Kidnapped Boy Nayati Moodliar Has Been Found!

May 4, 2012 at 7:03 AM

I woke up yesterday morning to a good news I’ve been hoping for all week!

Nayati Shamelin Moodliar

The missing boy, Nayati Shamelin Moodliar, that was kidnapped last week on April 27th while walking to his school at Mont Kiara International School has been found yesterday morning at the rest area in Rawang/Sg Buloh.. apparently the kidnappers left him there with a handphone so he could call his parents. Police confirmed that the parents paid the ransom but would not disclose how much. For the whole week, we’ve been left in the darkness with no updates on the boy, when in fact they were communicating with the kidnappers about the ransom. I guess it was part of their plan to keep it silent as to not jeopardizing the boy’s life. Oh well whatever, at least they boy is safe! So relieved and glad that it did not end up with a tragedy, because the boy is so cute :\ So glad he didn’t end up like Nurin Jazlin or Dirang.. or even go missing like Sharlinie or Madeleine McCann.

I hope that once the boy has recovered from the traumatic experience, we would know more about the details.. and what he went through. What actually happened in the whole week? One thing for sure, Nayati is one hell of a famous kid around the world now. He could write a book and rake profits. Or make a movie about the whole kidnapping drama. Hey he already has that ‘star quality’ looks.. I wish they would release the CCTV footage now that the boy is back home. They better capture the kidnappers now and give them the worst punishment ever.

Welcome back home Nayati!

Nayati Shamelin Moodliar

Nayati Shamelin Moodliar


My Bunk Bed Dream

April 23, 2012 at 12:54 AM

I’ve always wished for a bunk bed.. like this traditional, normal looking wooden bunk bed. Why? Because I think it’s very cool. I’d always want to choose the top bunk. But I despise bunk beds that are at dorms, like school dorm. That ones suck.

But I wish my childhood was awesome enough to have this kind of bunk bed…

Too bad I don’t have any other sibling to share a bunk bed with. So since I’m an only child, I wanted to have a loft bed instead!

A single loft bed where you can have your workstation below.. not only it looks and feels cool but it also saves a lot of space.

I would so totally love this.

Or just have a totally cool area to chill.. and this one even has a curtain. I want my room to be like this! It just screams pure awesomeness.

Bunk beds are cool.

Sorry, just some randomness. I haven’t been in the mood to blog much lately. All I’ve been doing is just procrastinate and then single karaoke online. I think I’ve seriously been wasting my life away. How awesome is that. Well I so need a shower now.. it’s so hot but it’s like 1 am. I should sleep early and wake up early. Lately I’ve been screwing up my sleeping pattern and it’s not doing any good to my health and skin. Blergh.


How To Make Money With Clickbank Easily Part 2

April 3, 2012 at 11:01 AM

Read How To Make Money with Clickbank Easily Part 1

I just want to give some updates on my clickbank research and test results. I’ll constantly give some tips and reviews about how to boost your sales here and my upcoming new website so do check back here often 🙂 Bookmark this site!

In my last entry, I posted some reviews about the software from Commission Breakthrough. I’m glad some of you found it helpful 🙂 I’ve been getting quite a few comments/emails about how to boost your affiliate sales. There’s no doubt it’s a big struggle. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and good strategy to be able to compete with other affiliates that are already making big bucks and have bigger advantage. But they already have great exposure, so how to compete with them?

1. Know Your Niche

I find out that knowing your niche of the product you want to sell to the core is important to get started. Let’s say you want to promote about weight loss, which is a popular niche. If you search in google, how many millions of website are there that comes up when you search for ‘weight loss‘? So if you’re promoting it through your website, there’s no way in hell that your website will ever be seen right?

This is why, you need to learn the smaller niche. ‘Weight Loss’ is you main, big niche. What you need now is the smaller, mini version of your niche. We call micro niche. Don’t target ‘weight loss‘.. it’s too broad. Target smaller and more precise. Maybe ‘How to lose belly fat‘ or ‘How to lose cellulite on thighs‘.. something like that. It’ll narrow down the search and your website would likely be seen now.

2. Master the SEO (search engine optimization)

It’s extremely hard to get listed on the first page of google and be seen. There are some products that can help you ‘cheat’ your way in, which we call ‘blackhat‘ or ‘link farm‘ which is buying backlinks that will help increase your page rank or spamming your way through. Now if Google finds this, and trust me, they will, you’re SCREWED. Your site will completely be de-indexed from google. However there are certain strategy that you can use if you still wanna use it… which I will write about soon.

But right now, for beginners like me, what you need is to learn the correct method of SEO. I can recommend you two popular products to start with:

>> Google Sniper 2.0 <<


>> Commission Inferno <<


Both of these products are popular, and commission inferno is very highly recommended by a lot of people. I will write a separate post reviewing the product so if you want to know about the product in details, come back again shortly. You’ll be amazed. But right now do click on the links to go to their official website to watch the official video regarding the products.

Basically, both products teaches you how to rank in google, and how to make clickbank sales. Teaches you how to use the niche and how to get maximum exposure. It’s not a software, it’s more like tutorial for the beginners all about niche and SEO to rank in Google.. I think those who already master the art of SEO can skip this. So I did some ‘test’ after purchasing Google Sniper & Commission Inferno and wanna know the result?

$81.50 (RM248) in TWO DAYS.

Fucking awesome.

It certainly is better than the last $22.84 huh? 🙂 I’ve been away last Sunday and I’ve been busy with my other projects yesterday so I didn’t make any sale.. but once I’m done with my other project today I’m hoping to get back on track and hopefully I’ll make even bigger sale. If I do, I’ll certainly update it here.

Hopefully this entry would help some of you who are struggling to make your first sale on clickbank. Yes, I did invest some money buying the products but look, I’ve already made back what I spent in just 2 days 🙂 Don’t make the same mistake like I did by investing on PPC or other products that aren’t helpful at all.

If you’re really serious about wanting to be an affiliate, get Commission Inferno. Not only it teaches you SEO from A-Z, but many successful internet affiliate marketers recommend this product with high appraisal.

Good luck!

AEON Station 18, Ipoh (Formerly Known As Jusco) Opening Day

March 31, 2012 at 11:06 PM

Last Thursday, a huge event happened in Ipoh.

AEON (formerly known as Jusco) Station 18 has finally opened its doors to Ipoh citizen!

Everyone was excited. Including me.

You see, if you’re not Ipoh born citizen then you wouldn’t get the hype. You would think eh… it’s just a mall.. what’s so fricken great about it? What’s with all the excitement? Oh it’s more than just a mall. It’s a breathe of fresh air. A release from the cave that has captured and locked us out from civilization. No, I’m not over-exaggerating. For Ipoh people, we only had two major shopping malls – Jusco Kinta City & Ipoh Parade. Kinta City is more targeted towards ‘normal’ shoppers while Ipoh Parade is more towards lala’s, ah beng’s, mat rempits and emos (a.k.a stupid annoying teens that needs to be burned alive). Because of that, I rarely ever go to Ipoh Parade if it wasn’t for the cheap novelty store where I find all the cute stuff, starbucks, and huge Popular bookstore. The parking space is bullshit for Ipoh Parade.

So basically I have only 1 small shopping mall to go to. Jusco Kinta City was opened in 1997. Imagine that, over a decade of ONE SHOPPING PLACE ONLY. Then there’s Tesco hypermarket but you don’t call that shopping mall.. Giant hypermarket is way far at Tambun and again, not a shopping mall. New Giant has opened last March 8th at Bercham.. and they said the Tambun branch will be relocated there soon.. technically we still have one Giant and not two… Then you get the small ‘mini malls’ which I don’t ever go to.

So to get a new huge shopping malls is a big deal for us Ipoh citizen.. Ipoh has FINALLY opened the doors to other new investors. We have 2 Mydin (a huge one in Meru and small one in Manjoi) coming up. Ipoh has been growing rapidly over the past 2-3 years. We’ve started seeing more businesses coming in and lots of shoplots being built. No longer so boring. No longer so ‘sien’ as my friend would describe it. My first wish was to have Domino’s in Ipoh. My wish was granted in 2010. My second wish was to have a new McDonald’s drivethru that’s closer to my place. My wish was granted in November 2011.

Now a new mall. My 3rd wish has been granted.

The mall is large, the largest in Ipoh with 160 shops inside and 2000+ parking bays.

My friends and I have been wishing for certain restaurants to open here. Restaurants that we love that’s only available in KL. Domino’s was one. And OH EM GEE. All of my wishes came and would be coming true! I’ve been wishing for:

  • Wendy’s Burger
  • Papa John’s Pizza
  •  Nando’s
  •  New Starbucks (we only have one at Ipoh Parade)
  • Tako Tao
  • Sakae Sushi
  • Daiso (totally didn’t see this one coming at all!)
  • New Shihlin Snacks outlet

It’s amazing and mind-boggling at the same time because I just did not expect what I’ve been wishing for since I got back in Ipoh in 2010 has all came true. It never crossed my mind that they would actually open here for real considering that Ipoh had been a very dead down with no progress at all. Didn’t know there was any demand either. Now if only there’s Cupcake Chic, Subway, Sephora and Cold Storage here, I’ll die happy here.


I wanted to go on opening day but I’ve been doing my work all night long so I was too sleepy to go. Maybe next week. Besides, was too crowded anyway. So to kill my curiosity I’ve been watching updates on facebook and twitter to see images that people posted and status updates to see what has opened there. It was more crowded at evening time I heard and because people didn’t want to leave somehow, they opened until 11.30 pm I heard.

NANDO’S! Boy was I so excited that I’d pee myself. My friend and I share the same passion in food so we’ve been wishing for Nando’s. Now it has finally opened here, I have a friend whom I can go with to Nando’s 😀 I didn’t have anyone to go with in KL because Nando’s is nothing but just one of the many restaurants in KL. There’s many other choices.

One of my most wished for restaurant 😀 My friend ( who is now in London) and I used to go to Sakae Sushi at The Curve a lot. And then the news came when they said it’s not ‘halal’.. halal in sense that they put alcohol in their sushi or sauce or something. THAT FREAKING SUCKS OK. Actually many non muslim misunderstood what ‘HALAL’ means. It doesn’t mean if there’s no pork then it’s halal… we have to consider alcohol too, the meat and things like that.

DAISO!! I totally did not expect this to open here at all! I mean.. DAISO! My all time favorite place to spend plenty of RM5 on… When I go to The Curve in KL I would definitely stop by here.. We have 100 yen shop here, but it’s small, and it’s not as popular as Daiso. There’s everything in Daiso, even stuff you don’t even think people would make is there.

I have not actually tried anything from Mister Donut yet. You know what? They should open Shimino Japanese Crepes… Oh my God it’ll be so good. I love Japanese crepes… they’re the best.

Tako Tao T_____T You’re finally in Ipoh. I’m so happy I could cry. I absolutely and ridiculously LOVE Tako Tao.. it’s the best takoyaki ever and it’s now in my city. I’m so overwhelmed.

I no longer need to go crazy when I go to KL to find all these foods just to satisfy my craving. I know I sound like a kid who just found candyland at the Wonka’s factory but being a food fanatic and lover, it’s definitely something great. I can’t wait for Papa John’s Pizza and Wendy’s to open this /June/July. Starbucks will open this May. And finally a new TGV will open too.. ahh now everybody won’t just flock to Kinta City’s TGV.

Overall, it’s a good start to changing what was once a very dead town. However, giving way for economic and population growth has its own bad side effects. Ipoh is now no longer the peaceful quiet town. The massive traffic jam everyday during peak hours is as bad as petaling jaya and considering majority of Ipoh roads are two small lanes, NOT a good sign. Ipoh is crowded now too with lots of new housing developments. But I guess it’s give and take. I don’t mind sacrificing peaceful life for development in Ipoh. It’s my hometown, and I’d love to see it grow like Penang.

As for AEON Station 18, I wish I could see more new business ventures. It’s AWESOME to see names like Nando’s, Papa John’s, Wendy’s, Daiso etc now but I’m hoping for more. But a lot of people complained that it’s nothing special – HELLO. Be thankful that it’s there. When Ipoh is a dead town you complain, when there’s new development you still complain. Give it a chance you unappreciative fucks.

Next up – Mydin located in Meru Raya & Manjoi will open in May 2012. More options to shop. The only problem is now is to make lots of money to spend 🙁

How To Make Money With Clickbank Easily

March 29, 2012 at 12:44 AM

Commision Breakthrough Clickbank

Wouldn’t it be nice to see THAT as your profit for ONE DAY????

This past week I’ve been messing around with clickbank, the best service for you to become an affiliate and make lots of money. For sellers, it’s a good way to promote your product because thousands and thousands of affiliates will promote your product. I read so many stories about making thousands a day for EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

You heard me.

EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Imagine if screenshot above or below would be your account. $21k everyday. You’ll be a millionaire in no time. I think some businesses have already made millions. There’s an option for the check to be delivered to you after it reached $1 million so it means that it’s possible. Crazy. But I’ve been banging my head like crazy because I don’t know how to promote the product. I’m not good with spending time to promote because I’m very busy. People are making thousands of dollars on clickbank commissions daily but damnit, how do they do it?

Commision Breakthrough Clickbank

What is the secret?!

I’m desperate. I have 2 cars to pay for, bills to pay, my credit card debt to pay, and my own spending to take care of. There’s so many products online that promises you big income, passive incomes, 300% ROI, etc. but all of them are pure garbage. They’re just scammers trying to scam you money. Their programs are just garbage. You buy it, but then it doesn’t work.

After days of research, plus plenty of migraines, I found one that finally convinced me to try. Either it’s a good system or the marketing video is so damn good that I fell for it. After watching the whole video, I’m convinced because everything the guy said applies to me. I’m desperate. I’d try anything.

Guess what?

I made my first sale on clickbank!

I haven’t logged on clickbank for a few days, then when I logged on last week I was surprised to see MONEY! And I didn’t even do anything! It’s not much but do you have any idea the feeling of getting your first customer? Seeing the first sale? And you didn’t even do anything? I even had forgotten about clickbank until last week. Makes me want to do the peanut butter jelly time dance. For Malaysians, tell me, can you get $22.84 (RM70) everyday without doing anything? Even if you make one sale everyday,

$22.84 x 30 = $685 (RM2,100).


Tell me, can you get RM2,000 monthly by just doing nothing? That’s just one sale. Imagine having 10, 20, 100 sales a day?  I have some friends who slave their asses off for a measly RM800 (USD$260) working 10 hours a day and they don’t even have a life.

Of course, generating passive income like that (and more) isn’t that easy or else everyone can do it, right? But using a couple of proven useful method, it certainly can help boost your sales. There are some ‘secrets‘ that you can get to help build awareness, boost sales, SEO, Google ranking e.t.c and one of them that helped me in getting my first sale is ‘Commission Breakthrough‘.

To get money, you need to invest some money. Anyone who tells you that you can make $1 mil without investing any money is bullshit and a scam. Every business tycoon would invest some money to start their business, and work hard to boost sales to make PROFIT. That’s what you want. You want PROFIT. So please, save your time and stop falling for scams.There’s no such thing as easy money.

Also, from my research, I found out that big sites with high ranking (even small site but with high ranking) did not do it manually. You need some kind of help be it from a big SEO company, great and huge budget for advertising or automated softwares. To start, you need to watch ‘Commission Breakthrough‘ video on the site to understand. Be sure to watch THE WHOLE VIDEO because the download button will not appear until at the end of the video. This is one of the top selling products, and it’s very popular. To watch the video and find out the whole system of ‘Commission Breakthrough‘ software, click the link/banner below.



Commision Breakthrough Clickbank

Good luck! Hopefully I’ll make more money everyday so I can settles my debts. I still owe PTPTN for my study loan 🙁