Hot Days, Sleepy Days

March 19, 2014 at 8:03 AM

I don’t know what it is, but I’m guessing it’s due to hot weather that I’ve been feeling really tired lately. All I’ve been doing is sleep. When I’m not sleeping, I feel so sleepy. Then after 2 months-ish, it finally rained a few days ago. When I mean rained, it was pouring. At night. Boy, did I have all the ideas suddenly flowing in. Mood to do work intensified. Then, no more rain. Zzz.

I desperately need a new domain so I could just write about anything. This is more of my personal domain and I’ve had this since I was in Japanese school, so 2006-ish? But the problem is I don’t know what name I should name my new domain. All the very generic names have been taken, duhr. I no longer want this domain to be in the ‘spotlight’. I still haven’t written my blogs about my vacation and all. God, I need to stop procrastinating! Ok, I’m done with reinstalling Windows and all that crap, installed Photoshop, so I’m good. I can really start blogging again now. Seriously, I’m so sick of reformatting and reinstalling Windows due to corrupted partition. It took me a long time to reinstall stuff, so I really hope no more corruption. I miss playing The Sims again, but argh, to install the game and all the expansion packs plus stuff packs plus worlds.. arghhhh.

Stress. So much stress right now.

MH370… seriously, where in the fucking world is it??
It’s day 11? or 12? I’ve stopped counting.
I stopped updating myself with the news because with international news, it’s all speculations & theories about this and that.. then with Malaysian news, it’s all denials and denials. So it’s like back and forth of nothingness. Everyday. It’s extremely tiring. If I’m tired, imagine the families. But the plane is still missing. They’ve been searching in such a wide area. Still nothing.

Everyday I pray that we will hear that the plane has safely returned… but you know, you have to keep it real. It’s been almost 2 weeks… but still, I’ll still pray for its safe return. Wherever you are. Please come back.

Ok back to doing stuff.