Salam Ramadhan 2013

July 12, 2013 at 3:48 AM

Salam Ramadhan 2013

Salam Ramadhan. It’s been 2 days since we entered fasting month.

I haven’t been blogging for like 3 months here. I have been very demotivated. A lot of things happened and actually things have started to spiral downwards for me and I think I have hit rock bottom this month.

I lost my beloved Wawa 3 days ago. Really God? You took him away from me unexpectedly when Ramadhan is about to come? It is not enough that you two two kittens last month, and you took Chaplin back in May? I miss him so dearly much. I also miss Chaplin. I miss all other kitties that I’ve lost over the past half year. My life has so much devastation. It’s not easy to handle death, even though they’re just pets.

Apart from that, i’ve been having many other problems that I rather not mention here. Usually I would try to stay positive but you can only stay positive if you have something, at least one minor thing to hold on to for strength. But I have nothing. I have nobody for support and I have nothing. The only reason keeping me alive right now is my cats. Yes, my cats. How pathetic is that? My life is pathetic.

Well nothing much else to write about. Until next time.