh I also got the book “Pride & Prejudice & Zombies“.. yay! Finally. I love anything with zombies. I’ve read “I am Scrooged: A Zombie Story for Christmas” before and I loved it! I’m the kind of person who hates reading books unless it’s very interesting.. so zombies? Of course it’s interesting πŸ˜€ Since I have not read the original Pride & Prejudice, so this is the time right? With a little bit of zombies to add the spice.