The Metal

February 2, 2014 at 3:38 AM

I wanted to write about good guild guitars at guitar center but can’t access the page so I’ll move on.

Found this awesome guitar cover of ‘The Metal’ (Tenacious D). I LOVE that song, used to love it so much playing on those guitar hero type game. I wish I still had the game and song in my laptop right now. Would be awesome to play it again.

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I love the intro and gosh, I wish I could play guitar like that! I envy people who can really play guitars.. and of course, guys look hot doing so. I have short stubby fingers, so it’s gonna be difficult to play.

This one is also awesome cover!

Damn, I really love the song.

the metal

And then I saw this video and what an awesome performance from Tenacious D. I love the dancing ‘metal’ robot!

Ahhh it’s 3 am already?? How time flies!