Happy Birthday To Me & My iMac Died Temporarily

February 27, 2014 at 1:40 AM

Happy birthday to me.

A year older.

Still single.


Thank you to everyone that left me birthday wishes on facebook on my birthday. Without facebook, nobody would even know it was my birthday. If you look at it positively, it’s great that facebook is there to remind people but on the negative side, it’s sad that without it, nobody would even care. That’s life.

Anyways. Didn’t do anything, didn’t get anything, it was just a normal day where I just sleep and fixed my iMac. Speaking of iMac, it temporarily died! You see, last week I went to Langkawi Island for a vacation. I will write about it soon. Shortly before I left, my iMac just wouldn’t boot up! I don’t know why, or what happened. It just hangs at the grey screen.

Then I found out it CAN actually boot up, if you wait like 30 minutes. Wtf. Everything lags. To move the mouse took minutes, when you try to do anything it lags for at least 5-10 minutes. It was HELL. So I googled and tried to fix the problem. Now, there’s another problem. I couldn’t boot up to the recovery disk cuz it won’t detect my bluetooth keyboard. So I had no choice but to wait and buy a standard wired keyboard.

After I came back from Langkawi, I bought the cheapest standard wired keyboard. Luckily I could find it for only RM17! And it worked great πŸ˜€ So then I could get into recovery disk AND my windows partition. I tried to fix the disk problem using disk utility but unfortunately it couldn’t repair it AND somehow screwed up the disk and it wouldn’t load at all. It just shows loading bar then it shuts down.

I tried everything and unfortunately I was left with no choice but to reformat and do a fresh and clean OS installation.

Luckily I could get in Windows, it was working fine and I could backup all my photos and documents. I couldn’t back up my iPhoto stuff but thank God I already have them backed up in my very old laptop. I was so worried πŸ™ So I erased the HDD, and it was painful to see 700+ GB of stuff erased in just 10 seconds. All gone.

It took like 3 hours to download and install Mavericks OS. So now my iMac is working fine again and feels so clean, just like new! It also feels so empty. This is the time that I’m thankful I upgraded to 10 Mbps internet so I can download everything again quite fast compared to last time. Now I’ve learned my lesson and did another partition for my photos and videos and also installed Mavericks on that. In case I can’t boot my main partition, I have a backup partition. Wanted to do that before but it wouldn’t let me.

Other news, this past few days my beloved outdoor cat Kechik died and my kitten died. I’ve been depressed and devastated. And lonely.

Okay. I think that’s all I wanna blog about. I can’t stay long in this room, I’m being eaten alive by the damn mosquitos.