Bye 2013.. Hello 2014. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!

January 5, 2014 at 10:06 PM


Hey… it’s new year!


This was supposed to be posted on new year’s day but I was preoccupied with other things, and then the next day I went to KL for 2 days so I didn’t get a chance to finish this. Since last year I barely blogged at all, so this is gonna be super long.

I can’t believe 2013 is gone now. As usual, all you would hear is ‘how time flies… where did my 2013 go?’. I’m sad. Sad that I’m a year older, and it’s a constant reminder how old I am now. It makes me depressed. Anyways.

I didn’t do anything on new year’s eve to celebrate except sit at home in front of the TV and wait for the countdown. I was depressed, about my problems and also that it was the last day, last minute that I would be in my twenties. Oh God. Moving on. Continue after the cut below.

So looking back at 2013, I didn’t have a good year at all. There are more bad memories than good. But I did have a few good things that I’d like to remember. But first, I want to look at some of the major bad things that happened and hope that it would never ever come back into my life, or that what I experienced would be a good life lesson for me. You can only improve yourself and grow mature by learning from your past mistakes.


Let’s start with the very ugly and the bad ones.

  • Death of my Pets

This has got to be the second worse thing that could happen after death of people you know. I’d have a few cats and kittens going missing or dying every year and it’s something so painful that I wish I would never go through again but all the living will die, so it’s something you have to accept no matter how hard and painful it is.

I lost my cat Chaplin, Wawa, Tia, my kittens and 2 days ago my cat Baby ChiChi went missing. Oh not forgetting all my hamsters.

UPDATE: My cats Baby Chichi and Puteh went missing but found them after I came back from KL 🙂

  • Financial Problems

I don’t want to talk much on this, but this has been my most serious problem last year.

  • Major Sickness

I wrote about it in this entry: Health is Failing
This has got to be my most major, and most painful sickness ever. I can’t even begin to describe the pain I was in when I had the chest pain and struggled to breathe. Every breath hurts my chest and lung and every position I was in, either sitting, leaning, laying down it feels like somebody was jumping on my chest using a pogo stick. I really thought I was dying and my breath would stop any second. It was hell. I do have history of having chain of sickness but this took the cake for being the most horrible sickness ever.

I was also majorly sick 3 days before Hari Raya/Eid which rendered me useless and I had to cancel whatever plans I had for Raya. I had to forced myself to drive to Mydin a day before raya, and again, it was hell. I had the chest pain again and every 3 steps I took, I couldn’t breathe. I ended up spending my raya sleeping :\

  • Problems with Malaysian customs

I’ve started my online business in August 2011 and I never had a problem with the customs, nor had my package ever detained. However, last year was the first time my package was detained, and the worst was back in April when it was detained and delayed for SO LONG, because I needed to wait for the food quality officer and he was busy, then had to do food labels, then all of a sudden, TAXED because my shipping company in Japan made a huge mistake by putting the wrong price in the system. Not only that, the box was so huge (almost 11 kg!) because they wrongly reported it as 2+ kg at first. It was a very stressful time with lots of tears wasted.

deconeko shipment

  • Worst Flash Flood Ever

Last year I had a few of the worse flash floods ever in my life, and it was so bad that it went into my living room, and flooded my kitchen until my fridge died. There was one time I came back home at night, and the water was as high as my knees, and I had to park my car at the shop near my house and waited like 2 hours for the water to subside.


  • Broken Friendship

Due to the heat of the General Election 13 back in May last year, my close friend and I had our disagreement and our arguments turned sour that he decided he’d rather throw our almost 9 years of friendship away just because I disagreed with him. Because of that, my other friend who works as a journalist in a local newspaper decided to do a story about that and I had my 30 seconds of fame in the newspaper! Awesome.

Never mind that they got my name wrong, and my age wrong. 🙂

me in newspaper

  • ‘Feud’ with Poslaju

This is another unexpected thing that happened to me earlier last year which might be the reason for my accumulative bad karma for the rest of the year. It was all a miscommunication between the admin in facebook and the Ipoh’s poslaju branch, that caused them to get into trouble, and them giving me the cold shoulder for months. Luckily new people came in, some old people left so it’s not bad now. And eventually they treat me okay again.

But unfortunately for me, one of the staff transferred to the customs department and you can get the ‘hostility’ I felt everytime I went there. People think I’m overreacting and I should let it go, but if every single time I feel the ‘coldness’ from the staff and not getting the same treatment as others do, it pisses me off. That’s why I HATE going to customs office.

  • Very Bad Haze Problem

There was a very bad haze dilemma all over Malaysia, and it was so bad that the moon was tainted red and in some states it was declared emergency because the Air Pollution Index reading was way at the extreme level .. like over 700.. and it’s considered dangerous level at 300 so imagine being at 700+.



I also had some good stuff happening last year that I’d like to remember again.

  • Getting Samsung Galaxy Note 2

After 3 years of happiness and lots of misery with my previous phone Blackberry Storm 2 that I bought in earlier 2010,I finally received a new phone! It was a Christmas 2012 gift partly from myself and my friend where I just chipped in the telco deposit. With that being said, I also switched from Celcom to Maxis, with almost a week of waiting time to port my mobile to Maxis. I’m glad I can retain my old number again. So happy about this! I wanted it so badly when my friend came to Ipoh, we played with this phone back in late Nov/early December 2011, and she wanted it so much and in turn, made me want it too. Then shortly after she got it, and I had to wait like a month to get it so it was no fun waiting.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

  • Attended my friend’s wedding

I attended my first Chinese wedding. It was also the first wedding that I attended with lots of food wastage. Haha.


  • Claudia’s Visit

My friend came to visit after a year of not seeing her since she’s been all over the world (I hate you). It was a day trip compared to 2011 where she spent like 3 days at my house. We just spent all day hanging out at the mall, barely doing anything.

tany and claudia

  • Had a vacation in Cameron Highlands

March 2013 myself, my mom, my uncle and his friend went to Cameron Highlands for 2 days. It was an awesome trip because my room was nice and the weather at night was cold. I love cold weather. The thing that I didn’t love? Right after I had breakfast on the day

Cameron Highlands2

  • Won Lucky Draw

I rarely ever win anything, and suddenly I got something in the mail and I didn’t even know I won haha I won this kawaii butterfly cake mold because I liked the asia food recipe page. You can get the mold for 5 bucks at Daiso though lol



That pretty much summed up my 2013. It wasn’t that interesting. I wish I had more interesting thing happening in my life. Hopefully 2014 will be better. You always hope that every year, but then in a couple of months things will start to go downhill. Oh well, that’s life.

Before I end this post, of course I wanna talk about new year’s resolutions. Everyone would have it at the beginning of each year but i bet they will forget it soon enough. This year, my resolution are:

  • Lose weight
  • Fix my financial problems
  • Fix my other problems
  • Improve myself
  • Be successful
  • Find Mr. Right
  • Pray for good health for my family & pets

And some others are quite personal. Well, that’s all for now. I’m really tired and this post took long enough for me to write since i had to check back all the past statuses in my facebook to remember X___X