OMG 2016 Is Ending. LOLWUT.

December 5, 2016 at 4:01 AM


kevin hart omg


The year 2016 is ending. My previous post is dated January of 2016. I haven’t posted anything on this blog for almost a year. That has got to be some kind of record. I miss the early days when I would post here regularly. Just random shit that happens in my daily life. It’s not like anybody reads this anyway. It’s my personal diary or some sort where I would read again years later and reminisce about the good old time.  That was when I was in college. I had no worries, I wasn’t too busy with life. I was only busy with college and getting assignments done. Now I have 1001 things to do and think about. It’s really stressing me out. By the end of the day, I have no energy to do anything anymore.

A lot of things happened this year. Well, more than last year. I will do a new blog post soon to reminisce the year. I can blog now because I have my iMac again.

My iMac has been dead for 2 years. Because my laptop is dying now, and I can’t afford a new comp even after hoping and waiting for a few months (complicated story), I decided to try to get my iMac repaired. I recently found a place that could fix Apple products cheaper than authorized Apple repair center. I sent my iMac in October and after 2 weeks, it was finally ready. It was alive again… but not for a long time.

After a couple of days, it died again. It would randomly shut down at first. Then the crash was frequent up to a point where my iMac died again and would not start. I only had it for about 3 days before it died. So I sent it back. It took them a month to fix it this time. I have been so frustrated from all the waiting. I couldn’t do anything. My laptop is so shit now I can’t get anything done on it. All I could do with it now is to watch Netflix and Youtube. Sometimes Facebook. That’s all. Good thing my phone is new (Samsung S7 Edge) that I got early May this year  so I could do stuff on it otherwise I’d be locked up in a mental institution right now. Can’t describe how shit my old Samsung Note II is now. It’s too slow and the battery only lasts for about an hour or two now.

Finally last Friday I could pick it up. So far it has been 2 days and there has been no random shut down. The LAN port is still not working so I hope it’ll get fixed soon but other than that, I really hope no more problems. I need to work. I’m so broke it’s not funny. I have piles of blog posts that I need to write.

I’ve also just recovered from a fever and weird stomach pain. Still having some stomach discomfort. Then all my cats are sick. Urgh.

Okay, I’m gonna end here. It feels good to be able to blog again. It’s 3.45am now so I should go to bed. Night!