Random Update – Weather is Hot, Happy Birthday To Me!

March 2, 2015 at 1:03 AM

My God. The weather has been crazy. Back in December, it was the rainy season. Some parts of Malaysia were badly flooded, and many people lost their home and precious properties and some even lost family members. But now? The weather’s been so ridiculously hot that spending a short while outside could risk yourself of getting heat stroke.

For the whole week I’ve been getting spinning headache. That’s not counting last week, starting Thursday that I had a serious stomach cramp that lasted 4 days and rendered me completely useless because I couldn’t even do anything. Couldn’t even walk. My relatives from KL on the very same day I got the cramp, so I couldn’t go out to have dinner with them which kind of bummed me out. I also spent the night alone that night while I was in so much pain.

But yeah, after the stomach cramp was gone, I suddenly got a spinning headache for the whole week and today, I had a really painful migraine. It’s probably due to the fact that I’ve been going out everyday and exposed myself to the scorching hot sun, especially last Friday when I had to take Abang, my cat, to the government vet because he couldn’t urinate. High possibility due to kidney stone (3rd cat in my family after my cat Monyet and BamBam). I had to wait like 2 hours outside while the doc treated Abang.



I am officially ‘forever 21‘ and that number will not increase anymore. My birthday was boring. The night before, I did treat myself with some satay, and I did receive wonderful birthday greetings/wishes on Facebook. Thank you so very much. But other than that, I didn’t do anything special. I can’t afford to buy myself a present because I’ve spent way too much on vet bills this past 2 months.

Last Friday, I did spend my evening at Ipoh Parade and I met with my friend, who then treated me Papa John’s and Starbucks (well technically it was buy 1 free 1) so I guess I’ll consider that as some sort of ‘birthday gift’. It was also nice that on the same day there were a Buy 1 Free 1 Subway and Starbucks offer.

Then yesterday, well more like 2 days ago since it’s already past midnight here now, I went out with my friend to AEON Station 18. I won 2 TGV movie tickets that expired last Saturday so I thought I shouldn’t waste it. It sucks that Kinta City’s TGV was showing only Chinese movies. TGV Station 18 was showing only ONE English movie – Kingsman. Unfortunately, we reached there 10 minutes late for their 3.10pm show and it was completely sold out. So… free movie tickets wasted.

But after walking around, we did decide to go to Mydin Meru to MyKARA Family Karaoke for some quick karaoke session. That place is not only so expensive on Saturday, but it was so lame and stupid. Thing is, my friend only wanted a short karaoke session. Of course I don’t want to go to the one where you pay for every song. The Voice need a minimum 4 hours if I’m not mistaken. Other places are expensive too.

It cost us RM33 per room, so roughly RM17 for each of us, for 1 hour.

Their system sucks. The room was way too small, the size of a toilet cubicle. They put on those colorful disco light thingy which gave the feeling of being in a very cheap dangdut club or disco. There wasn’t even LCD TV, just a projector on the wall. The remote control was barely responding. Song selection is so-so. I mostly sang old songs anyway. But I was happy I could at least sing a few songs to release some tension.

I’m used to paying that much for minimum 2-3 hours (sometimes could stretch to 6 hours depending on the time and other circumstances) with tidbits and drinks given on weekdays. This place didn’t even give drinks or tidbits. Lunch hour karaoke in KL during weekdays like in Neway or Red Box Karaoke usually give drinks with free refill and set lunch or brunch buffet. The last time I went to Neway, I had steak, which was a pleasant surprise. Even The Voice Ipoh gave me 2 glasses of drinks and unlimited tidbits the last time. I don’t like the one that forces you to buy tidbits with no exception like Kbox Karaoke. Wtf.

Oh, I also forgot to mention that last Friday, I went to the IT fair at Stadium Indera Mulia because I desperately needed a new laptop cooler. The one I bought at the last IT fair end of last year stopped working. IT Fair in Ipoh has gotten lamer and lamer. It was actually very pathetic.

Oh, I also have yet to write about my trip to KL. Damn headache. Soon…

Well, I don’t think I have anything else I want to update here so I’ll end this now so I can watch a movie on Netflix. Toodles.