Help, I’m Going Crazy!

January 26, 2014 at 5:52 AM

I'm going crazy


Now I realize how boring, dull and unproductive my life can get when I don’t have internet. I’ve been depending way too much on it and now when I have a shitload of work to do needing the internet, I don’t have it! And I thought, until I get my payment I can survive with my mobile internet… WRONG. That connection is even more shit. When I did get payment, suddenly so many other bills arrived needing me to pay for them first. ARGH.

I’m seriously going nuts here and I’m not exaggerating.

I’m also working on a project right now that I can’t reveal yet. But it’s so hard to proceed before the deadline when I have no internet. It requires constant googling and research and my mobile internet has been very slow and sometimes barely working at all. I hate this. Please God, I need my internet back. This is making me so stressed out that I feel like I want to stuff myself in a steel case, and hopefully get shipped to an island and start a fresh new life.

I’m thinking of getting a new personal domain. Just thinking it. This is my personal domain, emphasis on ‘personal’ which means I do write about stuff that nobody gives a shit about. This is more like my personal public journal/diary so that years later I could look back and remember things that happened. It beats writing down a shitload of stuff in a diary by hand. So I’m thinking I want a new not-so-personal blog where I write about everything else but my life. Should I or should I not? Hmm….

Now let’s see what I did today, back in 2008 – hah, just another day in college life. I miss it! I especially miss Film the name says, it’s where you appreciate films. So all I did was watch films and appreciate! haha, best class ever. Same goes to some other film class like videography, video editing etc… I also miss the simpler life. I think I lead my life to the wrong track and now I’m paying the consequences. Hmm. That’s life.