Hello, I’m Back…

November 18, 2018 at 3:51 AM

Wow, it’s been a long time since I last posted anything here. My last post was February 2017. That’s 1 year and 8 months.


I don’t know why I’ve been neglecting this site. Not just this site. My other blogs as well. But right now I’m in a deep shit financially (like always) so I need to revive all my blogs again, keep posting regularly and hopefully I’ll make some money. I miss this blog because this used to be my place to just talk about anything that’s going on in my life without caring a damn thing. With other blogs, I have to conform to a certain standard, style, and theme like food, lifestyle, etc. So, I’m reviving this blog to just ramble about crap that nobody else cares about.

This year has been the hardest for me. I know every year, things were shitty but this year was different. I lost someone very dear to me.

My uncle.

He had been sick since last year but it got worse at the beginning of this year where he was bed-bound for a while in Shah Alam before moving back to his place in Ipoh. A month later on May 9th, the exact day Malaysians went out to vote (resulting in a new government in Malaysia’s history), he passed away in the morning. I’m not gonna write more because the pain is still unbearable and just talking or even thinking about it makes me depressed as hell.


I went to KL a couple of days ago but I will write a new post about it tomorrow. I changed a few things in this blog like the header image. Still quite a few things to tweak, edit, and filter out but it’s almost 4 am and I’m tired as hell. I’ll do it tomorrow. I also have so many blog posts to write and post, and a few blogs to modify and fix.

Hopefully, I can keep posting and not abandon this blog again.