An Interesting Lucky Draw Win

February 1, 2012 at 5:21 AM

I won a lucky draw but it’s an interesting one!

You see, when I filled up petrol for my car at a nearby Petronas station, this very friendly attendant helped me out by filling it out for me and teaching me how to use the card to pay for it (I usually would ask them to do it). After talking he told me they’re having a lucky draw and since I filled up full tank, I was eligible to get two stamps. I’d need 3 stamps to enter. It was not until the 2nd last day before I submitted. By that time, the box was so full that I had a hard time pushing my lucky draw paper in.. I think there must’ve been thousands of entries in there.

Boy was I surprised when I got a call last Saturday saying that I’m a lucky winner. They picked 42 winners from the box, and they will do an event where they’ll draw names to determine which prize we will win. All I wanted was the free food, haha.

The ceremony started at 11 am at the Petronas station, just outside of its mini mart. I was surprised when I reached there.

I didn’t realize when I entered (because I didn’t think I’d win anyway) that all prizes were TOYS. Hahahaha. TOYS! For babies and toddlers! OMG. Even those little fidget spinners they announce in the Raptor Spinners Facebook page all the time.

They started the lucky draw and I was praying I don’t win the shitty prizes like tiny school bags meant for toddlers. They were a lot of school bags as the bottom prizes. I was eyeing on the hello kitty or at least that Tiger plushie… at least they’re cute and I can use it. Unfortunately I didn’t get the plushies! I was soooo close though! I had the 16th prize and the hello kitty was for 13th place and Tiger was for 10th. I also wouldn’t mind the 3rd prize which was a remote controller dinosaur figure. OR THE BARBIES! Well not really barbies.. all of the prizes were all cheap China knockoffs. The first prize was an imitation of Transformers robot. Or even the keyboard would’ve been useful and not so embarrassing.

Here are some of the top 10 winners. See that McDonald’s behind there? The exact location where I had an accident. Urgh. Hurt to see it.

Many left early and didn’t even eat the food.. so more for me!

But a lot of people attended.

The best highlight was definitely the food! I’m not a fan of fried noodle but seriously, it was the best and the most damn delicious fried noodle I’ve ever tasted. So yummy that I had 1 1/2 plate, and took home a plate full because they were so much leftover. The ‘kuih’ (or snacks) were delicious too! Too bad they just served plain water because it was a hot day, so I was very thirsty. Wish there was cold drink.


Then I went home and opened the prize.

Here’s what I won. A cheap china-made playhouse meant for babies.. Hahahahaha. It was quite embarrassing to win this.. and it’s very useless since I don’t even have a baby. Don’t know anyone with babies either. But you know what?

It’s actually very cute! It’s like a cute tent that even I can hide in. Haha. I decided to see if my cats would like this as their playhouse and you know what?

They do! A LOT. They wouldn’t stop playing with it and playing inside it. It’s like their little hideout. My 3 outdoor cats are the ones that loves it so much. They like to play and wrestle in it. But Orenji loves it the most. He sleeps in it. He’s practically in the tent everytime he’s inside the house.

Well that’s the end of my interesting lucky draw ever. I had another lucky draw that I won last year that I have yet to write about. I’ll try to find some time to write it.  Toodles.

Reminiscing 2011 Part 1

December 31, 2011 at 7:53 PM

Wow this is so gonna be a long entry. I’m gonna try to remember any memorable events or things that happened this whole year because honestly I feel that this year went by so friggin fast. It was like within a blink of my eyes. Also a lot of things happened that I didn’t blog about so I’m hoping this would sort of summarize my year as well as preserving any events that happened this year. Yes, I do check back old blog posts for memory sake.

I think I will separate this blog into a few parts. The year started out pretty good.. was hoping this would be my awesome year.. failed at that. At least I had an okay start compared to an extremely disastrous ending for year 2010. Okay, let’s start!

Please Press the Round Button

December 21, 2011 at 10:52 PM

How does ’round’ look like?

This was taken from my university college. It amazes me that they even had to point out how a ‘ROUND’ should look like.. while STILL pointing out where to press it considering it’s an international college. What, is there any other shape for ‘ROUND’ that I don’t know about? Did anyone get confused on what ’round’ should look like?

New Online Fashion Shop – Street Neko

December 5, 2011 at 2:41 PM

There’s a new online fashion shop in town!

This is a side project of my company, Creative Neko Studio.

Street Neko ( will focus on clothing, and might add any interesting and kawaii things in the future. It’s selling trendy clothes that you see mainly from Japan and Korea. I’m starting out small but I will expand soon. It took me a week+ to build this online store because I kept changing the cart system. I didn’t find the ones that I like, and ones that I like is in chinese language. This plan for this shop has been thought of for half a year already but just never had the chance to really execute it. I wanted to start with a simple blogshop only but yeah, decided to go more organized.

Please spread the word around & support Street Neko!

I don’t know how long this website can last, or this business, but I know I’m trying my very best right now. So if you love trendy Korean and Japanese fashion trend & kawaii things, do visit the website!

Now that’s done, I need to focus on other things now. I’ve been too busy for my own good. Bleh.

Street Neko Banner


Reminiscing Harry Potter In A Glance

November 30, 2011 at 9:49 PM

This actually almost made me cry remembering 10 years ago how excited I was when Harry Potter started.. with all the hype, the obsession, everything.. and now it has ended.. a part of my teenage years has ended but Harry Potter’s magic will always be with us. I’m actually waiting to get the final movie in Bluray because I have yet to see it. I KNOW. It’s the ending and I haven’t even seen it. I’m disappointed with myself.

Because the picture is HUGE, it’ll be hidden under the cut. Click below to see.