Retro Game: Hugo DOS Games!

March 23, 2014 at 8:59 PM

So I was googling and wanted to write about wholesale offset printing, and about printing and design. I wanted to post about design softwares that I used to love since we’re on printing subject. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember the name so I can’t find any pictures, info or write about it.


I found this game that I used to really like while I was googling.

It’s called Hugo House of Horrors. I think this is part 1.

It’s a game where you are required to type instruction for your character such as “walk to the door” or “use key” or “open door” and stuff like that. This game frustrated me to no end because I couldn’t figure out what to type and what to do next so I kept getting stuck. Click more to read more about this game!

The goal is that you need to explore, search and rescue your love, Penelope. But one wrong move, you’re dead meat. Haha.

This is the second one. Hugo 2: Whodunit. I really love whodunit type of games (or story or movie or whatever) so I really loved this part. Of course, the whole game walkthrough was a necessity.

This one if I remember correctly is from Hugo 3: Jungle of Doom. I think his plane crashed and he’s lost or something. And this part where he found a village and has to escape the witch doctor.

Luckily I had internet back then, so I printed out the whole walkthrough. I repeat, it was DAMN DIFFICULT! How could anyone figure out what shit you need to do or type? Okay, since I got the game from a CD or installed for me I don’t remember, so I had no manual or anything. I’m not even sure there was a manual. You really need the whole walkthrough if you want to survive until the end. Unless you’re smart. I wasn’t. I was 12 years old. I want to download this game and play it. I wonder if DOSbox works in this mac.

There are some other games that are my fave too. I should review it here one day when I’m not lazy. I’ve blogged a lot today! This should last me a few days haha. I’m still thinking of the new domain. Still thinking about it.. seriously and desperately need a new personal domain and leave this one sort of private. Once I register it, I will move all random ramblings to the new domain.