How To Make Money With Clickbank Easily

March 29, 2012 at 12:44 AM

Commision Breakthrough Clickbank

Wouldn’t it be nice to see THAT as your profit for ONE DAY????

This past week I’ve been messing around with clickbank, the best service for you to become an affiliate and make lots of money. For sellers, it’s a good way to promote your product because thousands and thousands of affiliates will promote your product. I read so many stories about making thousands a day for EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

You heard me.

EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Imagine if screenshot above or below would be your account. $21k everyday. You’ll be a millionaire in no time. I think some businesses have already made millions. There’s an option for the check to be delivered to you after it reached $1 million so it means that it’s possible. Crazy. But I’ve been banging my head like crazy because I don’t know how to promote the product. I’m not good with spending time to promote because I’m very busy. People are making thousands of dollars on clickbank commissions daily but damnit, how do they do it?

Commision Breakthrough Clickbank

What is the secret?!

I’m desperate. I have 2 cars to pay for, bills to pay, my credit card debt to pay, and my own spending to take care of. There’s so many products online that promises you big income, passive incomes, 300% ROI, etc. but all of them are pure garbage. They’re just scammers trying to scam you money. Their programs are just garbage. You buy it, but then it doesn’t work.

After days of research, plus plenty of migraines, I found one that finally convinced me to try. Either it’s a good system or the marketing video is so damn good that I fell for it. After watching the whole video, I’m convinced because everything the guy said applies to me. I’m desperate. I’d try anything.

Guess what?

I made my first sale on clickbank!

I haven’t logged on clickbank for a few days, then when I logged on last week I was surprised to see MONEY! And I didn’t even do anything! It’s not much but do you have any idea the feeling of getting your first customer? Seeing the first sale? And you didn’t even do anything? I even had forgotten about clickbank until last week. Makes me want to do the peanut butter jelly time dance. For Malaysians, tell me, can you get $22.84 (RM70) everyday without doing anything? Even if you make one sale everyday,

$22.84 x 30 = $685 (RM2,100).


Tell me, can you get RM2,000 monthly by just doing nothing? That’s just one sale. Imagine having 10, 20, 100 sales a day?Β  I have some friends who slave their asses off for a measly RM800 (USD$260) working 10 hours a day and they don’t even have a life.

Of course, generating passive income like that (and more) isn’t that easy or else everyone can do it, right? But using a couple of proven useful method, it certainly can help boost your sales. There are some ‘secrets‘ that you can get to help build awareness, boost sales, SEO, Google ranking e.t.c and one of them that helped me in getting my first sale is ‘Commission Breakthrough‘.

To get money, you need to invest some money. Anyone who tells you that you can make $1 mil without investing any money is bullshit and a scam. Every business tycoon would invest some money to start their business, and work hard to boost sales to make PROFIT. That’s what you want. You want PROFIT. So please, save your time and stop falling for scams.There’s no such thing as easy money.

Also, from my research, I found out that big sites with high ranking (even small site but with high ranking) did not do it manually. You need some kind of help be it from a big SEO company, great and huge budget for advertising or automated softwares. To start, you need to watch ‘Commission Breakthrough‘ video on the site to understand. Be sure to watch THE WHOLE VIDEO because the download button will not appear until at the end of the video. This is one of the top selling products, and it’s very popular. To watch the video and find out the whole system of ‘Commission Breakthrough‘ software, click the link/banner below.



Commision Breakthrough Clickbank

Good luck! Hopefully I’ll make more money everyday so I can settles my debts. I still owe PTPTN for my study loan πŸ™

How To Make Awesome But Cheap Photography Tricks & Special Effects

March 17, 2012 at 4:53 PM

Hey guys. I don’t usually write about photography because I’m more of a video editor than graphic editor but of course I’ve been doing my own graphics for websites and stuff since I was 14 or so. That was 14 years ago haha. Man, sounds so long ago. Anyways, if you’re into graphics and photography you know that it’s not like text book where the formula is the same and doesn’t change. Yes, the BASIC formula and rules still apply but in time, technology changes and so does the quality and things you can do. In order to keep up to date with the current time and trend, you need to keep learning.

I’ve been wanting to learn a cool photography effect that you see professional photographers or photo manipulators do so I decided to search for cool tutorials. I came across this ebook tutorial by a photographer named Evan Sharboneau. He is selling his ebook called ‘Trick Photography and Special Effects“.

Back in Second Life

March 13, 2012 at 6:30 PM

Lately I’ve been active again in Second Life.
I don’t know why I decided to be back in SL. I remember when in 2007, when I felt lonely, SL would cheer me up. Things have improved a lot in SL and its viewer. However, one thing I hate the most is that clubs are not that friendly. You go there, and they just keep on talking to themselves and their circle of friends and leaving the rest out. What’s the point of having a club if they don’t care about their visitors?

I’ve also had a makeover for my avatar.

Another thing I love about SL is that you can visit photogenic spots and take awesome pictures.
Well I’ll see how long I can last in world this time.

In All Awkwardness

January 8, 2011 at 4:19 AM

This past few days I’ve been trying to get used to the mac OS and adjusting to the excessive use of shortcuts (and trying to remember them!) and also adjusting to the keyboard. I realized today when I was using my laptop that I am no longer confusing mac with windows keys but instead the other way around.Β  Somehow I could no longer remember how to do a damn ctrl+c to copy text without looking at the keyboard. I keep using my thumb which is for mac (command+c) and hit the alt instead of control… you know what I mean? THEN when I go back to the mac, instead of using the thumb, I use the RING finger, which in windows keyboard is what I use for control key. Argh.

The same goes with the mouse. I’m used to using the magic mouse and its ‘magic’ scrolling thing, that I couldn’t remember to use the middle scroller thingy on normal 3 buttons mouse. I also keep ‘swiping’ the normal mouse to flip pages or go back… >.<


I took a picture with photo booth.

Ok so I took this at 3 am, looking like shit. Sue me.

I love how clear the webcam is compared to my laptop’s. What amazes me is that it’s capable of lighting the background… what I mean is that you can see the stairs and my living room without any lights on at that area. It’s amazing to me because I’ve had a lot of webcams before and none could give lighting that far before unless that area is brightly lit.

So this past few days I’ve also been trying hard to add stuff to my imac so I can actually do something on it. I’m so happy that I’ve finally installed Adobe Suite CS5 πŸ˜€ So now I can edit pictures! And edit videos and mess around with premiere pro and after effects. I’m currently trying to make a test project with Second Life. It might take me longer this time because I haven’t been editing and doing motion graphics for quite a long time… I think a year! The last time was December 2009. I’ve also been looking around for cool tutorials to do and presets so I can save time by not keying everything manually hehe.

Oh yeah, iMovie is such a noob software it’s killing me! It has a few really cool Hollywood style preset trailers that you can easily add in movies and change the text, plus I love the storyboard style but gosh, I can’t do a thing there. It’s frustrating because I love the trailers! It’s like an instant trailer thing. And the music is epic too. I’m gonna experiment it once though..

And Adobe Soundbooth is an EPIC FAIL software. It doesn’t even have ‘reverse’ audio effect, wtf. I think that’s like the most basic thing! GAH. Another frustrating piece of dog crap.

If I had a HD cam I could do a lot of things. I have a lot of ideas flowing but can’t execute them. I’ve also taken interest in photography but I don’t have a camera. I want a Canon camera – an EOS camera maybe? At some are having a major discount @_@ But damn, the most expensive is like USD$12k… haha after conversion to Malaysian ringgit (RM36k) I could buy a local car already. Damn expensive camera.

I’m currently downloading like 20GB of stuff, wtf.

Second Life Viewer 2

April 1, 2010 at 6:23 AM

I woke up at 4.40 am today.. because I fell asleep early. Urgh. So now I cannot go back to sleep, and I have class at 9 am. Luckily I finished my assignment on yesterday’s morning, so by evening I could print, cut the mounting board and get everything ready so I won’t be rushing during class (my class is at 9 am, and print shop opens at 9.30 am). Now I just need to burn a soft copy in the cd, that’s all. Can’t wait for this last semester to end.. my convocation is supposed to be on April 24th, but due to the fact that my final assessment will be on the 22nd, and there is absolutely no way that exam department can release the result in one day so I can’t join. However the next one will be in October so I think it’s still okay.. like my old college, they only have convo once a year, in December so hopefully they won’t change from October to next year… earlier is okay, but not next year. Then after that, I’m taking a break for a while.. just wanna chill alone in Ipoh.Wish I can go on vacation πŸ™

Oh and for the past 2 days, I had a throbbing toothache on my molar. I have a feeling I have a cavity. I should go to the dentist soon. I hate having problems. I have girl problem too.. not sure if my acne medicine is causing this or what.. but I should see a doctor soon. And my eyes.. I think something’s wrong with my eyes that keeps giving me headache. I should see an optometrist soon. πŸ™ And I have dermatologist appointment tomorrow.

Anyways, I wanna talk a bit on Second Life 2 viewer. The new viewer is out, and it looks as if you’re using Second Life in a browser. It’s so confusing compared to the old one and it’s not old computer friendly. My PC can’t handle it on ultra graphics.. it lags like hell, makes me wanna commit suicide.. however it runs fine on ultra setting on my laptop.. weird thing is that, my PC is 3 1/2 years old, and my laptop is 2 1/2 years except my laptop has better graphic card. I feel like upgrading my PC when I have money, which I don’t know when would that be….. T__T

I miss my Second Life.. I used to be happy with it.. I had friends, had weekly fun party.. generally had a good time. Now everyone’s gone, no one ever logs in anymore.. the island I hang out in seems abandoned. I could find new friends, do what I used to do which is club hopping.. you know, at least to cure my current loneliness at home.. because you know, I have one class a week, I don’t hang out with my friends as much as I used to anymore because everyone has things to do so I’ve been bored but my mom is anti-SL.. and if she ever see me playing it again she’d annoy the hell out of me. I was playing a sim-like game couple of weeks ago and when my mom saw it, she was like, “IS THAT SECOND LIFE?!”… Oh well.

Well I better go burn my files to CD before I forget. It’s almost 6.30 am. Then I’m going to browse SL for a bit before going to class.