Hot. Hot. Hot.

March 11, 2014 at 8:59 PM

I wanted to write on cheap guitar amp stand but unfortunately, as usual, I can’t view the page most probably due to the fact they don’t ship it to my country.

I’ve been addicted to this song!

It’s Happy by Pharrell Williams. It does make me happy lol There’s like a video for each hour on youtube.

Oh God. It has been so hot. There has been no rain for a couple of months, probably more. Haze problems getting bad again. MH370 is still missing with no trace, no sign, no clues. Not a good start of the year.

However, I’ve had quite an okay day. Claudia went back today and we went to karaoke again before that because I wasn’t satisfied yesterday. I didn’t have a fun time, KBOX sucked. So I thought I’d try a new place. I will write an entirely new post once I get stuff figured out with this iMac. I’ve been reformatting and reinstalling shit for so many times now. Apparently you can’t have more than one mac partition if you want to use bootcamp. I can’t have Tuxera installed also, it would screw up the partition making it unbootable.

But so far my iMac has been working great, so once I’ve settled all the problems and install everything that I need, I will start regular blogging again. If I don’t melt from the heat, or get heatstroke. Urgh.