Happy Mother’s Day 2014!

May 11, 2014 at 2:43 PM

happy mother's day 2014


I think this would be the first mother’s day in years that I couldn’t take my mom out to celebrate due to a few personal reasons. Despite daily arguments and disagreements in just about everything that I believe in, I still love her. I know how hard her life has been raising me as a single mother. I also know how much of a burden I have been to her. I’m trying hard and the best that I could to change that so she could enjoy her life and not having to worry about shit I’ve done or haven’t done.

My life has been extremely hard lately. I fucked up, yes. I’ve also been trying so hard not to let my depression get the best of me and make me do something that I would regret, or won’t even get the chance to regret, if you get my drift. I’ve barely updated this blog lately because I don’t have any interesting things to write about my life anymore. Whatever interesting thing that I wanna blog about, that does not involve my personal life, will be at my new domain:


Anyways. I’m gonna spend today reading a book, watch a movie on netflix and do some blog posts later if I have the mood. I’ve been having migraine since yesterday and allergies since a few days ago. Not a pleasant feeling.