About Me

My name is Tany. 20-ish. Malaysian. Blogging is my favorite thing to do. I’ve been blogging since the year 2002 but I’ve been doing websites and using the internet since 1996. I’m a diploma graduate from SEGi University College majoring in Video and Animation. I love editing videos. I’m also a huge fan of zombie and horror movies. I’m a freelance editor and designer.

Why the domain name? Well I wanted black-monday.net at first cuz it fits me well.. but then I suddenly came up with seventh-angel.net… seven being my lucky number and angel… I dunno… I tend to put angel in everything. I even have ‘angel’ in my first domain (kirameki-angel). Hm. Weird.

Even though I do blog for fun, but sometimes I do receive compensation for certain reviews. However, all opinions are of my own, and all are honest reviews. If you would like to discuss on any form of paid advertising on this blog, please contact me below for further discussion. Payments is through paypal or bank-in in USD or British Pounds.

You can contact me using the form in the contact me page or by using some other methods below:

PRIMARY EMAIL: tokyotenshi [replacewith@] gmail.com
OTHER EMAIL: tokyotenshi84 [replacewith@] yahoo.com
OTHER DOMAIN: http://kirameki-angel.net
SECOND LIFE: Adrianna Fredriksson
Yahoo! MESSENGER: tokyotenshi84
MSN MESSENGER: malfoy84 [replacewith@] msn.com

Got any questions for me? Ask away!