Home Improvement

January 17, 2014 at 7:22 PM

Remember this TV show?

home improvement

It’s a family when you also get to see the the power tools in action. I miss the show, it’s a big reminder of my childhood as half of my childhood time was spent obsessing over Jonathan Taylor Thomas, aka Randy Taylor in the show.

In the show, you get to see MOAR POWERRR! HO HO HO (in the sound of Tim’s grunt)

It’s amazing that a show about home improvement would actually be interesting enough, because not many would be interested to watch something about tools, especially not a kid a like me. They managed to make the show hilarious, big thanks to Tim and his clumsiness.

Speaking of power tools, shoutout to all the discount welding supplies offer. Me, I’m not much of a power tool girl. All I know about improving my home would be changing the light bulbs, that’s all.