Quick Update Again

September 22, 2013 at 5:39 AM

Girl ShockedacAhhh. Damn.

I didn’t mean to go on a long hiatus again, but unfortunately I did. I’m sorry!
This past few months, I’ve lost my mood and ideas of what to write here. Depression is also part of it, apart from some other problems.


I’m reviving some of my sites again, and I’ve been writing contents in them. I also have a new website called OH MAH GAWD! (www.ohmahgawd.com) and it’s mostly my blog about interesting celebrity gossip and popular trend on the internet. It’s new and just launched so not much in there yet. Also, all of my movie reviews will be moved to my movie review site which I’m also reviving – Living Dead Girl Movie Review Site (www.livingdeadgirl.net).

I didn’t have an interesting Ramadhan in July and I also didn’t have interesting Hari Raya / Eud. The shittiest thing that happened was just 4 days before Raya, I got sick! I was cleaning my house and I guess I inhaled way too much dust when I was taking down the curtains and bam. I had throat infection and then I had a fever. It was the worst because on a day before Raya I needed to take mom to do Raya shopping and I could barely even walk. I had to stop every few steps in order to avoid myself from fainting from not able to breathe. It was horrible. I continued to be sick until 3rd Raya… that’s one week of painful sickness. I felt so crappy and had no mood to Raya anyway. I just ended up sleeping. I also didn’t do anything on Merdeka day.

There’s nothing else interesting to talk about at the moment.. my life is not that interesting. So I’m gonna end this here. I’m gonna start blogging here more frequently now. I won’t abandon my sites again 🙂