Rain, Rain, Where Are You?

March 15, 2015 at 4:13 PM

summer-heatIt’s unbelievable how ridiculously hot the weather is right now. Seriously. It’s a different kind of heat that I’ve never felt before. It’s also making me feel very dehydrated and I’m not the kind that can drink too much. The result from the heat is giving me migraine. I’ve been sleeping most of the day due to extreme fatigue so I do my online work at night. Even my cats are sick due to the extreme hot weather. My poor kitties. I wish it would rain right now, all day long. Not the heavy kind though, otherwise my neighborhood will be flooded.

I found a magnetic bracelet here and from my understanding, they can give you health benefits. How true is this?

As usual, my financial problem is at its worst right now. I’m trying a few new projects which I hope that could get me out of this funk. Hopefully one day all my financial problems will be gone. It sucks that in 15 days GST will be implemented. Price of goods are already increased, so imagine next month. Life is crazy right now. So I really hope whatever I’m working on right now will be worth it… soon.

Anyways, that’s my update. My life hasn’t been interesting so there isn’t much I can talk about. When you’re tight on money, your life becomes extremely dull. For general updates though, I’m posting it at Totally Awesome [net]. I’m gonna focus on that domain from now on.