Mother’s Day 2014 Is Coming Up…

May 3, 2014 at 11:45 AM

Mother’s Day 2014 is coming up next week…wow.. time sure flies. This ring is SO GORGEOUS!

mother's day ring

It’s a personalized mothers rings which is perfect for mother’s day. Since it’s personalized, you can engrave names on it.. and the ring above can have up to 4 names so you can engrave the father, mother and 2 kid’s names. Or if you have 3 kids, you can just have them and the mother’s name.. or 4 kid’s names if you have 4 kids. Wouldn’t that be lovely to get for mother’s day? Ahhh it’s so gorgeous! There are a lot of other gorgeous rings that I like from that website like this one:


That’s so gorgeous! 2 names can be engraved there.. and it has one stone and my birthstone which is Amethyst looks perfect on there. I wish I was married with kids so I can hint this to my husband to get for me for mother’s day next week 🙁