Happy Chinese New Year 2014

February 2, 2014 at 10:40 AM

Even though it was 2 days ago and this is a bit of a late wish, but..


Again, same as previous entry, I wanted to blog about a product called casio previa but it’s not available for me or sold out, so I can’t write about it. So moving on.

I have my internet back! AHHHH FINALLY!


There is no word to describe how shitty, sucky and painful it was trying to survive 2 weeks without internet. I did have internet, sort of… for a week I survived from leeching a public internet. I don’t know where it came from, whose internet it was. But it was still hell because it was slow, and sometime would stop working. At least it was better than nothing. However then it stopped. I couldn’t find it in the list and couldn’t connect to it. Even if it did pop up in the list and get connected, it wasn’t connected to the internet.. it was just the LAN. So I had no choice but to tether from my mobile internet.

Nobody could understand my pain of not having internet. My life and work and money depends on it. 2 weeks without internet means all of my works had been disrupted. Nobody could understand also that I need unlimited internet as I’m online 24 hours. I can’t handle one with limited bandwidth. So I hope TM will never enforce the bandwidth limitation.

Maxis mobile internet sometimes worked, sometimes became shit. I had issues with connecting, internet barely working and when it did it was SLOW. I couldn’t do anything. All I could do was just check facebook, emails and a few other things. I miss youtube, I miss doing stuff… I was scared that what I did would kill the bandwidth as I only have 5 GB limit. Unfortunately… after a week, I almost used up my bandwidth and also tethering made my phone BURNING HOT. I was terrified it would burn the motherboard or something.

I thank God that right at that moment, I had help with the bill so now  my internet is back! You have no idea how thankful I am after what I’ve been through. I also decided to apply for upgrade to my internet package.

unifi offer

I have VIP 5 (with 5 Mbps speed). If I upgrade to VIP 10 (with 10 Mbps speed) at RM199 a month, technically I would get HyppTV for free. Now you see, I’m already paying about RM199 a month .. If you need to Move Your Money Project like I did, I sincerely recommend this offer.

VIP 5 = RM149
HyppTV = RM30
Extra Channel = RM9
+Phone charges based on usage

So why not upgrade right? I’d still be paying the same amount, but with added features – higher internet speed and complete HyppTV package without the extra charges. So hopefully my internet will be upgraded soon. Would like to experience more speed 🙂 Now just need to work twice harder to pay all my damn bills.

Although.. I don’t understand why it cost RM200 for only 10 Mbps speed? So expensive in a slow developing country…

PS: I’m also think of getting a new personal domain for the not so personal stuff.