Proton Prevé – Seriously??

April 18, 2012 at 4:27 AM

So Monday night we saw the launching of the new Proton car. Finally we get to see the car after being teased months after months. My first reaction was ‘SERIOUSLY’?

It’s called – Proton Prevé. SERIOUSLY? “Prevé“???

The car looks alright – I mean typical proton look. Nothing new. Nothing to ‘wow’ about. But the thing that I wanna touch is the name itself. Proton Prevé??

Seriously, who thought up that name? Am I the only one who thinks the name is such an epic fail? That the name is the UGLIEST sounding name for a car? All of Proton cars before this had nice sounding name – Perdana, Persona, Savvy, Satria, Saga, Inspira.. what the hell happened? Prevé??

They said the name Prevé comes from the word ‘preeve’ which means to prove. Or in Spanish it means ‘to envision’.

I DESPISE the name. I seriously do. It’s just not suitable as a car’s name in my opinion. That’s just sad.

Interior wise.. it’s bland and boring. Even with all the cool gadgets and features like push button start, GPS, wifi in car etc but why do they have to make it look so bland and ugly?

Who is this meant for? 50 year old and above? It looks so ..retro. I don’t like it but if you do, that’s cool. Maybe because I’m a girl and I prefer a nicer looking interior. Maybe that’s why I hate cars like Mercedes and BMW. They have ugly boring interior as if it’s meant for 50 year old dudes and above only.

The only compensation would be the cool features they added in. I LOVE push start button. As a girl with a bag full of junks, digging for keys out from the bag every time is so troublesome.


My Baby Myvi Is Back Home From Workshop

February 25, 2012 at 7:59 AM

My baby Myvi is back home from the workshop!

Oh I miss it so much. It’s been over a month since the accident. Early last month my myvi had an accident because of a stupid taxi driver. What a great start of 2012 for me, eh?

It happened at night so you couldn’t see much in the picture. Since my myvi is back after an excruciating wait of 1 1/2 months I can finally look at this picture. Basically I wrecked the front bumper. Couldn’t open the door either. But at least my lamps/windows/windscreen didn’t break.

I finally got my car on Thursday!

Seems okay! Boy am I happy to see the sight of my car back. Looks like new now 🙂 No visible scratches that would bother me (except just tiny bit at the sides which isn’t that obvious). Only obvious and visible difference is the perodua logov in front which has a red background instead of the original black which kinda bothers me. I know I shouldn’t be bothered with small thing but it would always be a reminder that my car had an accident and I hate that. Might take a while to adjust to that. Underneath the logo is a bit different too.

I have yet to send it to perodua for a check to see if there’s anything wrong in the engine compartment. You never know they could have exchanged anything. The wait for the insurance claim was a pain in the ass. Somehow it’s ETIQA. I thought it was AmAssurance? I don’t know. Anyways. Just claiming from ETIQA Auto Insurance took a month, sending the adjuster to check out the damage took a week, waiting for the verdict took another week.. damn. It was a long, tiring process. Finally got the text message that they have authorized the workshop to repair it. Phew. My friend who has One Sure Insurance told me her experience with her claim was much more civil and hasty, makes me wonder if I should consider them.

But there’s another thing I’m glad.

They finally took that piece of junk they call a car back! It’s been sitting outside my house for 1 1/2 months. I’ve only used it once and it was like riding to hell. It was like falling apart. So it was sitting there until after a week the battery died. Finally after 1 1/2 months later they took it back and since they battery died, they had to tow it. I feel kinda bad though. I mean piece of junk or not, it was under my care and I should have taken care of it but I did call them and they didn’t do anything so not my fault.

Anyways I’m just happy my baby is back and hoping that nothing is wrong when I send it for a checkup on Monday.

Hello, Naza Kia Forte 2.0 SX

June 12, 2011 at 1:36 AM

Hello, NAZA KIA FORTE 2.0 SX! Welcome to my family 🙂 Since June 7th 2011.

Here’s the story.

Back in March I was looking for a new car. My eyes fell in love with CHEVROLET CRUZE. I wanted a cruze so badly. I love everything about it except for one thing – the features. It’s a toned down version from the Cruze outside Malaysia. No USB port. So I was hesitating until I saw this limited edition Cruze –

Now the problem was, it cost RM120k.. but they have a special thing going on where you can get 100% loan. It was a bit problematic trying to get RM100k loan. Then comes the FORTE which happened to be released late February/March and instead of 4 speed, it’s now a 6 speed shiftronic transmission.. and it cost just a tiny bit lesser than Cruze but with a whole lot new features.

So the main thing that attracted me Forte are PUSH START BUTTON and REVERSE CAMERA.

Hell, for RM98,700 they’re two cool features that you can’t get at that price! Beats Cruze way ahead. I’ve actually loved Forte since I first saw the previous model at a mall in 2009 I think. Apart from these two, there are other stuff such as USB port, airbags, 6 CD changer, interior design, leather seat, safety features etc that made me decide on Forte finally.

I still love Cruze but it’s only 1800 CC with no USB port, not enough airbags, no other special features except a really lovely interior..

Now, when I went to check out Forte, coincidentally the loan officer was at the showroom.. checked my documents and was instantly approved! I was soooo surprised. The thing is, there’s no white. I want white. They said I need to wait 3 months. But there agent from Cruze that was handling my documents for Cruze before called me, and said he has a friend who could get white color in 3 weeks.. without much thinking I said okay :\

The car arrived in a month actually, but still better than 3 months. Had to go all the way to Kajang which is SO FAR AWAY and a new place I’ve never been to.. Didn’t have much freebies compared to my Myvi.. did a tint for the car with RM300 voucher but it has air bubbles now so have to take it back later.

My agent drove the car from KL all the way to Ipoh the next day so half petrol tank is used up so technically I only got half tank of petrol. It got dirty and I kept being paranoid that I didn’t get a new car but a showroom display car instead.. -__- oh well.

The interior of Forte is sorta ‘boyish’.. it’s just straight to the point compared to Cruze which has slightly feminine/softer look.

But DAMN, it’s so comforting, this car. I LOOOOOVE driving it compared to my Myvi.. of course my Myvi is just 1.3 and this one is 2.0. No regret. Good for racing too haha. The best part is that I finally have a car with push start button that I’ve been dreaming of and making my life easier. You see, I carry a sling bag that I put everything, all my junks in there.. with my wallet, phone, receipts, other craps so it’s hard to find key.. now I don’t even have to take out the key out of my bag… soooooo much more convenient.

Well that’s it about my new car. This one is mostly for long distance traveling while my Myvi is more for town.

Gosh, more blog posts piling up. Good thing is that my house renovation is done! Cleaning up is almost done! Thank God. Just a little bit more cleaning and buying necessary stuff then I can concentrate on my work.

My New Ride: Perodua Myvi Limited Edition 2011

May 3, 2011 at 3:01 AM




To those of you who knew me and my car, I drove a year 2000 Perodua Kancil that belonged to my cousin that I hate. Don’t ask. Been driving it since the day I got my license – which was around mid year 2004 I think.


The car was okay. It helped me a lot. It was small, very compact, so the inside was a little bit too tight. Now the reason why I hated this car was that it didn’t belong to me. I felt like I couldn’t give a shit about it. All I cared about was getting from point A to point B and that’s it. The radio hasn’t worked for years so everytime I had to travel to KL or Ipoh I had to use MP3 player to keep from falling asleep. And the major thing I hated the most was that IT DOES NOT HAVE POWER STEERING!


Do you have any idea how much energy I had to put into turning the steering? Everytime I keep telling everyone the more I turn it I can develop arm muscles.. and I had to use so much energy that everytime I feel like my heart was gonna pop out of my chest. That’s how bad the steering was. Because of that, driving that car was exhausting. When I go out, even though to a shop opposite my house, I’ll end up feeling so tired for the whole day.

However, I am still grateful that it had given me a good service throughout the years. It survived the hectic KL traffic jams, taken me to a lot of places I never thought I’d go… almost killed me twice, so without it, I don’t know what I’d do. So thank you my precious old Kancil. I will remember all the memories I have with you.



I’m still surprised I got the car actually. It was all a sudden decision. I decided to check the car out about 2+ weeks ago, submitted my documents on a Friday for loan thinking I wouldn’t get it approved due to a reason which I have to keep secret for the time being and on Monday I got the call telling me my loan is approved! This is more like a family car for my mom and I even though my mom has no confidence of driving this.


I’ve actually fallen in love with this car a while ago when I saw it with my friend. It’s PINK some more! It’s actually called ‘Dazzling Red‘ but it’s more towards hot pink actually. It’s obvious that the car is targeted towards girls even though it also comes in black and white. I know some guys despise it, haha. I have yet to see a guy driving a pink car. There are, but I just haven’t seen them.

It’s actually very SPACIOUS inside! Well compared to my Kancil that is. It has good leg room, not too cluttered and it has a nice simple soft design which is perfect for girls. Ahhhhhh….no more tight, crammed space like Kancil.

It comes with a special seat design with ‘Limited Edition’ written on it. The fabric seat has also red linings/patterns and it also comes with a special ‘limited edition’ carpet mats.

The main attraction?? THE DECORATIVE FLOWERY DESIGN! It has flowery pattern on the center cluster and door armrest. That’s why this car is targeted toward girls. This is my most favorite feature because it’s just so nice. Oh the radio also comes with USB so I can just use my thumbdrive now to play MP3 and it also comes with bluetooth connection support.

I’m quite fussy with car’s interior and I have surveyed A LOT of cars… only a few caught my attention. Overall I’m loving the interior design.. it’s very comfortable and good for city drive. Plus I finally have an auto car! 😀 Oh man, driving manual was so troublesome and exhausting. I love driving my car now compared to last time 😀

The car however does not come with ABS which is disappointing. It also doesn’t come with any shopping hook unlike the other versions of Myvi. Who designs a car for girls but doesn’t provide shopping hooks to hang shopping bags?! Seriously, there’s NO PLACE to hang or put the shopping bags – for example like drink (not ones with cup) or hot food. This however has an easy solution. I went to a Japanese 100 yen shop and bought some hooks so problem solved. 😀

So here I present to you – my new car! TADA!

Pictures taken on the day I took it which was on the same day as the royal wedding day (April 29th 2011). It was a gloomy, cold, rainy morning on that day. Got my car roughly 2+ weeks after booking and a day after down payment. I got a free steering lock, a free umbrella holder, a free shopping bag and free tinted film! 😀 The car already comes with UV protected glass but I got free tinted film (cost around RM1500). Also got RM20 worth of petrol…  🙁 majority of cars would get full tank of petrol but I only got RM20 🙁

I also added the spoiler for extra RM200 so it doesn’t look ‘bald’ at the back there.. it looks weird without it. The car cost RM48,600.00. Pretty okay for a compact car 😀 The hot pink color is the kind of pink that I really love so it’s all perfect 🙂 Alhamdulillah.

But it’s pretty sad though that currently my house is under renovation so my car has to be taken out at 8 am everyday so the workers can do their work and it has to endure hot sun until 5 pm… and when I put it inside there’d be so much dirt and dust that the car’s body and inside would get so dirty. I have to clean them everyday 🙁 It’s okay, once it’s all done, I’ll take my car for a ‘bath’.

If you’re interested in reading the brochure, click the photos below to enlarge the pictures.

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