Learn Something in a Year

October 22, 2014 at 2:05 PM

Sorry for not updating! I’ll write why in the next post.

I saw this video of a girl who learned how to dance in a year, which apparently went viral. I personally expected more of it, and don’t really like the type of dance she’s doing (which is robot moves, so 80s) but if she really did learn it in a year, then that’s a great achievement.

I wonder if you can learn and master at playing an instrument within a year. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play guitar since forever, but I never had the chance to do it. I wonder if i do that, learn to play guitar in a year and then do a time lapse video, my video will go viral? Haha. Not that I have much time to do it.. or the resources/financial. Maybe one day.

If you’re thinking the same, for starter, you can get the instruments at musician friends.

I wish I could play like this –

OMG major envy!

And I love the song, but all I could do is play that in guitar flash game on facebook.

No Internet = Ultimate Boredom

March 31, 2014 at 12:57 PM

Okay so for almost one week, I didn’t have internet. No internet = ultimate boredom. To top that, I was tethering from my mobile phone and Maxis has been so SHIT. It keeps getting disconnected or just not connecting at all. So stressful! So, for almost a week, my life felt incomplete. I was like wrapped in my own cocoon, disconnected from the outside world. I hate that feeling.

So I didn’t get to do much except read a book, watch TV shows and sleep. Once in a while I would check facebook and that’s it. I couldn’t work on my website either. Speaking of website, I’ve registered my new domain! Was working on it until they fucking suspended my account. I didn’t know they could do that even when I haven’t reached my account credit limit (for Unifi). So now I can go back to finishing my site. It’s all set up except I have to tweak a bit here and there, setup plugins and I’ll be done. It will be my new personal site. I’ll reveal the address soon.

Claudia came to Ipoh a couple of days ago due to some event and I decided to see her yesterday and we hung out. That was nice. I also got “Awek Chuck Taylor” book by Nami Cob Nobbler. Damn all the hype and review had me all excited and desperate to get that book. I’m currently reading ‘Cerita Satu Malam‘ so I’ll finish that one first (almost done), then KL Noir: White then Pinjam then I’ll start on Awek Chuck Taylor. Had to get it yesterday because MPH had some book festival going on so I had 15% discount. Yesterday was the last day.

Awek Chuck Taylor by Nami Cobb Nobbler

I’m not sure if I’ll like it or not. I’ve also read a good amount of negative reviews but I feel it’s personal preference. Not everybody would like the same thing you do. I won’t let that hinder me from reading this. We’ll see if I end up liking it or not. I’m thinking of making another personal book review blog since now I’ve found my love for reading again like I used to when I was young. I don’t know what happened that made me lose interest in reading completely… oh wait. I know what happened. Computer and internet came, that’s why.

I wanted to read ‘Babi‘ because of course, I heard all the hype and positive comments about that book. Didn’t have enough cash for it 🙁 I wish Lejen Press would start selling their books online in ebook form like Buku Fixi. I’m happy I could get majority of Buku Fixi through Google Play at half the price of the printed book.

I have updated the layout of Sinfully Delicious – Malaysian Food Blog a bit! I wasn’t happy with the old layout and kept wanting a cleaner 2 columns look. Finally took the time yesterday to fix that. Next up to fix my movie review blog because I hate the layout and then finish working on my new domain.

School of Rock Reunion

January 19, 2014 at 4:10 AM

Earlier, I was watching School of Rock, and after some googling, I found out they did a 10-year reunion last year. It has been a DECADE? Wow, don’t I feel old. That would mean I was 19 when the movie came out. WOW. Seriously. Didn’t even think it was that long. So anyways, they did a reunion and I just love to see how the cast look now, and they did the song that they sang in the movie and they still rocked and it blew my mind and melted my face.

school of rock reunion photo

So weird to see them all grown up, except for Miranda Cosgrove because she didn’t stop acting after. I’ve always admired guitarist and watching movies like School of Rock makes me really wanna learn guitar. I wish they would make a sequel of the movie! I read that Jack Black did plan to make one back in 2008, but it never happened. It would be awesome if they would make one where they’re all either in college or just graduated and because of something they all tries to get together, reunite once again with Dewey Finn and plays at another rock show and rock harder this time.. and win! That would be so kickass.

Here’s the video of them rocking out at the reunion.

While we’re on the subject of rock, this is ”Plush Gnome Practice Guitar Amp’ . You can get classic plush amp at Musicians Friend.

plush amp

They said it’s probably the smallest and affordable portable guitar amplifier so that you can take it to anywhere, plug it into any 4, 8 or 16 Ohm speaker cabinet and just ROCK. Awesome, eh?


Bye 2013.. Hello 2014. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!

January 5, 2014 at 10:06 PM


Hey… it’s new year!


This was supposed to be posted on new year’s day but I was preoccupied with other things, and then the next day I went to KL for 2 days so I didn’t get a chance to finish this. Since last year I barely blogged at all, so this is gonna be super long.

I can’t believe 2013 is gone now. As usual, all you would hear is ‘how time flies… where did my 2013 go?’. I’m sad. Sad that I’m a year older, and it’s a constant reminder how old I am now. It makes me depressed. Anyways.

I didn’t do anything on new year’s eve to celebrate except sit at home in front of the TV and wait for the countdown. I was depressed, about my problems and also that it was the last day, last minute that I would be in my twenties. Oh God. Moving on. Continue after the cut below.

Merry Christmas 2013

December 26, 2013 at 12:55 PM

I’d like to wish everyone celebrating, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Merry Christmas from Tany

My Christmas was boring. I did have a kinda okay Christmas eve though. Went out , saw my friend, had a nice dinner and a nice coffee time. I’ve had so much shit happening to me this month, including the death of my 2 beloved kittens, one of them being sick for almost a week and I had to take care of her like a sick person, only to receive a blow that none of my effort could help save her but instead I probably made her more miserable and in more pain. But on the day she died, the other cat gave birth to 2 new tiny babies. Also faced an unexpected death of my hamster which I will elaborate more in a new post soon.

I also had some munchies for my planned Christmas movie marathon which ended up being just a movie a day/night. I was so tired that I ended up watching only a few movies. Here are some of the movies in my list:

  • A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas [watched]
  • Disney’s A Christmas Carol [watched]
  • Christmas with the Kranks [watched]
  • A Christmas Story
  • Home Alone 1 & 2
  • Elf

And also watched Harry Potter 1,3 and 4 since there was HP movie marathon on Christmas. I’ll continue to watch more later tonight if I’m not tired. I just have to try and settled the piles of problems I’m having at the moment.

Received these as gift!

Christmas gift wonka gobstopper candy canes and Coffee Bean gingerbread men

My friend gave me those Wonka’s gobstopper candy canes because I love wonka candies and also a couple of gingerbread men from The Coffee Bean. I fucking love gingerbread man cookies and I am currently sad that I’ve devoured them.

Craving for more.

Also bought this malay novel. It was an impulse purchase in an attempt to try to understand why malay novels are popular right now.


It better be good and won’t put me to sleep because malay novels usually bore me to death.